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Standart Autumn Inspiration

rklm buraya
Midafternoon. I look up from the table and catch your eyes with mine. Just the mere sight of your beauty has always been enough to make me smile. That smile, those eyes, the way your hair fell down on your white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to expose the top of your red bikini. The restaurant was fantastic and the mood was romantic but to stack them up against your beauty would be like comparing a kindergartener drawing to the Mona Lisa.

As we sat, finishing our meal, you spoke.

?That lunch was great!?

?It really was, the food here is excellent,? I glanced at my watch ?but it is almost four so we should probably get going.?

?Yeah, speaking of time, why did we eat such a late lunch today? you asked.

I simply smiled. ?Because we won?t be back until late for dinner.?

Approaching the exit, I opened the door to the restaurant. The sun shone in like a divine light illuminating the path to paradise, and paradise it was. As we made our way outside, hand in hand, we once again took a look at our surroundings. This island was incredible. It made me very happy to be in such an exotic place like this and doubly so that you had agreed to come on this trip with me. I had heard stories and seen pictures of just how breathtaking French Polynesia can be, but in person it was truly something else. And yet, after only moments of looking around I find myself unable to take my eyes off of you.

You put your sunglasses on to bring your outfit to completion and make you even more of a sight that any man would give years of his life to simply get a glimpse of. Your lips, so impossibly mesmerizing, just begged to be kissed at all times and I have always been just barely strong enough to resist doing just that. The blouse you are wearing, blowing lightly in the late summer breeze, revealing ever so briefly the contents underneath made my heart skip and jump like nothing else can. The matching white wrap you have around your bathing suit bottoms flowing down the perfect curves of your legs and ends just above the cutest ankles I have ever seen. Even your sandals, with the little flowers on them, accentuated your feet in such a way that made them look like they might actually belong to an angel.

?Are you ready? I ask.

Laughing you respond ?Ready for what? You haven?t told me what we are doing.?

?That doesn?t answer my question? I laughingly retort.

You look me in the eyes, squeeze my hand tight and lovingly, ?With you, I?m always ready.?

I smile back at you and we begin our walk to the edge of the island. As we get down to the water, our guide is waiting for us by the docks. I leave you temporarily by the waters edge as I go out on the dock to talk to him. You can?t hear what we are saying but you notice my level of moderate excitement and occasional pointing out to our northern coastline and other various spots in what looks like an endless crystal-clear ocean. Finally, I motion for you and you follow me up on to the dock.

?Time to go love? I smile.

?Sounds like fun! Where are we going again??

I just raise an eyebrow.

?Ah well, it was worth a shot? you reply.

We step on to the small two-person boat and get ready to leave. Our guide kneels down and says a few more things quietly into my ear and points up the coastline. I smile, shake his hand, and we depart. Calmly but hastily I take the boat north bound, up the coast only a couple hundred yards out. The sky is clear, the weather is warm, and you look happy. Everything is right in my world. I continue on the motor, not too fast so that we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of this tropical wonderland. Every so often you comment on something you saw or the things you can hear or just on how simply surreal it is to be here.

After roughly forty-five minutes on the boat I spot our destination. I point to it and you squint in the distance to see a thin strip of beach that is to be our landing spot. I pull up to the shore and we both hop out into the knee-deep ocean water. I drag the boat onto shore and secure it to a nearby tree.

?Well?? I question to you.

?This is nice.? You say, though the tone in your voice makes it clear that you were puzzled by the serene yet overly average scene spread before you.

I laugh and say ?I?m only kidding, this isn?t where our adventure ends, we simply need to walk from here.?

I take you by the hand and we begin our expedition up from the beach and through the wilds on izmit escort a small beaten down path. The noises all around us combined with the rare and unusual flora and fauna make it seem like we could be the only two people to ever set foot in this alien-like world. Following our moderate trek, we come to our objective. You gasp and marvel. In the opening we come to a large pool, more of a small pond of water. Feeding it on one side is an enormous waterfall, what must be a hundred feet tall and roaring.

?Care for a swim?? I ask, giving your hand a little squeeze.

Your reply is immediate and nonverbal. Almost before I can even finish asking the question you are already unbuttoning your shirt and unwrapping the wrap around your waist. I follow suit, removing my shirt and following you into the water. Even here in the middle of what could be a vast jungle, the water is crystal clear. We swim for what seems like hours, though I am sure it was less than even one. At some point we make our way back to the shore and you wrap your arms and legs around me.

?This is amazing!? You say, planting a kiss on my lips.

Your tongue moves inside my mouth and dances along with mine as I move a hand to the back of your head to pull you in to kiss more passionately. I can feel so much energy you?ve put into this embrace and it is very easy to tell that you are happy with this nice surprise I have provided you.

You break the kiss and say ?I need you, now.?

I chuckle slightly and respond ?All things in good time my love. You may be shocked to hear this, but this isn?t the surprise. This is just a pitstop.?

Your eyes go wide as you can barely contain your excitement. We make our way from the water, redress, and continue our journey through the jungle. This walk is considerably longer than the first and we conversate through it. We talk about our trip thus far and I ask how you?ve been enjoying it.

?It has been wonderful? you reply, ?like I have died and gone to heaven, but better because it is all real?

?I am happy to hear that darling, but despite it seeming impossible the best is still yet to come. Tell me, did you ever question why I chose this island in particular??

?To be honest, I didn?t even know you did. I thought they just put you on one based on what was hut you chose for us and what?s available? You answer.

?Typically, that is the case, but this isn?t just your average vacation. I wanted, no that?s not accurate. I needed the perfect destination to show you exactly what it is you mean to me. So, I talked for hours to what must have been hundreds of people before I found exactly what I didn?t even know I was looking for?? I trailed off.

After a few moments of silence, your curiosity got the best of you and you ask ?What did you find??

?This? I say as I pull a few large leaves aside from the trail.

On the other side was a scene straight from a movie. We left the wilderness behind and found ourselves on a deeply secluded and stunningly beautiful beach cove. The sands were warm and the waters were calm. An enormous stone arch crossed the mouth of the cove. The evening sun, set almost frame perfectly between the arch and the water, painted the sky in blues and purples, yellows and oranges. Colors spread across the sky in such a wide array that one would swear they were the first to ever see some of them. It was like something of a painting come to life.

We don?t speak, not at first. You slowly walk a few paces ahead of me down toward the waters edge. I try to guess or assume what you might be thinking at this very moment but it becomes clear that this place has simply overloaded your senses and befuddled you in amazement. In time you bring yourself to say two words.

?I?. Its??

Standing behind you, adding you to this oil panting of a utopia, I find the words that come to me more easily than anything ever has. ?It?s perfection?

You simply nod, seemingly on the verge of tears. I approach you from behind and wrap my arms around your midriff. I lean my head against yours, you relax yours into my shoulder, and for what seemed like an eternity, we stood there in silence.

This time I broke our silence. ?This, all around you my love, is what you mean to me.?

But this time there are no words from you. You don?t speak, you quietly turn and kiss me. But its no average kiss. Though our mouths once again intertwine and move rhythmically with each other?s, the energy this time is yahya kaptan escort much different. It isn?t a lust. There is no urgency with it. It is just like our surrounding. It is a calm and serene purity of love and affection. I return every bit of energy I receive from you. I break the kiss and move my lips to your cheek, then your ear, then your neck. I feel the hairs on you stand on end and you audibly sigh into my ear as my lips make quick work of your collarbone and shoulder line.

Slowly but surely, we begin to lower ourselves to the ground. Now, in a sitting position with you on my lap, we continue. You raise your head as I kiss the underside of your chin and slowly down your throat. I slow for a moment hand hastily pull at the buttons of your blouse. Too hastily in fact, as they pop clear off of the shirt, exposing your midsection to me. I proceed kissing down your neck as I cup one breast in my left hand. You moan lightly as I grip it more firmly and kiss more deeply. Already I can feel you grinding your moistening wetness against me.

I wrap my right arm around your back and embrace you tightly. At the same time, I find the strings of your bikini top and tug at them until the knot loosens and unties completely.

Matching suit, you untie the knot behind your neck and the top falls to the ground. I withdraw my lips from you to take you in as a whole and what at sight you are. Your perky breasts and stiffening nipples stand at attention as your back arches, your body longing for my touch.

I press my lips against your chest between both glorious breasts and kiss in a small circle all around the area. Wrapping both arms around you this time, I pivot my legs and grip you tight, spinning us around and laying you gently on your back on the cooling sands. A half sigh, half moan escapes your lips and I come down to you, kissing your lips yet again. Though I could spend forever with my lips and tongue at one with yours, I release myself from your kiss.

Not nearly done with you, I begin to move myself down your body. Returning to your shoulders, I kiss them expectantly and continue my journey. I slide my tongue and my lips down the gentle slope of your pert bosom, switching back and forth, teasing and provoking each nipple. Further down, leaving one hand on your magnificent breasts, I kiss your navel. Only spending a brief moment there, I move onward south. Removing the wrap from you, I come down to your bikini bottoms which are moderately wet already. Without removing them, I begin planting kisses on you over top of them. Only for a moment, I pull them to the side and with the tip of my tongue lightly flick your clit before laying a gentle peck there as well. This strikes you like and electric shock and your whole-body shudders in reaction.

Adjusting them back into place for now, I move to either side. I kiss your inner thighs in such a delicate way that it could almost be said that I didn?t do it at all. I know this constant teasing is turning you on so immensely. I then return my attention to the prize at the center and kiss your pussy much more passionately. I stick my tongue out and lick your slit lightly and plant my lips again and again where I know your clit to be. Your breathing intensifies and you are now moaning into the warm open air. Your fingers pull at the back of my head, forcing my face more deeply into you which I can?t get enough of. Getting carried away with myself, I throw your thighs onto my shoulders and continue kissing and licking furiously at your soaked womanhood, all the while leaving the bikini panties in place.

Having temporarily lost myself in a place of pure ecstasy, I come back to myself. I move quickly back up your body where your lips are eagerly awaiting mine. This time you take initiative and reach quickly for my board shorts. Just as hastily as I had done, you tug at the front with vigor, tearing the button completely off. You then thrust your hand down inside and grip my cock, now harder than you have ever felt it. Gripping it firm and lovingly, you stroke its long length, from base to tip, while you shove your tongue down my throat. I follow your lead and slide my hand slowly and coolly down your body, over a now very hard nipple, past your belly button, and directly into your bikini bottoms.

My hand is met with a generous amount of wetness and no resistance as I slide my middle finger inside of you. I swipe my thumb occasionally over your now very stimulated clit gebze escort and each time I do its like I have struck a nerve and your body jumps as you moan into my mouth. I slide my finger in and out of you as you pump my throbbing cock in the same rhythm. We continue this way, faster and harder, more intensely and more passionately until we simply can?t take it anymore.

You push me away slightly ?Now, now I need you. Please.?

My response is a simple ?As you wish? with a smile.

I raise myself above you and remove my shirt. You lean up on your elbows and pull your arms out of your blouse and lay it beneath you. While on my knees, I manage to wiggle my shorts off, leaving me nude. You reach for your bottoms, but before you can do anything, I remove your hands.

I wiggle a finger at you disapprovingly. ?No love, that honor is mine to have? I say.

Instead of pulling them down outright, I do the same as I did with your top and reach for the knots on the side. Undoing each one at the same time, I pull the soaked garment from underneath you, revealing all of you to me. I can not hold back a smile as I rub my hand against your smooth-shaven pussy, a chill running down my spine this time.

I lower myself back down to you and this time start at your lower stomach, kissing upward. Stopping only briefly at your perfect breasts to lay a single kiss on each, I keep moving up your body inch by inch. Your collarbone comes next, then your neck. I kiss your chin and in a move of perfect timing as soon as I reach your lips, my thick cock begins to enter you. You gasp hard and as you do, I move my lips to yours and allow you to suck my tongue into your mouth. You wrap both arms around my neck, drawing my lips more deeply into yours as I ease more of myself, bit at a time inside of you. Once I am completely plunged into your deepest depths, you break our kiss to let out a moan that may have reached the heavens. Your body shivers and you shake with an intensity rarely seen.

?Did you just??? I ask, smiling.

Once you find the words you answer ?Mmm God yes, very much so?

I take great pleasure in your orgasm and I rise slightly from you and start to move. I pull almost all of my length out, pause for a moment, and then slide slowly all the way back inside of you, letting you feel every single inch as it fills you entirely. Your arms have lowered to my back now, scratching and clutching as you cling to this reality through the purest pleasure you have ever felt. With every withdrawal and every thrust I pick up slightly more speed and force. Your tits begin to bounce with every forward motion and in doing so turns me on even more.

In no time at all the sound of our sex fills the open air. Every thrust that my body meets yours echoes into that endless ocean, your moans fill the air, and the pleasure we are both feeling is potent enough to feel around us. Your hands drop from my back and dig into the sand as I lean up further from you. I raise enough and put your legs on my shoulders so that I can grab you by the thighs to thrust even more deeply inside of you. Turning my head to the side, I kiss your calves, your ankles, even your feet. There is no part of you that I can get enough of.

?Mmm, Mmm, Ah, Ah,? Your voice gets louder and more intense as I know you are getting close yet again.

?You ready baby?? I say, knowing how close I am myself.

?Un... yes... Oh? Fuck yes!?

A few more pumps after hearing that is all it takes and, in a final thrust I cum more deeply and intensely than I can ever remember having done before. Just the feeling of my pulsating is enough to drive you over the edge. Your pussy clamps down on me and we both proceed to having the most intense orgasms of our lives. In a reactionary manner, I release your thighs and you pull your hands from the sand and we desperately grip each other?s hands, embracing to pull me more deeply inside of you. We hold this position for minutes until we both come down from our amazing highs. Upon release, I collapse on the sands beside you.

You cuddle against me and put your head on my chest and both of us continue to breath heavily for quite some time.

You?re the first to speak. ?I wish this day; this moment could last forever.?

?Don?t worry my love. Though this moment is like this beach, truly incredible and one of a kind, our love and our life is still like our trip through the forest. The best moments are yet to come.?

You smile and lay your head back upon me. I kiss the top of your head and we lay a little while longer before we head back, watching the sun descend into twilight in this paradise made for two.
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