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Standart Camming Down the Rabbit Hole Ch8

rklm buraya
A familiar sensation greeted me as my eyes opened and a yawn escaped my mouth, that oh so delicious feeling of my morning wood straining against my silk night ware. It was becoming an ever occurring pattern that no matter how large the orgasm the night before I would wake with the hardest of cocks, begging for my attention and the feedback from being constrained within my lingerie only drove that higher.

I attempted to clear the sleepy fog from my eyes and put the thoughts of playing with myself out of my mind. The notification light on my phone was blinking insistently and as I activated the screen I could see why. There were multiple messages from multiple platforms, all the accounts I had set up the night before had attracted a considerable amount of attention. I could only presume my streaming fans had followed my links and signed up in great numbers.

There were so many alerts my phone ran out of space to list them and I hopped on the computer. It didn?t take long for me to check out all of my profiles and they all had way more subscribers that I imagined they would, so many people had paid to download the new videos and photos. There were comments and requests firing in from all of the applications and it was entirely overwhelming.

It took a good half an hour to filter through each platform, there were plenty of familiar names but so many new ones. It was so thrilling to see how popular the uploads had been, the revenue it generated had already offset what I?d lost in not being able to do the shows live, and surely even more people would continue to subscribe and pay for my content as time went on.

My heart was pounding at the excitement of it all, and so to was my cock. It had remained stubbornly rigid since I woke and now, with a moment to take it all in, thoughts of pleasuring myself took over. However with the internet fully back up there was no reason why I couldn?t do a morning show.

I logged into my streaming profile and started to set myself up. Waking up horny and then taking in all of the messages had really pushed my buttons and I was hotter than ever, the front of my panties were already soaked and my nipples tingled with anticipation. A few moments later and viewers started to trickle in.

Plenty of my usual customers, congratulating me on the new uploads and expressing their happiness that I was going to do an extra show. As I chatted I idly played with myself, it was impossible not to. I also realised at this point that I would need to buy some more cameras as I didn?t have any spare ones to record the alternate videos besides my main streaming camera.

The first big ping sounded out as someone made a request, and I ran on autopilot, posing, spanking, stripping and stroking, in whatever way they asked. I loved teasing them though, it was a new sense of power that I felt, being able to coax and push them to beg for more. I knew what they wanted though, and I wanted it more than anything, my favourite little metal friend was eased inside with a low moan as it nestled against my sensitive prostate.

I knew before I even started broadcasting that I wasn?t going to last long, I?d already padded out the show for almost an hour and I was in all honesty desperate to cum. As good as my little jewelled plug was I craved something more, and with my sensitive nipples aching I attached the pumps and drew them out with maximum pressure. With both hands free I grabbed the largest of the buttplugs and unceremoniously removed the little metal one and replaced it with one swift lubed thrust.

I gasped and groaned out loud as my rock solid cock throbbed at the intrusion, last nights endeavours had stretched me a little and there was zero pain or discomfort, only pleasure. I tried as hard as I could to keep paying attention to the chat, to respond to requests especially the larger donations. But as seemed to be the pattern of previous shows I became more and more self-absorbed in pursuing the greatest amount of pleasure.

I was now totally disengaged from the stream and all about getting myself off again, the plug was being thrust in and out, my other hand running the entire length of my dick which was slick with copious amounts of precum. Every time I moved the suction cups on my nipples rubbed against the bra sending spikes of pleasure through my body.

I sat on the edge of the bed so I could grind my hips down and push the plug in and around, my right hand still pumping on my cock and the left alternating between my inflated nipples. I could feel the pressure building and chased the sensations, building the waves higher and higher. I pulled off one of the cups and gripped my elongated nipple between my fingers, the sparks it triggered raced down my spine to the plug grinding in my ass and I felt my hole clench and flex as the cum began to boil in my balls.

I let out a wail, my hand sliding up and down the full length bringing my orgasm from deep within me to the surface, my spare hand held out in front to catch the jets. The first was immense and shot out almost hitting the desk, and those that followed pumped out thing ropes of sperm. As the pulses faded in strength, without even thinking I brought my cum covered hand to my mouth and fed it in.

I savoured each drop and liked my fingers clean before returning to the tap to collect more. I might have had reservations about eating my cum before, but now it seemed to perpetuate the climax, elongating my bodies response and in turn releasing even more for me to swallow, there was still a hint of salty bitterness but the overwhelming flavour was delicious.

As my breathing came back under control and the last waves of orgasm subsided I once again engaged with my viewers, there were now almost as many as during my evening shows, and the running total was equally as respectable. If I woke up like this every morning and either shot a video or broadcast a show I would be in a great position financially.

I said my goodbyes, blowing the viewers a kiss before I shut it down. The mannerisms and the way I interacted with them was completely second nature, I had to admit I loved teasing and flirting with them. The online persona that had evolved was automatic in my responses, and I always felt so much pride in being able to elicit the reactions I did. I felt confident and self-assured in a way I never had before and I loved the positive attention that came with it.

I sprung out of bed and flew through my usual morning routine, showering, yoga, stretches and the application of beauty products and light makeup that had become totally habitual. I still felt energised and decided to go for a run. My usual route taking me down the street and into the park, I made my way round greeting the familiar faces of dog walkers, other joggers and people. Enjoying the fine weather and feeling incredibly positive about my current situation, sure the job was looking like it would end, but I had everything in place to be able to survive without it, and with a bit more work and investment in some new cameras I knew I could increase the revenue eventually.

After completing a few circuits I decided on one last loop before heading back, I faintly heard someone shouting from behind me but carried on regardless, it wasn?t for a few hundred meters that I realised it was my name being called out and I stopped to see who it was. Not too far away Marc approached clearly a little out of breath, I couldn?t help but tease him about being unfit, despite his appearance very clearly being the opposite. We exchanged pleasantries while he got his breath back, and he repeatedly complimented me on my pace.

He had apparently been trying to catch up for almost a full lap, and I swelled with pride at the accolade, my fitness really had come a long way since that first time we ran into each other. We resumed our run at a much steadier pace, talking about everything and nothing, it had been a crazy few months and it was just enjoyable to have an in-person conversation, even more so for it to be about regular things like the weather and whatever was on TV.

We left the park and I headed back home, Marc insisted on escorting me to my home and as much as I didn?t really want him knowing where I lived, I did at least lived in a block of flats so he wouldn?t know which one it was. We rounded the corner and I saw a delivery driver attempting to make a drop off at my door. They could have been for anyone but judging that most people were staying at home if no one was answering they were probably for me.

I jumped up the short flight of steps and exchanged a few friendly words with the driver as usual, bending down to pick up the small pile from the floor as he left. I didn?t really think too much about it until I turned to Marc whose face had flushed and he that goofy expression which was always present when he?d been caught checking me out. It dawned on me that I had basically given him a prime view of my ass in the tight fitting leggings I had on, not doubt the material being stretched going slightly transparent. At least id worn a nice pair of panties I thought to myself, and rather than be embarrassed about it, my cam girl persona took over and proceeded to tease him even more.

He was trying desperately to change the subject and I eventually relented as his now crimson cheeks breathed a sigh of relief. Not long after escort we parted ways I went through the door, turned and a blew a kiss just as I had that morning on my show. He beamed a smile back and me and turned to carry on running, and I caught myself in the realisation of what I just did. It wasn?t that it felt wrong, just that it had been so automatic. Being a cock tease on cam was part of the job, but it was it really necessary in the outside world?

My attention returned to the parcels I had in my arms, looking at them as I made my way to my apartment. They were clearly from my amazon wish list as they had that now familiar return address, I dumped them on the bed and stepped into the bathroom stripping off my running clothes. I had worked up quite a sweat not to mention I was sporting a semi from the exchange with Marc. It wasn?t that I found him attractive, not that he was an ugly guy, just that whenever I behaved like that on cam I would be rewarded with tokens, I would feel that rush of adrenaline and the release of serotonin which immediately made me horny.

In the shower I replayed the meeting, it was so funny to make him squirm, to have him clearly check me out, maybe even lust after me. The feeling of being desirable even if it was from another guy felt good, besides most of my fans and viewers were guys, and that stopped bothering me ages ago. I soaped myself up and my seemingly ever sensitive nipples stirred my semi into a fully grown throbbing rod.

As I gently played with myself I wondered about Marc, was he back home or in the gym shower doing the same as me? Had I flirted and teased him so much he couldn?t help himself? I always loved it when my viewers would tell me I made them cum, the power of knowing you can have such a great effect on someone else was addictive. Was he at home right now, in the shower furiously stroking his dick? my body shivered, and I had to stop myself, I was right on the brink and I wanted to do another show tonight. It did however give me the perfect idea for my next recording.

A steamy hot shower scene, I didn?t often do broadcasts or videos without clothes on so it would be something different, and I did love the feeling of the water running over my smooth body. My stubborn erection was subsiding slightly, and I stepped out and dried myself off. deciding that my afternoon would be once again spent down the shops buying some more cameras, tripods and microphones to shoot the extra content with.

Wrapping a towel around me I returned to the bed and started to open the packages. Starting with the small ones they contained quite a few different panties, some of the packages had notes of thanks and requests and others without anything. A pair of very sheer tights and a request for a foot specific video or photos. Then a smallish box, which as I opened it contained something I had not seen in person before, it was a small metal object, a chastity cage. I pulled it from the packaging and played around with the hinge and clasp. It looked quite small, but then in my soft state it probably wouldn?t be too difficult to fit.

I placed it to one side and opened the largest parcel. In it there was a stereotypical French maid?s outfit, complete with stockings, very short frilly black and white dress, impossibly small g-string, silk gloves and a little white headpiece. Removing it from the packaging I could instantly tell that it wasn?t a cheap fancy dress item. The fabrics were incredibly smooth, the stitching and details spoke for themselves and luxurious feeling gloves were silky soft.

I could not resist trying on this new outfit, although I immediately made a note that I would need new shoes to go with it as nothing I had was quite right. I was going shopping today anyway so I might as well, I justified to myself. I grabbed the waist trainer that someone had given me previously as I knew this outfit was going to be tight fitting. I rolled the stocking up my legs, pulled the dress over my shoulders and fastened the clasps. Pulling up the tiny panties that struggled to in any way contain my now semi hard cock. I did my best but thought if I just carry on it might eventually soften.

I attached the garter straps to the stocking and added the hair piece before pulling on the gloves. They felt incredible on my skin, I?d never felt anything this soft, as I touched my body it immediately fired little jolts of pleasure, it was if they enhanced the smoothness of my skin and they felt so supremely feminine. I stepped in front of the mirror and was both elated and disappointed with my reflection.

From the rear I looked amazing, the ribs in the dress combined with the waist trainer to really suck in my middle and enhance the hourglass figure, my cheeks just peeped out from below the bottom of the dress and the stockings and straps squeezed my legs and ass into an amazing shape. Turning to the front my now raging boner lifted the lace frills of the dress and pulled my attention away from the disappointing part, the chest. This dress was clearly intended for someone with a much larger bust, well any bust. Apart from my now seemingly permanently hard nipples, my chest was flat and it hung emptily. I grabbed some socks and stuffed them in, adding a few more and adjusting the fit I eventually filled the shape out as it was intended. It was quite a high chested dress so you couldn?t really see it was padding, but it could look better for sure.

I then turned my attention to shoes, I knew I didn?t have anything that would match perfectly, but I could at least gauge how high of a heel I should buy to go with it. I pulled out the shoes I already had and tried one pair after the other, each gave a different appearance to my legs, or felt more comfortable to wear. Once id found a pair I was happy with I set about adding some makeup to match the look. Half an hour later and I settled on the finished article, the bonus of concentrating so hard on eyeliners and mascara was that my cock had gone fully soft, even though as I stood in the mirror a long string of precum dripped from its tip. I gathered it on my finger tip and brought it to my painted lips, it tasted better than ever.

My consideration was then brought back to the cage, now being fully soft I could try it on and after a little bit of trial and error, I brought the top down and with a pop, it clipped into place. I covered it with the panties and flattened down the dress. Once again back by the mirror I was please with my reflection, I felt as good as I looked even if the padding could be done better. My cock stirred from its confinement and I lifted the front of the dress to look. It was strange to see my body like this, the last truly identifiable male attribute was hidden, and it made me look so much more feminine. I quite liked how it looked although not overly comfortable it wasn?t that painful either even if I was only semi erect.

Realising what time it was and that I would need to get a move on to go to the shops, I reluctantly began to undress, by the time I was naked my cock had softened and the cage came undone without issue, I had to wipe off the precum but it was simple enough. However one thing was still not back to its normal state and that was my nipples. They were as erect as ever, and the surrounding area still seemed a little puffy and swollen, maybe I had been too hard on them with the pumps that morning, I suppose I should have read the instructions in-case I had caused some damage.

I found the packaging and read through the guidelines, sure enough it did state that prolonged and excessive use would result in long lasting change if not permeant should use be continued. That said there was also reference to it making the nipples far more sensitive and enhancing arousal and sensation. That was no bad thing in my book as I did love to play with them during my shows. If having a set of super sensitive nipples that could almost bring me to orgasm without any other stimulation was the price to pay then I could live with it.

Putting those thoughts out of my mind I began to get dressed to head out to the high-street with a sizable shopping list of things I felt I needed. Still feeling adventurous I decided to wear something even more form fitting and revealing than my usual t-shirt and jeans. A padded lace bra and a little crop top with some incredibly tight white trousers which made my ass look peachy, adding those comfy heeled boots, my look was complete. My stomach really did look fantastic as a result of my hard work and after a little adjustment to tone down the make-up I?d applied for the French maid outfit I was ready to go.

The days events had filled me with confidence, and as I strode down the street I almost courted the attention of passers-by, I wanted the same desire from the people in the street as those on my broadcasts. A giggle escaped my mouth hidden by the mask as I saw a guy being scolded by his girlfriend for not so subtly checking me out, it was so much fun. The blurred line of my online persona and my regular personality had all but vanished, this was too much fun not to embrace.

I already knew which shop I would hit up to get the cameras, I?d reserved them online before I left so it was just a matter of picking them up on the way home. My first stop was shoes and I headed to a part of the shopping mall that I knew had plenty of ladies? outfitters, as I turned izmit escort bayan the corner I was greeted with bright red ?closing down sale? letters and my eyes lit up as they had the last time I found a sale, Covid had ruined so many shops but it was an opportunity for me to save some cash and I couldn?t miss it. I could see from the items in the window I would find what I was after.

I made a beeline for the shoe section, I pulled a few from the shelf to look at and in no time had an assistant handing me pairs in my size to try on. With some discounted 80% I wasn?t going to stop at the single black pair that I came in for, I found an elegant yet sexy set of heeled, closed toe but highly polished shoes that would go perfectly with the maid?s outfit. There was a pair of quite frankly ridiculous gloss red knee high heeled boots, that screamed slut, but while I would never, ever wear outside the house would totally be worth it on cam. And another two pairs of comfortable but stylish heels more for regular use, one of which was open toed and matched my current outfit, so well I decided to keep them on.

As I was waiting between trying shoes on I took in the rest of the shop, there were rows of lingerie at the same heavily marked down prices, quite a few of which caught my eye and once I settled on the shoes I went about making some other purchases. However there was a problem, with every bra and pantie set I took from the rail which I liked none of the tops were in my size, they were all too big.

I had several sets in my hands and asked the assistant if they had any that would fit me, but sadly as they were sale items they only had what was in the shop, she did however suggest I add some chicken fillets. I looked at her quizzically, and she pointed to an isle just behind me. In it there were these little silicone inserts that you could add to a bra to help fill it out. There was a range of sizes and colours and I found some which seemed to match in tone quite well and would mean I filled out the B sized cups of the lingerie I had chosen. I grabbed a few as I knew the shop might not be open if I tried to come back.

Naturally, with this new possibility I circled back round the shop, grabbing all sorts of items that suddenly would fit properly. I got totally carried away and my basket was now filled to the brim with babydolls, nighties, thongs, bras, nickers, and silk bathrobes, some chosen purely for use on cam and others because I just liked the look of them. The crème of the crop was a proper, leather lace up corset. Even discounted it wasn?t cheap, but where else would an opportunity come up to get one that I knew would fit. I loved how the waist trainer felt, and I knew it was helping to give me some shape, this would put that well and truly into the shade. Besides I knew my fans would lose it when they saw me all tightened up.

I had massively overspent, but these items would pay for themselves in no time, especially if I could do two shows a day and the videos continued to be downloaded as they had been. With the new shoes on my feet, the chicken fillets padding out a new bra and weighed down with countless new purchases I left the shop feeling and looking great, so headed to my favourite café to have a little rest and grab a bite to eat.

I checked myself out in the reflection of every shop window I passed. I smiled to myself remembering when I had nervously walked in heels that first time and how at ease I was now. It felt and looked effortless. These heels and trousers combo made my ass look fantastic, and the properly padded bra balanced really well giving a slight jiggle of movement with each step, although part of me already wished I?d gone for slightly bigger inserts.

Suddenly my daydream was knocked away as someone collided with my shoulder, my bags spilling on the floor and both myself and the person who I?d just walked into gasped out loud. In the most British way possible we instantly both began to apologise profusely, she picked up her phone and I gathered my things. As I stood up a familiar hand passed me one of my bags, and my eyes focused on a face framed with bright pink hair.

It was her, the streaming girl. I froze, thankful that the mask was hiding my slack jawed mouth. ?Are you OK?? she asked seemingly concerned, as I realised she must have repeated the question a few times. I stammered a reply, blushing intensely. She dusted herself down and checked her phone which she must have dropped. ?No harm done? she quipped as we both apologised again, and with that she walked off leaving me still frozen to the spot. After a few paces she looked over her shoulder, smiled and threw me a casual wave.

I could not be more glad for having the mask on, as it covered my astonishment. I was transfixed, and couldn?t help but take in everything about her as she walked off. I felt myself stir and suddenly became aware that I was stood in the busy street and even though I was very well held in, I did not want to get a full on boner right there and then. Hurriedly I made my way to the café, placed my order and took up a chair.

I was still in a state of shock, she was every bit as beautiful up close, and seemingly even nicer than I thought she would be. I don?t know how long I replayed our meeting in my head but when my coffee and cake arrived I realised it must have been some time. Putting the thoughts to one side, I checked my phone to see how my videos had done, obviously being carful not to be overlooked.

There had been a few more people sign up, and plenty of comments. I beamed to myself knowing that with all the new outfits I now had and the new cameras I was about to buy they would be even happier, which would no doubt bring even more subscribers. I breathed a sigh, this morning had been intense, but so productive. I compared the first time I came to the café, and how much more comfortable I was now, I didn?t have to think about how I spoke to the waiters, or how I ate, I knew that for all intents and purposes no-one would think me as anything other than being a girl. It was somewhat reaffirming to be at ease with the situation, financially this was working out and I had to admit it was fun. Perhaps a little more direct social interaction would be nice, it had been so long since I?d had and in person conversation with someone. Maybe I should try and bump into my cam crush again, although not as literally as just now I laughed to myself.

Leaving the café and stepping into the tech shop, I approached the counter and read out my reservation number to the clerk, his eyes didn?t know where to look and that sense of pride once again filled me as it did every time I made a guy blush or stammer. It was impossible for the cam girl persona not to come out, and I took delight in flirting unnecessarily, it was just too much fun. As I left with my new cameras and tripods I couldn?t help but wonder if he was now going to tell all his colleagues what a hottie he had just served, maybe even reserve a space in his wank bank for later. The thought alone was enough to make me shiver a little and my panties become a little tighter.

I made it back home and unpacked my items, I was constantly distracted by thoughts of my encounters earlier that day. Of Marc, the people in the street, the cam girl, the shop workers. I was horny, really fucking horny and everything made me want to touch myself, my balls seemed to be humming and boiling ready to burst. I needed to calm myself down as I had to save it for tonight?s show but at this rate I wouldn?t be able to resist.

Thinking back to this morning I stripped off, grabbed the chastity cage and set about putting myself in it. I wasn?t exactly soft so it was much more of a challenge, and having to manhandle my sensitive balls into the rings and force the cage over my cock was quite a trial. Eventually the metal clicked into place and I was secured. Temptation could be kept at bay and with any luck I would be able to resist until the show.

I wore loose fitting clothes, but nearly every movement served to stimulate my body, I considered reducing the supplements I had been taking, sure the taste of my cum was very pleasant now but they were definitely making me hornier, and my balls seemed to be constantly ready to burst. Yet at the same time that?s why my shows were so popular, and why my subscribers were growing. So I figured it would be something I would just have to live with and perhaps if it became a problem I would just do an extra daily video as well as two broadcasts.

I busied myself around the flat, tidying and organising, I re-dressed the bed and backdrops, set up the new cameras and installed all the software. Everything was working as it should, but the pressure in the cage never let up. Exasperated I looked at the clock and I had another 2 hours until my usual show time. I couldn?t do it, I needed release now, I would just have to hope that I could perform again later.

Relenting I reached for the cage and tried to unclasp it. There was much more pressure behind it now as my cock was desperately trying its hardest to become erect. I tugged at the device but it wouldn?t budge. Dammit! I exclaimed, I really needed to get off and the longer it took the less time I would have to recover. I fumbled for another 15 minutes but didn?t get anywhere, perhaps I needed to be totally soft to get izmit sınırsız escort it off? I asked myself, there was no chance of that at the moment, my entire body was hell bent on relief.

The only solution my arousal addled mind could think of was to start the show early, and hope I could cum with the cage on, at least the person who bought it for me would pay the rest of the tokens they promised. I gathered the French maid?s outfit, applied all the finishing touches including my now perfectly matching shoes. The silicone padding was doing a much better job although they really did need to be bigger, I added a second pair which seemed to do the trick, all be it not quite as perfectly as I would like.

I logged in and was ready to go instantly, I was so frustrated I was stuck in the cage, but knew my only way out was to cum and I wanted it so badly. As the first viewers trickled in I had a sizable drip of precum already oozing out, it was like a leaking tap and even with no other stimulation it kept flowing. The elbow length silk gloves felt divine on my skin, everything they touched seemed to ping with arousal, and supercharge my need to play with myself.

My outfit was met with high praise and tokens, they loved everything about it but I was not only irritated by being trapped in a cage but I couldn?t stimulate my nipples in the way I had become accustomed to. I could feel them hard and pulsing under the inserts, itching for attention but try as I might the padding was getting in the way. I had the idea to remove the second set of pads and attach the suction cups, it might not look as good but right now I needed to crank up the stimulation.

Quickly with hurried hands I pulled out the second set of pads and teased my hard nipples with the silky gloves, every tweak and pinch fired darts of pleasure all over me, but I needed to stop playing with myself and attach the pumps, frantically eking them out as far as they would go. The rush of endorphins and adrenaline as they neared the maximum pressure sent a gigantic wave of pleasure though me, I almost felt like I was about to cum but the constraint on my cock and balls prevented the flow.

Returning to the camera, I was like a crack whore desperate for my next hit, the metal plug was added without being prompted and I embraced the feeling of weight in my ass and restriction around my shaft. I so desperately wanted to get off but it felt like everything I usually did wouldn?t quite get me there. The fan who sent me the cage insisted the longer I had to wait the better it would be, not only for the orgasm itself but their financial reward.

I relented and asked them to guide me, and as the instructions came through I followed attentively. The little metal plug was replaced by a larger one, my nipples were teased and tormented, I could do nearly everything I wanted except touch the cage or my swollen, raging balls.

The vision of myself on screen was like nothing I had seen before. I looked depraved, you could see the desperation in my face and hear it in my voice, the frustration at not being able to cum, I begged with my fan to take me to completion and they always pushed back forcing me to slow down or even stop. It was torture, plain and simple. In a moment of pause I lamented that without the second pair of pads in this top didn?t fit right and the chat responded with links to full sized false breasts. I didn?t have time or inclination to check them out as I wanted to cum and resumed my pleadings to get things moving.

I was guided through each of the butt plugs I had, around three hours of gradual ministrations, until I was thrusting the largest one in and out without any resistance, my ass was taking it and I absolutely loved it. I could feel that pressure rising, and I chased the orgasmic feedback which seemed to be forever just over the horizon.

Realising that the plugs wouldn?t get me over the line I switched to the vibrator and worked through the levels of intensity. Edging for this long had driven my body to the point of climax but denied me and held me there for so long clouding my mind in the best possible way. My fan relented and gave me permission to finish myself and I had to take this as far as I could and so I rolled over onto my shoulders, legs over my head, with the vibe fucking in and out of my hole the entire length while on maximum power.

I begged for cum, I needed it desperately like I?d never needed it before, to be made to wait this long had driven me nearly insane and finally I could see the end in sight. I pumped harder, moaning uncontrollably with each thrust, my outstretched tongue only a couple of inches away from my caged dripping cock, if it were hard I would be sucking it for sure. I sped up my pumping hand, adjusted the angle chasing that spark of prostate stimulation.

That small ball of pleasure grew and grew, each slide of the vibrator, its pulsing buzz pushing me closer. Eventually I felt it surge, my now painfully hard cock strained against the cage, the rush of cum boiling up from my balls, the white heat of climax burst from me and the largest single balloon of cum erupted from my confined dick.

My open mouth welcomed a copious dollop of jizz, followed by a second, and then a third. There seemed to be no end in the volume of each jet. Unlike previous orgasms this one sustained its intensity and I automatically carried on thrusting the vibrator in and out. I lost count of the number of loads I released, I ran my tongue round my lips to catch any spillage in between the smaller drops that continued to flow from my head.

My arms, back and neck becoming tired I unrolled on the bed. Vibe still inside me buzzing away, aftershocks continued to course through me and my weary gloved hands attempted to catch any drops and bring them to my mouth. Consciousness remained and I could not believe the length of my orgasm, I?d had climaxes before that were more intense, but never one which had lasted so long, or produced such a massive load.

I felt so content, so relieved to have finally reached my goal. This had been my longest show by some margin, but also one of the most lucrative. As I scooped the last dribble of cum into my mouth I wondered if anyone else tasted this good, if someone else took the same supplements would it be the same or different, I had never seen anyone else cum that much either so at least I knew that was unique about me.

I relaxed into the post orgasmic glow, and chatted for a while with my viewers, eventually my well spent cock softened enough to be able to release the cage, and the feeling of removing its constraint felt sublime, the fan who had sent it to me said that it was designed in such a way that it would only release when there was little or no pressure inside, thus stopping someone who was turned on from being able to remove it. I knew already that I would be revisiting it, but maybe not on a day when I was this horny.

Closing the broadcast and switching off the extra cameras, I checked my phone and saw a message from my boss that they were arranging a formal phone call at the end of the week to discuss work arrangement and options. It sounded very ominous and not at all like they would be retaining me. With that in mind and the desire to please my viewers to increase my revenue, I looked back up through the chat and followed some of the links they sent for the false breasts.

I bought a pair which were quite large but not ridiculous, in what I thought was the right skin tone, the were adhesive style ones with very accurate detailing and construction, with a full fitting and care kit. I wouldn?t make the same mistake this time and ordered priority delivery meaning they would arrive the next day.

I had no time to waste and I needed to do anything I could to increase my earnings, I was so close to making this work as a realistic solution when I would inevitably be handed my redundancy. And while equalling my regular wage would be good, improving on that would be amazing, not to mention I was actually enjoying this whole experience.

I cleaned myself up, carried out my usual night-time skin care routine, I chose one of my new sleeping outfits which was unnecessarily sexy but made me feel really good, especially with the waist trainer fitted, I couldn?t have been happier with my appearance. With no makeup on, my skin seemed to glow, the repeat use of lip plumpers meant they were always a little fuller than they had been and all my hours of exercise had sculpted my body. I hadn?t been one for being overly body positive before I started doing this, but right now I had never felt better about myself.

This week was going to be an important week, the call from my boss would be make or break and I felt like I needed to give it my all. Every show and every video or photo would need to be my absolute best, I would need to pull in as many tokens and oblige as many requests as I could. My mind raced as I lay in bed, eventually drifting off to sleep dreaming of ideas for videos and cam shows.


Hope you enjoyed it, I know some of you have commented that you enjoy knowing I get off while writing these, but honestly it takes around an hour per 1000 words and this one was over 7000, and for all of that I'm usually hard and leaking. this story really is getting to me and if I had been in my 20s living alone during the pandemic I would absolutely have experimented with crossdressing and camming. I might have to put a FAQ on my bio just to answer some of the queries I get.
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