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Standart Belle and Brutus: Part 1

rklm buraya
This story is a work of pure fiction, dreamt up in my sick mind. This is an ongoing series, 7 written so far with another on the way, and hopes of keeping it going for a while. You can read these by themselves and out of order, however for best masturbation results please read in the order that they were written

You can contact me for requests, fan mail, hate mail, naked pics of your boobies, or anything else you have in mind at [email protected]

copyright ghostwriter118, intended for use only as the author sees fit
__________________________________________________ _________________________________
Belle?s boyfriend had been away for only a week before her horniness consumed her. She wanted nothing more than to have someone lick her little pussy thoroughly, but her boyfriend was gone for a few more days so she was out of luck. She tried sating her bodies hunger by masturbating multiple times a day; she even masturbated five times in a day once. Nothing could give her the kind of orgasm she was looking for, she was just so hungry for his body, to feel his wet kisses on the inside of her leg, to feel his breath on her clit, to feel his tongue inside her. She absently stuck her hand in her pants as she thought about it. Mmm yes, she would have him eat her out, nice and slow, and then she would let him fuck her. Hard. As hard as he could go and then some. She craved the feel of him going in and out, the feel of his balls on her ass as he pounded her, his hands on her perky nipples, flicking them, twisting them gently.
Belle continued to think about this, she reached for her vibrator, turning it on and resting against her clit. She started to moan softly, started to move her vibrator around her clit, stimulating it. She raised her shirt with her free hand and started to play with her nipples, rolling them in her fingers to get them erect. She put her fingers in her mouth then went back to her nipple, swirling her wet finger around her little nipple, all the while she was moving the vibrator around her clit. She moved on to her other nipple once her first was erect, and at the same time put her vibrator inside her pussy ever so slightly. She tensed a bit at first then melted as she put the vibrator in further, loving the feel of it.
Her eyes were closed and her head was back, she was imagining he was there, fingering her, playing with her breasts. It felt so good. She took the vibrator out with a gasp, and without even catching her breath started working it in to her anus. It hurt at first but she continued to work at it, the juice from her pussy acting as lube kocaeli escort for her tight anus. She took her other hand and started to finger herself, quickly, ferociously, loving the feel of both of her holes penetrated.
She had just got into a nice rhythm when she heard a knock on the door and her dog started to bark. She thought about letting it go, even after the second knock, but the third one followed by her friend?s voice convinced her. She cursed to herself, hid her toys, and answered the door.
Her friend was going through a break-up and she was crying again. ?Perfect timing,? Belle thought to herself, ?I might?ve had a good one that time.?
Belle acted like the good friend she was and calmed her friend down, inviting her to stay the night and watch movies all night. Her friend didn?t need to be asked twice and she stayed the night.
Belle and her friend stayed up until 2 am watching some stupid movie, and they woke up at 8 am the next morning. Her friend ate, thanked Belle for being there once again, and took her leave to work. Belle had to be at work in an hour. She was trying to do the math to see if she had time to masturbate before she left but decided that she didn?t have enough time and went to shower.
Her dog, a Doberman named Brutus, went into the bathroom with her, as was their routine, and slept on the vinyl as she showered. She was doing fine until she had to wash down there, and she couldn?t resist turning the shower massager on for just a minute.
When she turned off the shower she instantly regretted the decision to use the massager as her hunger had come back. She could think of nothing else but an orgasm. She dried off to the point of not dripping, put the towel down on her bed, and sat down.
Brutus came over to her, begging for his morning pets, and she obliged, trying to gain her composure as she pet her dog. She had only JUST gotten it back when Brutus stuck his nose in her crotch. He didn?t always do this, but he did it enough to call it common.
When Brutus? wet nose touched her clit it sent shivers down her spine and she instinctively pushed his head into her crotch more. Brutus obliged by sniffing harder, his wet nose poking around her private areas, and then he started to lick her pussy.
She jumped when she felt his tongue on her and got up, telling Brutus that he was a bad dog. She shook her head and went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. As she put her makeup on she kept feeling Brutus?s tongue on her clit, lapping the water from her shower up. It had felt so good.
She continued to think about it as she went downstairs darıca escort to make her breakfast, an English muffin. Brutus followed her, padding along on the hardwood floors, wagging his tail like nothing happened and without a care in the world.
Belle shivered again as she thought about his tongue on her. She thought about letting him lick her, thinking that would give her the orgasm she so desperately needed. This thought had crossed her head before of course, her boyfriend was away a lot and she LOVED oral. She had always thought that doing that would be going to far, and even convinced herself it wouldn?t be good.
This morning was different though. Brutus? tongue on her had done more for her with one lick than she could do to herself in minutes. It was amazing. His tongue was just so long, so wet and it just felt so GOOD! She looked at the clock. She had to leave for work in soon. She looked at Brutus, his tail wagging, smiling his little doggie grin at her.
She looked at the clock again, hoping something would happen to convince her she couldn?t do what she was thinking, but she had already decided what she was going to do. Her heart was racing in her chest, and she jumped a mile when the toaster popped with her muffin. She put her hand to her chest, trying to get her composure back, the sane part of her brain trying to convince her body that it was a bad idea.
Over the next few seconds a battle waged inside of little Belle between her brain and her body. Her mind relented and she unbuttoned her pants. She took one last breath and called over Brutus.
He came over and she led him to the living room, sitting on the couch, spreading her legs. Brutus took the cue, his animal instincts taking over, and he put his nose back in Belle?s crotch. He sniffed for only a few seconds before he took a lick. Belle, who had been bracing herself for it, jumped with shock and her body tensed up. Brutus stopped for a second, then licked her again, and again, his long tongue licking her clit, sending Belle through the roof.
It felt soooooo GOOD! She felt that within a minute that she was on the brink of an orgasm. Brutus kept going at it, speeding up, lapping up the juices that were dripping from Belle?s little cunt. ?Do you like that boy?? Belle asked. ?You?re such a good boy Brutus, licking mommy?s pussy like that. Does that taste good?? She asked as she stroked his ear.
Belle didn?t last much longer and her body tensed up as her orgasm arrived. She moaned, SCREAMED at the top of her lungs as her orgasm arrived. Brutus, who didn?t know what was going on, continued gölcük escort to lick her, lapping the juices just as fast as they came out.
Belle was on cloud nine. She had NEVER had an orgasm as good as this, and it was so quick too. She pushed Brutus?s head away as she sat up, gasping for air. Brutus kept trying to lick her, she kept pushing him away, scared that she would pass out if she let him go much longer. She kept pushing his head away, but eventually she gave in and let him lick her more.
This time she didn?t get as fired up as quickly, and she had time to let a thought cross her head. She decided against it at first, thinking it was going too far, but she decided she HAD to have it and rolled over, exposing her tight little ass, and let Brutus lick her.
It felt even better than when he first licked her pussy. Brutus even licked her with more enthusiasm this time, going at it faster than before. Brutus might have been enjoying this more than Belle if that was possible.
It only took another minute before Brutus?s busy tongue brought her to another raging orgasm, this one just as intense as the first one, if not more so. She grabbed onto the couch as her body tensed, gripping onto whatever she could get a hold of to prevent her from falling off the couch.
Brutus kept licking her anus but she pushed him away with her legs certain that she wouldn?t be able to handle another orgasm. Brutus eventually stopped trying to get back to her and sat down. Belle took a minute to gather her wits and went to stand up, but was weak legged and fell back down on the couch.
?Wow.? Was the only thing Belle could say. She just had the two best orgasms of her life and within minutes of each other no less. She grabbed a kitchen towel to clean her legs, which were wet from a mixture of Brutus?s saliva and her dripping cunt. She put her undies back on, slipped into her pants and tried to shake sense back into her head. She had to leave for work five minutes ago. So she was going to be late, possibly fired. She felt too good to even care. She was in a dream state as she moved around the house, gathering the rest of what she needed, and then went to leave.
Brutus looked at her, wagging his tail with a sad look on his face. She told him how good of a boy he was and stroked his ears as she walked past him. She turned around and got out a treat for him, he certainly deserved one. She gave it to him, called him a good boy one last time and left the house
The entire day was a blur, Belle just felt so good from her orgasms. The taboo of letting her dog lick her got her horny by itself. She worked as fast as she could to get home to Brutus. Brutus gave her multiple orgasms that night, each one as good as the first two. She called in sick the next day from exhaustion.
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