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Standart A Bad Benning to a Great End part 1

rklm buraya
Character details to follow:

Katty: 5'4" Blonde hair down to her ear in a pixie cut. Sea green eyes ,90 lbs B cup breasts, and a size Zero in most jeans. 21 year old caucasian. She is wearing a dark green shirt cut off at just under her breasts, a black skirt size 1, and a Victoria Secret black lacey panties.

Bob: 5'9" Dirty blonde hair down to the middle of his back. Bright Blue eyes 145lbs, mostly muscle but no six pack yet, and 28 in mens. 6 ½ " penis. 22 year old caucasian. He is wearing a black short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, his hair is braided in the back.

Tom: 5'10" Short Brunette hair. Dark Blue eyes, 158lbs, muscle but no six pack, 32 in mens. 9" penis. 24 year old caucasian. He is wearing a brown short sleeved shirt and blue jeans.

Jessica: 5'9" Long black hair. Bright hazel almost caramel eyes, 122lbs, A cup breasts, and a double zero in most jeans. 23 year old latina women. She is wearing a bright and sparkling red dress, with matching red shoes, she didn't wear any underwear so there were no lines.

Back ground : 54°f outside. About 90°f inside of the club. Bob and Katty go to this club regularly and know the owner personally, they pretty much get free run of the building. Bob and Katty are roommates in an apartment nearby.

Katty was bar hopping with her roommate Bob. They started up town and were ending the night at a bar they know as a second home, called The Adventure. The plan was to pick up someone someone to take back to the apartment for each of them. Katty was hammered but still danced to the music with a fire in her. Bob was dancing with a black haired beauty named Jessica. Katty was grinding against a man about 24 years old.

Tom: Want to take this back to my place?

Katty didn't answer him, she grabbed him by the belt and lead him through the door near the restrooms that read "Employees Smoking Area through here". As the exited the back door onto the patio that wraps around to the back of the bar. She tugged on his button leading him this way to behind the bars back alleyway patio. While she walked fondling his junk over his pants until they reached the alleyway patio. When she stopped leading him Katty pushed him against the brick wall, undoing his pants button. Katy Slowly glided her tongue across his face following his cheek bone back to his ear lobe. She twirled his lobe in her mouth and sucked on it. Almost halfway done unzipping his pants.

Tom: Damn girl, you keep that up and we won't make it to the car.

He said this while slowly running his hand down her navel and back up under her shirt. When Tom found her tiny nipple with his right hand, he was a little surprised she wasn't wearing a bra, he started pinching hard as he rolled his finger back and forth. Katty stopped sucking on his ear when he pinched her nipple and bite down on his neck in pleasure.

Katty: Mmm, harder.

As she said that he slid his left hand down her navel going under her skirt. Rubbing around her pussy on top of her panties. Feeling the wet spot he circled her lips until he felt the small bead. When he did, he started pinching her clit hard while his other hand worked her nipple. Rolling them back and forth while clamping them between his fingers. Just as Katty was feeling an orgasim approaching she pushed off him and dropped down to her knees having finished getting his zipper down. Katty yanked his pants and boxers down to his knees. She licked her lips looking at what was in front of her. His cock wasn't long just 4 or 5 inches but it was as fat as fat as it was long. She didn't think it would fit in her mouth but Katty wasn't escort kocaeli going to let that stop her from trying. Katty licked down his shafts til she reached his balls, when she got to them she started sucking his whole sack in her mouth while rolling her tongue around his huge sack. Tom laced his hand into her hair, moaning while she worked her magic. Katty sucked his nuts and slowly moved back till his balls fell out of her mouth with a pop. She looked at his cock now 7 inches long, precum with little white clumps of jizz leaking out his bulbous head. She knew if he came inside her she would get pregnant for sure. She couldn't resist any more and slurped his precum while slowly sucking him down her throat.

Tom: You gonna take it all down your throat like a good girl?

Katty looked up to meet his dark blue eyes not taking his meat out of her mouth while doing so, nodded while moaning, working his cock head down the bend in her throat with every nod. Katty finally felt his pubes tickle her nose so she moved her throat muscles so they milked him for his cum. She slowly moved back and forth making sure not to let his cock head slip back over the bend in the back of her mouth. Katty heard the saying "grower not a shower" but never seen it before. She was sure he was only 6 inches earlier but was sure he was now near 10 inches. Katty started to move her head away from the base of his shaft. When only two inches were left in her mouth she began breathing through her nose, just as she started that Tom moaned and slammed his whole length straight down her throat in one smooth motion. Forcing her nose to grind into his pelvis. She felt him almost reaching her stomach, his head was rubbing in her chest just between her breasts. After a millisecond she could feel his cum travel up his shaft starting at the base. Even though Tom was already balls deep in her mouth he still pushed her head down harder at random times. His cum pulsed as it went over the bend in the back of her mouth, feeling the heat travel down to his tip. His tip was definitely swollen up to 5 or 6 inches, when his cum left the head it sprayed straight into her stomach. Katty felt Tom spurt in her 10 times before she passed out. Tom didn't hold her head long after he finished cuming in her mouth. He pulled her limp head off his cock. Feeling it slide up her esophagus and out over her teeth he almost slammed it in again but he was worried she might have died. He was about to panic when Katty sharply inhaled and slightly coughed on the exhale as if he shot cum down in her lungs. As soon as he realized she was breathing he pulled her panties off leaving her skirt on. As he picked her up by her legs he whispered in her ears.

Tom: Do you want this cock?

Katty just starting to come to from passing out only heard mumbling and nodded her head yes. As soon as she did she felt herself get hoisted up by her legs and pressed against a wall. Just as she opened her eyes, she felt what she could only think was someone's balled fist being jammed into her tiny little pussy hole. Her eyes shot wide open then rolled into the back of her head as she orgasimed. As the orgasim subsided she asked Tom a question slightly pushing him away with her shaky hand.

Katty:You put a condom on?

Tom: Mmm

Katty: OK good. Pound me harder. Pound me till we break the brick wall. Please daddy, my pussy wants a beating daddy? If you punish this bad girl right you can come back home with her and play their all night. Please daddy?

Katty was talking in a soft innocent voice.

When she said that Tom started slamming into her, making her bounce kocaeli anal yapan escort between his cock and the wall. After a few seconds of being rammed back and forth he pressed her legs flat against the wall. If you could see through Tom she would look like a butterfly with her legs splayed out like wings with her dripping red pussy being the little body.

Tom loved tricking girls into girls into sex without a condom. He didn't even need to do his usual tricks to get his cock in her without one on. He couldn't wait to see his cum leaking out of her little snatch. After a few minutes she felt an orgasim approaching, before she came she wanted him in her deeper. She had a guy fuck her once and felt him enter her cervix. Ever since then she always wanted that to get her off plus guy loved it. Have done this enough she knew just how to aim his cock to get him there. Just she felt his tip slide toward her cervix entrance she tilted her hips just right.

When his head popped past the entrance she bit down on his shoulder and screamed as an orgasim rolled from her toes up her spine to her head. He pounded into her like nothing happened, but Katty didn't know that. Her eyes loled back and she went limp as she passed out from the pleasure. Tom felt sudden snap of a velvet scrunchie around his dick head and the more he pushed in the more different it felt than normal. He felt her go limp in his arms so he just kept pumping into her. After a few seconds he felt his cum boiling in his balls. He knew he was about to cum. He jammed his full length in her one more time spraying cum straight into her womb. He felt the walls milk him for every drop. When he came this time he could tell it was an unusually large amount from before. His cum didn't come out in spurts but like it was a faucet. After he was done coming they slid down the brick wall till they rested on the wooden patio. Katty woke up thirty minutes later to Tom still hammering into her. As she woke up, she knew she had to use the restroom soon.

Katty: I have to use the bathroom. If you want to go home with me tonight then follow me. Mmmmm

Tom: I'm almost there.

Katty: Ok. Please spray your spunk in me daddy. Fill me up.

Katty wanted to cum again so she tried tightening her womb to feel him move in her but she couldn't get it to tighten. She started to rub her clit as he ground into her giving up on her womb. She didn't feel the condom ring on his cock so she started to worry.

Katty: You sure the condom didn't break?

Just as she asked Tom grunted and she had her answer. Katty felt his cock swell around her cervix entrance then a sudden warm feeling hit the back of her womb. Spreading out, that's when Katty knew he had came in her more than once. That's why she couldn't squizz her womb around him. She was filled ready to pop of jizz. His current spurts just slightly warmer than the rest of the cum in her. She knew her fallopian tubes were undoubtedly full of his jizz too. She started to cry as Tom flipped her over onto all fours without removing himself from her.

Tom: I'm gonna fill that pussy to the brim. Your womb is full now I'm a use your pussy again. Tom pulled his dick back until he felt his cock pop out of her womb but not enough to exit her entirely. Just as it exited he started pistoning into her pussy again.

Bob was looking for Katty so they could go home. Having already had some fun inside he was ready to go home and take a nap. As he walked out into the patio for the employee smoking area knowing Katty usually brings guys back here. When he izmit yabancı escort passed the corner he saw Katty laying with her arms over her head and her ass pointing up in the air. He would probably have seen her vagina if it wasn't for the guy huddled over her pounding her it the ground so hard he knew it was gonna leave scratches and bruises. Hearing Katty mumble something.

Bob: Oh my bad Katty. Didn't mean to intrude.

Just as Bob started to walk away when he heard her crying and figured out what she was mumbling.

Katty: Please stop. Please stop Cummings in me. Please. Please stop.

Bob turned around and started towards the guy. Bob grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. His cock making a loud slurping pop noise as it exited her. Bob threw a left hook hard enough to knock him over the railing of pario to his right. Tom made a thud noise as he fell less than a foot down below them out of sight. Katty was looking was on her back now looking down. Her stomach was extended outwards from how full her womb was. Her cervix was sealed shut ,from the repetitive pounding she just received, holding all his cum in her. She felt like she had to pee but knew that wasn't it. There was a pool forming under her starting to seep through the cracks of the wooden patio and down the side of the plank to fall to the ground below. Bob looked at her, she was looking down her eye looking down darting back and as if she was searching for something. Bob found her panties on the patio next to him. He heard Katty mumbling something now. As he leaned down he heard what she was saying.

Katty: Put it back. Put it back. Put it back.

Bob thought Katty was saying it in a weirdly soft voice.

Bob: I have your panties right here. I'll get you plan b on the way home.

Katty: Put it back in, please daddy. Pwease.

Bob: oh? um? sorry.

Bob leaned over the side ready to drag the guy up on the patio but he was gone. Bob ran into the kitchen and grab a roll of paper towels and gloves to help Katty clean up. When he got back she was curled up in a ball asleep. Bob pulled her panties down a little and clean up what he could, replacing her panties when done. After that he used some of the roll he tried to clean up the pool of cum but quickly realized it wasn't absorbing anything so he just used the towels to push it through the space boards. Letting it fall to the ground under the patio. The whole time Katty still lay there passed out in the smallest little ball. After Bob was done he picked Katty up, one arm around her back and the other holding her legs up. She nuzzled her head into his chest as he carried her to the car. Laying her in the back seat running inside to grab a bottle of water from the barman inside. When he got back to the car he put the water bottle in the cup holder and pulled out head to the nearest drug store open at 7 in the morning.

When they got back home he woke Katty up and handed her a morning after pill and the water.

Bob: Don't drink soda when we get inside. It won't help the pill stay down. Just the water. If you want I can get you some bread. Are you ok?

Katty swallowed the pill and hugged Bob.

Katty: Thanks for helping me out. Sorry if I was a little delirious for a minute there.

Bob: It's ok. As long as you are fine. We will get you checked later on today. Now sleep is what we both need.

They headed to the door of their apartment. Katty going in her room and Bob in his. Bob was nearly out cold when he heard his bedroom door open and felt Katty climb onto the bed under the covers. Sliding his hand over her and nuzzling as tightly against him as she could.

Bob: If you wanted to cuddle you could have just said.

Katty just coo and wiggled her but against him.

They fell asleep like that not long after.
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