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Standart The Week with Taylor

rklm buraya
It was about nine o' clock and Cyro had woken up with full feelings for his friend who was going to be flying over to see him and stay with him for a week. Cyro stands at an average 5'5 for a freshman, he is well built and goes to the gym everyday after school. He has short dirty blonde hair and ice blue eyes. He is a type of person that loves video games and the ladies (even though he has very little luck with them). Cyro is never afraid to try anything daring and of course, stupid. He only has three very close friends but it has satisfied him enough to pull him through Freshman year. He has been attending a school called Naples American High school for almost a full year with his dad and step mom. He is has been quite happy with his life especially since his friend was coming to visit him all the way in Italy. He had a rather large grin on his face from the moment he got up, all the way through breakfast, and to the point where he was making his way to his other friends house. The friend who was visiting was Taylor, she was a grade lower than Cyro but was only an inch shorter than him, she is half German and half Asian and a pinch of Indian, so she had a latte' color skin and large cheek bones. Taylor also had a mixture of different shades of brown in her hair, but it went with her face and skin, with light brown eyes and a very curvy look Taylor was on Cyro's list of hotties. But before her flight came in at twelve and he left to go pick her up, he had to stop but another friends house, Kelly. When he reached the condo building down the street he opened the buildings door and flew up to the second floor to the left. He slowed down to catch his breath before he knocked on the door twice then pausing for half a second and knocking twice again. It was something he and Kelly had come up with to let them know it was them at the door. There was a long pause before Cyro heard a faint voice saying "Just a sec". He chuckled knowing that her parents weren't home because they would have answered already. He waited another thirty seconds before Kelly answered with a green acne mud mask plastered all over her face. Cyro jumped back gasping at the nasty sight. "Oh relax you puss." murmured Kelly for she was not supposed to move her mouth or face or else the mask would crack and she would have to put more on. Kelly motioned Cyro to her room where he immediately sat down on her computer chair and began spinning from side to side. "You came just in time, I'm about to wash this off." Kelly murmured again. Cyro laughed as he noticed that Kelly was still logged in on her Facebook and her computer was laid on her pillow on the bed next to the desk. He looked over at Kelly across the hallway in the bathroom washing off the mud mask, from the position of her standing over the sink Cyro had a full side view of Kelly huge ass, she had the biggest ass in the eighth grade and every guy had tried and failed to get a piece of it. Cyro also noticed she was wear skin tight black yoga pants, he smiled as he moved himself over to the foot of Kelly's bed, grabbed her computer, logged her out, and logged himself in. Cyro had decided to break the news he had come over to tell in the first place. "So guess who's gonna be here at 12:30?" he asked her. "Hmm jeez I don't really know, who?" "Taylor." replied Cyro with a straight face. Kelly had stopped washing her face and was now drying herself off. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow "Shut the fuck up." "No seriously, I'm not joking!" Cyro laughed "Yeah right, you're and asshole." Kelly grumbled putting the towel on the rack. Cyro grabbed Kelly's Bible off her desk and laid his hand on it "I swear to you I am not lying." Kelly then raised her eyebrows and questioned "Oh my god, don't fuck with me! Are you serious?" Cyro grinned "I swore didn't I?" Kelly yelled jumping up and down with a giant smile on her face closing her eyes. At this time Cyro noticed that she was wearing tight low V-neck that was green and it said 'Do me: I'm Irish '. He also realized that she wasn't wearing a bra, so he could see the freedom of the extremely perky 32 C cup breast flop up and down with the jumping. With Kelly's hourglass shape, big ass, and perky tits, a few years ago Cyro would have gotten aroused really fast, but now he was in control and could stand this babe. Kelly stopped jumping and pulled the hair band out and let her thick waving, golden blonde hair drop down to her shoulders. She grabbed the brush and began to brush her hair. This time Cyro looked down below her waist and tensed up. With the tight yoga pants, Cyro could see her big fat lips of her fresh vagina. Not only was she not wearing underwear, but the fabric of the pants had moved themselves in izmit rus escort between her lips. So it was a full on camel-toe, at dead eye-level. This was something Cyro couldn't handle as he became aroused a bit and he had formed a semi-boner in his pants. He panicked then started to think of something random to settle is cock. Just then Kelly asked "How was she able to convince her parents to send her over here?". Cyro paused and then told her "Well I paid for half of the airplane ticket and so shes staying with me for the week." Kelly dropped her mouth "So shes coming over here because of you?" Cyro nodded and smiled, that's when Kelly dropped her brush, screamed, and ran toward Cyro with her arms stretched out for a hug. Cyro pushed the computer back then realized he still had a aroused cock in his pants. He panicked again but it was too late, Kelly jumped on Cyro who was sitting down, and as she landed on him, her camel-toe rubbed itself against Cyro's cock. He grunted at the short sensation of pussy on his dick. "Oh my god, oh my god, thank you soooo much I love you!" Kelly cried as she squeezed him as hard as she could. She backed up on his lap not knowing that she was rubbing her fat lips on his dick again, she had tears streaming down her face and she was smiling. Cyro smiled back and before he could say anything Kelly laid a big wet kiss dead on his lips. Se pulled back and sniffled "Thank you so much Cyro" "Your very welcome" Then Cyro decided to kiss her back, but this time, when Kelly kissed her back, she kissed sensually. Cyro didn't care if it was about to happen or not, he had a boner. They were kissing for only a short time before Kelly slipped her long tongue into Cyro's mouth. as they were swapping spit, Cyro had lifted Kelly's shirt up below her boobs, revealing her pale thin stomach. Cyro lifted her up a little it then began to lean her back, he began to slowly and softly kiss her stomach and Kelly sighed and twitched as goose bumps were sent all over her body. He then kissed hard and longer using his tongue to inserted her skin into his mouth as he sucked and nibbled on it for a short time. Kelly sat back up and took off her shirt, revealing her non-saggy tits. at this point, Cyro went nuts, he grabbed both boobs and tried to shove as much as he could in his mouth and suck, he licked and nibbled on her nipples sending chills throughout Kelly's body that soaked her pussy. She needed his dick. She pulled off Cyro's shirt and hopped off his lap, she bent down on her knees as she tore off Cyro's belt and was now pulling down hes pants very slowly, she had pasted the pubes and was moving down he long shaft, finally, she pasted the whole thing and the fat 7 inch full on, raging cock sprang up and down, Cyro looked down at Kelly as she licked her lips and had a twinkle in her eye. She lightly gripped the inch and a half in diameter monster, and slowly began to jack off Cyro. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his head back as he was breathing heavily and sighing with every soft stroke down. Kelly had had enough of this nonsense, she licked her lips again as she leaned into the cock looking at Cyro as she came up and kissed it on the head, pre-cum was oozing down the head and some was one her lips. She opened her mouth and took 4 and a half inches in her mouth and slowly began to moving up and down sucking. Cyro was gripping the sheets and moaning over the amount of the wonderful sensation. Kelly grinned as she sucked harder and moved faster, taking in another inch. "Oh my god" moaned Cyro as he came closer and closer to cumming. Kelly was moving faster and faster with each stroke, but she couldn't take any more than 5 1/2 inches of meat before she would choke. She pulled back making a popping sound and grinned. She looked at Cyro and went back to work. As she was sucking Cyro, he was getting closer and closer to blowing his load. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum" He tried to push Kelly's head away but she slapped his hand, she pulled away and began to jerk him off as fast as she could. Just as Cyro was about to cum, Kelly wrapped her lips around the head and then Cyro came, it was one of the best orgasms Cyro had ever had in his life. He had lost count of how many ropes of cum had exploded out of his cock. Kelly was swallowing the loads of cum like she was just in the desert. When Cyro finally stopped cumming, Kelly opened her mouth to show how clean it was, Cyro stood her up and sat her on the bed and said "My turn" Kelly giggled as she stripped off her yoga pants to reveal a hairless and clean, glistening pussy, that was soaking wet. Cyro bent down and hooked her legs over his shoulders and he moved in and kissed her fat pussy lips. Kelly sighed izmit escort and moaned as Cyro slipped a finger inside her tight vagina. He spread open her lips and began to lick, suck, and kiss furiously. Sticking his tongue inside her while rubbing the clit, then switching. Kelly was thrashing about and moaning like someone was cutting her with a knife. She was gripping his hair when she screamed out" OH MY GOD YES, YES RIGHT THERE!!!". Cyro didn't have to be told twice as he shoved two fingers into her vagina and sucking and biting her clitoris. "I'M GONNA CUM SO BAD!!" Kelly screamed and her whole body shot up and locked in a tensed position until Cyro was done lapping up her lady orgasm. When he was done, Kelly laid on the bed panting heavily like a dog and had her eyes close. Cyro climb up on top of her resting his penis just above her pussy. He then grabbed her Irish V-neck and used it to wipe his face. Kelly opened her eyes and smiled, "Well what are you waiting for?" she giggled, Cyro looked confused as Kelly flashed her eyeballs at the shirt "Do me: I'm Irish" Kelly said biting her index finger. Cyro smiled and threw the shirt, he then re positioned himself so the head of his cock was touching the entry way to vagina paradise. Kelly took a deep breath as Cyro slowly pushing in, Kelly winced as the head moved in. Cyro then breathed slowly as he pushed harder and harder. Until finally the whole beast was inside Kelly. She had heavy breathing as she said "Go for it" Cyro nodded as he pulled out, then pushed in all the way, Kelly was moaning with every movement. Harder and harder Cyro pushed as he could see Kelly's beautiful breast flop back and for with every push. Kelly was gasping and moaning every second. Cyro decided it was time as he began to move faster and faster, after a full ten minutes Cyro was fucking almost as fast as she could. She was moaning and yelling as she was gripping the headboard and holding onto Cyro's thigh. Cyro stopped to catch his breath as he pulled Kelly closer to him and turned her on her side and lifted her right leg up and held it there. He began to fucking her as hard as he could and as fast as he could go, Kelly no longer moaned, just yelling as she was being hammered faster and harder than ever. Blood as beginning to drip and slowing oozing from her pussy, there was pain and feelings like never before all at once, and she loved every minute. After 20 minutes of being destroyed on her side, Kelly was now sitting on Cyro's cock facing away from him, she closed her eyes as Cyro tried his best and hardest to fuck her as fast as he could go, his abs and lower body went numb and he was about to cum, more blood, Kelly was screaming and yelling out "OH MY FUCKING GOD CYRO YOU'RE.....FUCK!!! OH MY GOD!!! PLEASE! DON'T STOP!!!!!" Cyro never did until she screamed out that was about to cum, and it happened, her whole body shut down as her greatest orgasm came out, Kelly was blacking out as she could see stars and couldn't breathe. She had fallen back when Cyro had grabbed her and held her around her waist. Her pussy squeezed so tight around Cyro's dick that it hurt. He cried out from the feelings of his orgasm. For a full minute, both of their bodies were giving everything they had, cum and vagina fluids soaked through the blanket and on the mattress. When Cyro regained vision, Kelly was passed out on top of him, he moved her off and then grabbed the same shirt and began to wipe off his thighs and balls. When he turned around he saw Kelly stumbling in the bathroom. She looked down at the floor and saw a towel to pick up. When she bent over Cyro saw what he missed. Her asshole was the pinkest, sweetest, tightest looking hole he has ever seen. He had to, he could leave without a few push ins. He looked down at he red hot raging cock, he still had a boner, and enough cum and vagina juices to use as lubrication. He then walked over and grabbed her by the hips and just staring at her huge ass. She stood up and moaned, walking toward the bathroom window to open it up. Cyro took her hand and placed it on the window sill. He then stuck his dick in her pussy one last time, Kelly moaned and said "No Cyro, I'm done" "Not yet babe." whispered Cyro as he took his finger and slipped into her tight asshole "No babe please not there." begged Kelly. "Just a few push is" Cyro assured. He then spit on his two fingers and wiped them around her butt hole. "Shh" Cyro whispered as Kelly moaned loud when he stuck the head inside. It felt amazing, it was the tightest thing he has ever felt, but he needed more and he needed it now. He balanced himself as he gripped her ass cheek and shoved the whole dick inside her. Kelly cried out in pain so Cyro went very slow , eventually, kocaeli escort after 5 minutes, he went faster and faster and faster. He was now pounding her tight little asshole as hard as he could, she was yelling out and moaning extremely loud. All there was was grunting and screaming and the slapping sounds against her huge ass. He was going so fast he went numb again. Then, without warning he came, ropes after ropes of cum came splashing inside Kelly's pink little asshole. Cyro yelled out and moaned too loud. He pulled out his red steaming cock, and was panting. "Oh baby, did I make you yell again?" Kelly giggled. Then Cyro noticed the cum was now oozing out of her little hole. "Hang on, let me fix that for you" Cyro said as he bent down and spread her ass cheeks and began to lick her little asshole . Then he opened it up and stuck his tongue in there and got a mouthful of cum. He stood up and started to share the cum with Kelly as they both swallowed it, touching the backs of their throats swapping spit. After about 10 minutes of cleaning, showering, and more kissing; Cyro decided to sit down and watch a movie while Kelly was in the shower. He sat down on the couch after he had put in Fast Five. After about a half an hour into the movie, Kelly had finally come out of her room wearing nothing but her dark blue robe. She stepped in front of Cyro's view and twisted her right leg over her left. Cyro laughed as he asked "Do you have something for me?". Kelly nodded biting her bottom lip as she opened up her robe, revealing her beautiful naked body, her perky tits were poking out at him with rock hard nipples. Her vagina looked clean and ready for a pounding. Cyro chuckled as he looked at her eyes and motioned her toward him. She agreed as she mounted him on his lap and began to rub her clit over his crotch. She slightly moaned as she rubbed harder and was breathing heavily. Cyro gripped her body as he was sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth sucking on her tongue. She giggled and shook as he ran his finger down her spine ever so slightly. Just then he realized what he had forgotten after they had sex. He was supposed to see Heather before he left. Cyro pushed Kelly off of him as he grabbed his wallet and phone. He opened the door and sighed, closing the door he mumbled "Sorry Kelly I was supposed to meet another friend and I got side tracked with your beautiful body." Kelly laughed as she got up and said "Don't worry babe I had fun, let me know when your ready for the next match." "I will." Smiled Cyro as he kissed her one last time for the day, Kelly began to rub his dick as she took his hand laid it over her pussy. Cyro stuck in two fingers, moved then around, and pulled then out, putting them in Kelly's mouth. She sucked and bit his fingers looking dead into his eyes. "I will be back tomorrow with Taylor OK?" Cyro asked. Kelly nodded as she kissed him on the cheek and pushed him out the door. Cyro shook his head as he jumped down the stairs and flew out the door, sprinting over to Heather's house. Heather was quite the girl, all she did was act black and even though she was from Guam, she pretty much thought she was black. She was about 5'2 and was very skinny, she had rather small breast but that's not what people liked about her. What people liked her so much about was that she had a really wide ass, even though that her ass didn't really 'pop' out, it was one of the widest asses Cyro had ever seen and he wished he could get a piece of that. So after about a few minutes of making his way to Heather's house he stopped and checked his watch; it was about 10:20, which gave him enough time to talk to Heather. She had told Cyro that she needed to talk to him about something very important, and the way she said it Cyro guess it was pretty serious. So he had finally made it to her house and he knocked on the door Heather immediately opened the door and literally pushed and shoved him into her room. She sat him down on her bed and locked her door. She noticed Cyro panting and pointed at a water bottle on the bed next to him, he drank it in seconds. "Okay, so what is so important Heather?" "Okay listen, I'm going to tell you something, something very seriously important okay?" Heather raised her eyebrows. Cyro nodded as he waited for the story. "Alright, so I not only like guys but I also like girls, I'm Bi, so being rejected over and over again by both genders, I decided to see what its like being one of them, don't ask me why I just did, so since I already know what its like being a girl, I decided to know what its like to be a guy. So I changed my sex." "You what!?" shouted Cyro. Heather immediately shushed him as she turned around and unbuckled her belt and dropped her pants to the ground. Heather turned around and all Cyro could see was a fat 6 1/2 inch cock just hanging there. To his surprise, he became aroused............

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