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Standart Sex Times Three

rklm buraya
Sex Times Three
by Veronica

My boyfriend and I have a very healthy sex life and several times we have discussed our fantasies. His was the obvious enjoying two women at the same time. Being the jealous type, I wasn?t so sure that his sexual fantasy was ever going to play out. Until last week, that is.

We were at one of our favorite local restaurants when I had to use the bathroom which is extremely small and can only handle one person at a time. The door was unlocked so I just went in and found another woman putting on her lipstick. She turned to leave and I literally had to squeeze by her, our breasts touching. I felt a tingling in my breasts and saw that she seemed to enjoy it too. Her name was Monique and I asked her if she would like to join my boyfriend and me for a drink at the bar.

As she sipped her drink, I noticed her long wavy dark hair, beautiful black skin, full lips, and large breasts pushing through her silky blouse. Watching her sit there very seductively in a tight micro mini skirt, I found myself wondering if she was wearing underwear. I looked over at my boyfriend, Jack, and decided he was very definitely wondering the same thing, too.

After a few more drinks, it was obvious that Monique and I were sexually attracted to each other and judging by the obvious bulge in Jack?s pants, he was hot to live out his fantasy. izmit escort bayan Much to his delight, I suggested we all go to our house for a few more drinks.

After getting drinks for everyone, Monique and I sat on the couch while Jack sat in an opposite chair to catch the action. I reached over and lightly touched Monique?s breast through her silky blouse, and her nipple immediately came to attention. She stroked my neck and slowly lowered her hands to my large breasts making circles around my fully aroused nipples. She reached over to kiss me with those luscious full lips and we started teasing each other with our tongues. Monique?s mouth covered mine and her tongue plunged deeply into my mouth. I never thought I could be so turned on by another woman?s kiss and touch.

I reached down and stroked her long, shapely leg, going higher and higher under her skirt. To my delight, she wasn?t wearing any underwear and her pussy was already wet. I touched her moist pubic hair lightly, then opened up her willing lips with the tips of my fingers. She gasped as I touched her enlarged clit which was hard and aching to be stroked. My fingers circled her hot box and then found their way inside of her. I finger fucked her as her breath quickened and her hips slowly rotated. She unbuttoned my blouse, leaned over and started sucking on my erect nipples which sent izmit eve gelen escort electrical charges between my legs. I spread my legs willingly as her hand pushed under my skirt and found my twat which was aching for attention. She teased my hard clit with the tips of her fingers, pinching it then massaging it gently.
I knew that Jack was probably enjoying this and as I looked over to the other side of the room, I saw that Jack had removed his clothes and was stroking his huge bulging hardness. Monique and I walked over to him, shoved our pussies into his face and asked him if he was ready to join the action. He panted that he was and grabbed our hands and pulled us toward the bedroom.

Jack laid on the bed and I positioned my dripping honeypot above his face. Monique started tonguing Jack?s hard cock, licking up one side then down the other and sucking lightly on the head which I knew would drive him wild. Jack?s tongue found my love button which was now as hard as his cock deep within Monique?s mouth. I reached back and was able to squeeze one of Monique?s breasts while Jack?s tongue plunged deeper inside of me. His tongue teased my swollen clit, touching it lightly then licking all around it. I couldn?t hold back any longer and my pussy swallowed Jack?s tongue as I orgasmed.

Monique was fingering herself, izmit otele gelen escort and sucking hard on Jack?s cock. I wanted that hard shaft in my mouth too so I positioned myself next to Monique and we both took turns licking, sucking and deep throating it. Jack grabbed Monique and guided her dripping pussy onto his face sixty-nine style, gobbling and licking at her clit. Jack was ready to explode with both of us still taking turns licking and sucking on his cock. We couldn?t get enough of that beautiful hardness in our mouths. Monique was still straddling Jack?s face and I could tell she was close to orgasm.

I let go of Jack?s cock motioning for Monique to do the same. I needed that thing inside my quivering pussy so I positioned myself over Jack and guided him in. Monique and I faced each other with Jack inside of me and Monique?s pussy still in Jack?s mouth. We started kissing, grabbing at each other?s breasts, pinching and squeezing while my hips moved furiously burying Jack deeper and deeper inside of me. Monique reached down and rubbed my clit and I knew I was ready to explode. I could tell Jack was ready, too, and as I arched my body in orgasm, I could feel his hot cum shooting inside of me. Monique screamed, pushed herself into Jack?s face reaching her climax as Jack tongue fucked her pussy.

Monique left the next morning promising that we would all get together again sometime soon. As Jack and I laid in bed, I looked over at him and asked him how he enjoyed his fantasy. He just smiled and said, ?It was great but are you sure this wasn?t your fantasy??
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