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Standart Auctioned Wives

rklm buraya

Cindy had butterflies in her stomach as she waited for her ride that would take her away from her husband and her home for the next several weeks. She stood in front of the living room window wishing that she had never agreed to doing this silly thing in the first place.

Gary walked inside from the backyard and walked up behind his wife and said. "Honey. Are you sure you want to go through all this? We can always give the money back they gave us and call it all off."

Cindy turned and grabbed her husband's arm and leaned over and gave him a kiss and said. "Gary. We already spent most of the money on a new truck and we signed the contract and I'm afraid they would take legal action if I backed out now."

Before they could discuss the matter any further, the limo pulled into the driveway and Cindy turned to her husband and said. "Honey. Make sure you eat while I'm gone and I'll call you every day."

Gary gave his wife a hug and a long kiss than took her hand as they walked out the front door to the waiting limo. The driver was holding the back door open for her as they made their way out to the waiting car.

Gary kissed and hugged his wife for several minutes until the driver finally said. "We're going to have to be going here soon."

Cindy got into the back seat as Gary kissed his wife one more time and backed away and said. "I love you."

Cindy replied. "Honey. I love you too and I'll call you as soon as I can and let you know I'm all right."

The driver shut the door and got into the car and backed out of the driveway. Cindy had rolled the window down and was waving at her husband as he watched the car pull around the corner and got onto the main street.

Gary waited until the limo was completely out of his site before he turned and walked back into the house. Gary walked directly over the kitchen counter and took the contract they had signed and sat down at the table and began looking it over for the hundredth time.

It all started several weeks ago when Cindy got laid off from her job at the accounting firm after four years. She had heard about this opportunity from a man that worked at the mall. Gary had remembered how Cindy had told him how the man approached her with a clip board in his hand and said that they were looking for certain type women to do a new reality show and that she was the type they were looking to sign.

The man had told Cindy that they were going to pay twenty-five thousand dollars if she was one of the lucky women they choose for their show. He explained to Cindy that she had an opportunity too win up to three million dollars.

A week later, they got a phone call from their agency that said that Cindy had been selected to participate and if she was interested than she would have to sign the contract that day.

They were so excited that both Gary and Cindy made an appointment for them to come out to the house that afternoon and everything was signed and sealed when the presented a check for twenty-five thousand dollars.

They went out that day and bought a new pickup truck with most of the money and the following week, Cindy was taken to their doctor and given a complete physical.

Cindy had said they gave her the most complete physical she ever had and they said that because of their insurance policy with the show that she could not take any medication that wasn't prescribed by their doctor.

This included Cindy's birth control prescription which they exchanged for a prescription that their doctor prescribed. They were also concerned with her weight and said she was exactly the size they wanted her to be and wanted to make sure she stayed on a strict diet to maintain that weight.

They explained to Cindy that she would be involved in the project for the next twelfth to sixteen weeks depending if she followed through every procedure that she would be expected to do.

Gary was flickering through the pages at everything they made her sign and was concerned with most with was the last page. It was very confusing to understand and Gary had wished he had hired an attorney to look over the documents.

Gary focused on one particular page which seemed to detail the fact that Cindy had to obey all of their rules and agree to any demand upon their request. There was also a statement which went into detail that if a request was not carried out on a timely matter that they had the right to detain Cindy until any and all procedures were enacted and complete.

Toward the bottom of the last page, there was a note that was underlined that stated that the contract was legal binding and transferrable to new ownership.

Gary scratched his head wondering exactly what that sentence meant as he leaned back in his chair wondering how Cindy was doing at that moment.

Cindy had been driven from their Southwest Florida home just inside Tampa city limits when the driver pulled the limo off the expressway ramp and into a service station and stopped.

A tall woman with red hair was standing outside the limo kaynarca escort and the driver opened the door for her and she climbed into the back seat next to Cindy.

The woman extended her hand out to Cindy and said. "My name is Cheryl and I'll be your assistant for the first phase of our program. I'll need you to put this blindfold over your eyes until we reach our secret location."

The driver got back into the car and Cindy could hear the tires squeal as they pulled away. Cheryl seemed very nice as she reassured Cindy that everything was fine and they would be at their secret location within a few minutes.

Cindy could feel the car making some sharp turns than a sound of a garage door opening and the car moving again until a few seconds later, Cheryl said. "Cindy. We are here and you can take your blindfold off now."

Cindy stepped out of the car which had been driven into what appeared like an underground parking garage. Cindy followed Cheryl toward an elevator than waited as the door opened and a man was standing inside and smiled at them.

Cindy smiled in return as Cheryl introduced her to the man whose name was Jeff. Jeff said he was in charge and they were going to go up to Cindy's room. Once the elevator reached the desired floor, they stepped off and Jeff said. "Cindy. I'll see you later. Cheryl will take you to your room and give you some details on how to prepare yourself for our first event."

Cheryl walked Cindy down a long hallway to one of the doorway's and knocked and a few seconds later the door opened. A woman was standing their smiling as Cheryl said. "Hello Lisa. How is everything going so far, are you feeling more relaxed than you did when I saw you earlier?"

Lisa responded and said. "Yes. I'm not as nervous as I was when we arrived today."

Cheryl replied. "Lisa. This is Cindy and she will be your new roommate and you can show her where everything is located and explain everything I told you when you had arrived. Cindy's dress and shoes are in the closet next to yours."

Cindy walked in the room as Cheryl said. "Cindy. We will be delivering your lunch up here to your room and both of you ladies can eat than we'll have a makeup artist come up and prepare you both for our first event this evening."

Cheryl smiled at Cindy as she closed the door leaving the two women alone as Lisa said. "It's really nice to have someone here to talk to, and I was getting upset being alone in here."

Cindy smiled and replied. "I was very nervous myself and wondered when I was going to meet someone else that signed up to do this reality thing."

Cindy went on to say. "I've only been gone away from home for a couple hours and already miss my husband."

Lisa smiled and said. "What's your husband's name and how long have you been married?"

Cindy replied. "His name is Gary and we've been married for four years now. Are you married?"

Lisa said. "Yeah. My husband's name is Tim and we been married for almost four years and I miss him too."

Cindy and Lisa talked while Lisa showed her the room and both women found out that neither had any children and thought it was funny that both of them were almost exactly the same size and age.

They were both twenty-seven years old, five-six in height and both had blonde hair and both had similar figures. They laughed when they compared their sizes and found out that they both took a 36D size bra.

They were served lunch which consisted of large salad's and after they had eaten, they had been instructed to place their clothing into two bags which had been marked with their names A note inside their bags said that they had to take everything off including any jewelry they were wearing with the exception of their wedding and engagement rings.

Both women were hesitant when they also read that their purses had to be included with the other items and would be returned at the end of the program.

The ladies took their showers and dried their hair and put on the only garment other than the dresses that were supplied to them. They were pink matching satin halter chemises' which barely covered their ass cheeks.

The women were both measured for size during their exam's and the articles had been carefully selected for them prior to their arrival.

Within the hour, a Spanish woman arrived who took their bags out of the room and shortly there after, the makeup artist came in and carefully worked his magic on the women. Lisa and Cindy were very attractive and really didn't need to wear much makeup but this man seemed to be bringing out special highlights in them that made them look sexy.

The women laughed when he finally finished with them and left the room because they knew he was gay the way his mannerism had been.

The Spanish woman came back into the room and told them it was time for them to get dressed and retrieved the dresses for them that had been hanging in the closet.

The woman waited as the ladies slipped the chemises' off and started helping küçükyalı escort Cindy with her dress first. Both dresses were pink in color and were made out of polyester. Cindy thought the dress was ripped along the hem but the Spanish woman said the dresses were called. "Handkerchief dresses."

The dress left Cindy's arms bare and was low cut leaving her breasts exposed almost down to her nipples plunging down and lifting them at the same time.

It had a low waist line and the skirt section was sort of pleaded and the hem was cut at different lengths which was the reason why it was called a handkerchief dress. It fit tight on Cindy and the material was very thin which made her nipples poke out.

Cindy stood in the mirror and adjusted the dress as the woman helped Lisa into her matching dress than watched as the woman retrieved matching pink heels.

The heels were pink, five inch heels with crisscross style with a side buckle that lopped around the ankle. Both women sat on the edge of the bed and put on the heels as Cindy asked. "Are there matching panties' that we should put on?"

The woman replied and said. "No madame. This is how they want you to dress for the first event tonight."

Cindy replied. "But someone could easily see under the material of this dress because it's so thin and if there is a breeze than they we see everything!"

The woman replied in a thick Spanish accent and said. "Madame. I'm only doing my job. I don't make the rules."

Cindy was speechless as she glanced at Lisa waiting to see her reaction to the woman's comment when there was a knock on the door and Cheryl walked in and told the woman she could go and walked over to Cindy and Lisa and said. "Please sit down on the bed and I'll explain what is going to take place this evening."

The ladies sat down watching Cheryl as she stood it front of them and continued. "Ladies. Our first event will be the auction tonight. You will be brought out onto a stage where the bidders will have a chance to see you. After you have paraded around, the auctioneer will start the bidding for you. I want both of you to walk around and act seductive and keep smiling at the bidders."

Cindy and Lisa both sat on the bed with their mouths wide open as Cindy said. "You mean you expect us to go out in front of a bunch of people dressed like this and act seductive for them. Cheryl. I'm a married woman and so is Lisa and I can't do something like that."

Cheryl cut Cindy off from saying anything else and said. "Remember. You both signed on to do what we ask of you and you were paid in advance to participate."

Cheryl folded her arms and continued to speak. "Now I'm going to tell you what's in it for both of you. You will be paid 10 percent of whatever the highest bid is and that means for your benefit that you both should walk out there on that stage and act as seductive and happy as possible to entice the bidding to go up as high as possible."

Lisa asked. "Do you mean that if the bidding goes to one thousand dollars than we get one hundred each?"

Cheryl smiled as she replied. "That's right. I can assure you the bidding will reach into the millions which will make it very beneficial to both of you."

Cindy than asked. "What will happen after the auction? What will they do with us?"

Cheryl laughed and said. "Don't worry. Nobody is going to hurt you if that's what you're worried about. There will be thirty women auctioned off tonight and both of you will be auctioned off together. The bidder may purchase other women and wherever you end up, you will all work as a team and compete for extra money."

Cheryl motioned for the ladies to stand and said. "OK. Now if you are finished with the questions we will walk out the stage area and wait until it's your turn. Just remember that the other woman will be trying to get the highest prices from the bidders as well so be very competitive when you are out on the stage and don't hold anything back."

Lisa looked at Cindy to see if she was going to ask anymore questions than spoke up herself and said. "This dress is very short and people will be able to see everything if the stage is elevated enough."

Cheryl replied. "Lisa. That's the whole idea to let everyone take a look at what you have so the bidding goes high. Don't be ashamed, all the women here tonight are married and will be dressed similarly to what you both are wearing."

The wives were nervous as they followed Cheryl to the elevator and got off on a lower floor and walked down a long hallway and turned at the end and walked through a door which was the back stage area.

There was a group of woman standing on one end and as Cheryl had mentioned, was dressed as seductively as they were dressed. Some women were blonde and some redheads and a few brunettes as well.

They were all dressed in a pair just like Cindy and Lisa were dressed and the ladies could hear the auctioneer talking out on the stage. The auction was already underway as they heard sancaktepe escort the auctioneer yell out. "Sold."

Cindy and Lisa watched as two blondes walked through the curtain with a man as they were escorted past them and out the door. Those two women had already been auctioned on the stage and two more women were on their way through the curtain as Cindy and Lisa waited their turn.

Cheryl was talking to every woman waiting in line and than walked in front of Lisa and Cindy and said. "OK. Your going to go on stage as soon as those two women are finished so be prepared and remember what I told you to do and smile while your out there and give them something to make them bid up your price!"

Cindy waited until Cheryl had walked away and turned toward Lisa and said. "I don't know if I can do this, I'm so nervous."

Lisa took Cindy's hand and replied. "I'm nervous too but if we have to do this than lets go out there and make us some money. It will be over in a few minutes anyway."

Minutes later the wives heard the same words from the auctioneer. "Sold."

Cindy and Lisa watched as two redheads walked past them with a mail escort and Cheryl motioned for them to walk through the curtain and out onto the stage.

The wives walked through the curtain and Cheryl held their hands as she walked them to the center of the dark stage and whispered. "Ladies. The spot light will come on in a couple minutes so get ready and good luck."

Cheryl left them standing on the stage in the dark and all they could hear were the many voices in the crowd waiting for the light to be turned on. Suddenly the spot light came on and the crowd of mostly men began to cheer as the women tried to smile and hold a sexy pose for them.

The auctioneer began to speak and said. "OK. Please welcome our next two wives, Cindy and Lisa who are identical in size at five-six with beautiful full breasts which measure 36D and as some of you can see, they are garmented to be natural blondes. They are both twenty-seven years old, healthy and very fertile."

Cindy and Lisa stood trying to smile and understand why the auctioneer was being so personal about their body's but got distracted from their thoughts as the auctioneer began the auction for them.

The auctioneer began saying. "OK. Now that you have seen the merchandise, who will start the bidding at five hundred thousand . . . I got five hundred, . . . Who will make it seven-fifty . . . OK . . . One million . . . Who will give me a million?"

Cindy and Lisa moved around on stage giving the bidders a good look at them as the auctioneer continued on. "Who will give me four million? . . . Got four, now five million . . . Yeah . . . Now who will give me seven million . . .?"

The wives kept listening as the auctioneer continued with the bidding than spoke directly to the ladies and said. "Give them a peak at your bush and let them all see your both natural blondes."

Cindy and Lisa didn't have to do a thing because the stage was rigged with little jets of air that squirted up from the floor which made their dresses raise giving the bidders a complete look at their bodies from the waist down.

The bidding had shot up to fifteen million dollars and Cindy and Lisa continued to smile and turn around so everyone could see them. The air shot up from the floor again and the bids went even higher as the ladies stood and waited for the auctioneer to yell out that they had been sold.

Within the next two minutes the price had reached twenty million dollars and the auctioneer began his ending speech and said. "Is there anyone else in on the price of twenty million? ...Do I hear twenty-one million anywhere . . . going once . . . twice . . . Sold for twenty million dollars?"

Cindy and Lisa tried to look around to see who the winning bidder was that paid so much for them but the light went off and a man with a flash light walked out onto the stage and escorted them back behind the curtain.

As they walked away, two more women were being taken out onto the stage to be auctioned. The man took them back to their room and just before leaving he turned and said. "Cheryl will be back shortly to explain what is going to happen next."

Cheryl walked into their room shortly after and had a cell phone in her hand and explained that she wanted them to call their husband's and let them know they were all right and tell them it would be at least a week before they would be able to call them again.

Cheryl also told them not to mention what had taken place that evening because they wanted to keep everything a secret. Cindy and Lisa took about thirty minutes each with their husband's on the phone and were soon taken back down to the parking garage to the waiting limo again.

The driver was standing next to the car with the door open as Cindy and Lisa approached and they turned back at Cheryl when they reached the car and waited for her to tell them where they were going.

They didn't have to wait for an answer because Cheryl told them immediately and said. "You will be traveling to your new owner tonight and I just wanted to tell you that you did well tonight up on the auction platform. We will be sending checks out to your husband's in the morning for the amount of two million dollars for each of them."
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