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Standart ınnocent devıl's harem ch. 11

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INNOCENT DEVIL?S HAREM CH. 11 -- Kai prepares romantic surprise for Busty Redhead.

Original: October 28, 2020 (Copyright 2020 Kaizer Wolf)

Submitted to Sexstories: May 14, 2022

Tags: harem, supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF, succubus, mystery


Hi there!

Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start at Chapter 1 if you want to avoid any confusion.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!


- CHAPTER 11: Proposal -

After the repeated interruptions, I wanted to continue from where Gabriella and I had left off, about to fuck, but there was still the issue of her possibly being part-succubus to consider. And, unfortunately, when she tried calling her mom, the woman didn?t pick up. Thus, when Gabriella asked what I wanted to do, I decided I?d just try to cool off and we could go with our plan to buy her a ring.

Once we were both dressed, with Gabriella wearing her long-sleeve shirt to hide the bruising that was still present on her body, I waited on her to gulp down a glass of water before speaking up again.


?Yep!? she said cheerfully, only to quickly dial down her enthusiasm. ?Sorry, I?ll keep it under control. Maybe what we should do is go into the store together, but then after I give you a few ideas, I can wait in the car while you buy it. That way I don?t get too excited in the store.?

I considered that for a moment. ?Yeah, that could work. And then, just try to keep your mind off it until we get back here.?

Her face immediately lit up again in a wide grin. ?Okay!? She then gave me an apologetic look.

I laughed, my tone playful. ?Well, I guess it?s up to me to do my best to keep my thoughts focused, since it?s obvious that restraining yourself might be impossible.?

Gabriella stuck her tongue out at me, only to look at me apologetically for the third time in a row.

I chuckled as she headed back to her small bedroom to grab what she needed for the night, just in case we decided not to come back here for some reason. Then, once she was ready, we headed back out to the car.

Once we were on the road, she brought up another subject, seeming hesitant.

?So just wondering?? Her voice trailed off.

I glanced at her, trying to understand her expression. ?Yeah?? I prompted.

She grimaced. ?Well, I was just thinking about that girl again -- the one at school. What would you do if she did find out about your secret and blackmailed you? Like, tried to make you date her??

I gave her a confused look for a second, before focusing on the road, wondering why this had come up. Either way, I supposed I knew my answer, but it would be nice to hear hers first. ?Tell me what you would do, if someone blackmailed you with my secret, and then I?ll share what I?d do.?

She shrugged. ?Oh, well I admit I would want to protect you, but I wouldn?t subject myself to that. Sorry if that?s not what you wanted to hear.?

I looked at her in shock. ?You?re kidding, right? Not want to hear? Of course I wouldn?t want you to let yourself be blackmailed like that. My secret?s not that important, even if that meant I had the government after me or something. You?re much more valuable to me. So please don?t ever let anyone make you do something you don?t want to, just to protect me.?

?Same goes for you,? she agreed adamantly. ?So then, what would you do??

I sighed. ?Obviously, I?d kidnap you and run away.?

She laughed. ?I?d really like that,? she said cheerfully. ?Being kidnapped by you,? she added. She then groaned. ?Ugh, the things I want to say! But I can?t right now.?

I chuckled as well. ?Yeah, if you?re wanting to tease me, then it should probably wait. We?re already here.?

Rather than go to the mall, where there would still be lots of people, especially since it was a Friday night, I?d driven to a nearby jewelry store, with us having passed it on the way to her apartment. There were only three cars in the parking lot, which was encouraging.

Once we parked, Gabriella unexpectedly turned off her enthusiasm entirely, and began acting like she was getting ready to participate in some kind of business transaction -- her demeaner was very professional.

I tried not to laugh again as we got out, with me holding the entrance door open for her. ?Oh, one rule first,? I whispered quickly, prompting her to pause. ?Don?t worry about the prices. Just focus on what you like. Once you?ve given me a few ideas, I?ll worry about how much I want to spend. Deal??

She nodded firmly, her face twitching as she tried to conceal her resurfacing excitement. ?Deal,? she replied simply.

Unsurprisingly, there were a few couples already in the store, so we were able to slip in and begin browsing without being approached by a salesperson right away. However, once an older man in a suit and tie with snow-white hair asked if we needed help, we decided to get Gabriella?s finger sized and then continued looking around at the options.

It was fun watching her emerald eyes glisten at the various rings, even as her expression remained mostly neutral, but really what I was focused on was her scent and pulse, both of which seemed like more accurate indications of what she liked most, rather than what she said.

She definitely seemed to be a big fan of marquis diamonds, but she got really excited when we came across a ring that was full of tiny diamonds instead of one single large one. Granted, it did have a bigger diamond too, just not as big as some of the others, falling more in a medium range.

The band curled around the centerpiece, with a flat circular diamond residing in the middle, surrounded by a ton of smaller ones. I suspected that she loved the way it reflected the light, with all the tiny ones making it exceptionally flashy compared to most.

And when she didn?t react as strongly to any of the others, I decided that was probably the one I would get her. However, I still waited for her to begin pointing out her top seven picks, thankful that the one I wanted to buy was one of her choices. It was also priced in about the middle range of the ones she liked, though that didn?t matter so much to me.

?Does that give you a good idea?? she finally asked after she was finished pointing them all out.

I nodded, not wanting to tell her I already knew exactly which one I would get. ?Yep. Ready to wait in the car??

She did her best to hide a grin, before nodding and leaving the store. Needless to say, the man who?d asked if we needed help seemed a little perplexed, having been watching us the whole time, but stood straighter when I focused on him.

?I?m ready to buy one,? I announced.

The older man?s expression brightened. ?Absolutely. And which one are we interested in??

I pointed to the appropriate ring, prompting him to pull it out and then take it back to be resized to match Gabriella?s finger. While that was done by someone else, he then came back out to discuss warranties and insurance plans, which I fully intended on getting. Only a few minutes later and another guy dressed more casually, wearing nice slacks and a button-up escort bayan shirt, came out with the ring.

The older man in the suit took a second to examine it, before addressing me again.

?Alright then,? he said pleasantly. ?I just need your driver?s license and your method of payment.?

I pulled out my wallet and handed him both, using my debit card since I didn?t own a credit card.

He walked over to a computer with both of them and began completing the transaction. I was glad he didn?t say anything about my age, though I was pretty sure I could buy a ring even if I was still seventeen -- I just wouldn?t have been able to get married yet, at least not without my court-assigned guardian?s permission, who was thankfully not in my life anymore.

However, just the thought made my heart sink briefly, as I thought of my housemate again, and how I would have really liked to marry her?

A part of me felt like taking this step was completely destroying the fantasy of being with Serenity, but I also knew I couldn?t put my life on hold in hopes of something that wouldn?t happen. And despite what Gabriella said about how my older friend reacted to finding out I wanted to get married, I also wasn?t about to try to confront her about it and pull out the truth.

Because what if Gabriella was wrong about that?

It was just another way I might lose my best friend forever, and felt too risky, simply because the consequence of her reacting poorly was too massive of a loss for me to handle.

It would almost be like someone giving you the choice to inherit millions, or die instead. If the decision was anything over ninety percent in favor of the money, then I suspected most people would do it, but no way in hell would I ever risk my life for money, even if the possibility of dying was less than one percent.

Because what about when you got unlucky and ended up on the wrong side of the gamble?

When the guy was done, he brought over my cards and ring with a big grin on his face. ?There you are,? he said, handing me my cards first, and then putting the boxed ring in a bag with the insurance documentation and receipt. ?I?m sure she?ll love it. Very happy for you both. She seems like a very nice young woman.?

?Thanks,? I replied sincerely, feeling my chest gray slightly just at the thought of the significance of this purchase.

When I got back outside, I discovered Gabriella waiting with a neutral expression, but it was obvious from her scent that she was barely containing her excitement. She didn?t say anything when I slid into the driver?s seat and closed the door, but her body was radiating bursts of pure joy and her heart was racing.

I grinned as I slipped the bag between my seat and the door, far out of her reach, prompting her to look slightly disappointed. Her reaction made me laugh as I put the car in gear and began backing up.

?What?? I said playfully. ?Did you really think I?d let you see it yet??

?I?m trying to be good, I promise,? she said just as playfully.

I grinned again as we began driving down the road. My mind was racing now, wondering how I might make this more romantic, since I fully intended on proposing once we got back to her apartment. Honestly, I felt kind of lame for asking her there, instead of someplace more special, but knew there weren?t many options that didn?t involve the possibility of me being seen.

Plus, there was always the ?after the proposal? part, which I was trying really hard not to think about.

Although, Gabriella still needed to get ahold of her mom?

Ah, fuck it.

We?d already had sex twice, and I was clearly fine. Not to mention, obviously Gabriella?s parents had sex too, even if her mom also fucked other men, so it must be okay.

Plus, even if Gabriella was truly part-succubus, she was only a sixteenth, compared to her mom being an eighth. That was actually a pretty significant difference. Not to mention, Gabriella said that her mom acted like she expected her daughter to be really into sex like she was, and yet that obviously wasn?t the case.

Or, at the very least, she wasn?t crazy about fucking every man she saw.

So yeah, fuck it.

We could screw after I proposed, and worry about those details later.

Unexpectedly, I caught sight of a small grocery store and decided to pull in, knowing there were certain types of fruit in season at this time of the year, making them more prolific for purchase.

Gabriella gave me a confused look. ?Am I going in?? she wondered.

?Nope,? I said simply. ?I can?t surprise you if you come in with me.? I grinned again. ?I?ll leave the keys with you, but I?m putting the ring in the trunk. Promise to be good?? I teased.

She nodded eagerly, her red hair bouncing slightly, her emerald eyes sparkling again. ?I promise!?

After climbing out and putting the ring in the trunk, I headed inside to search for ideas, with it only taking me a few minutes to formulate a more solid plan. I knew exactly what I wanted to get, and within another ten minutes, I was checking out. I then stored my bags in the trunk, to ensure she didn?t catch a glimpse of what I had, and climbed back into the driver?s seat to return to her place.

I wasn?t sure she could be any more excited, but it was obvious she was thrilled. It was also clear she wanted to ask for hints, but overall she kept her promise to be good.

Parking near her apartment entrance, I instructed her to go wait in her room, so I could slip everything inside and get things prepared while she waited.

Slipping into the kitchen with everything, I began working to prepare my surprise for her.

It was nice to finally be back behind a locked door and out of sight, allowing me to finally relax and speak more freely.

?Are you excited?? I teased from the kitchen, listening to her change her clothing in the other room.

?Umm, yeah!? she called out. ?You have no idea!?

?Oh, I think I do, actually,? I replied playfully. ?Heightened senses, remember??

She paused, before responding, her tone suddenly hesitant as she changed subjects. ?Hey, just wondering, but what?s your favorite color??

I grinned, opening up a package of chocolate, now that the water on the stove was beginning to boil, another pot set within it. ?Do you mean my favorite color, in general? Or my favorite color on you??

She giggled. ?How about both??

I thought about it for a few seconds, breaking up the chocolate into smaller chunks so it would melt faster. Focusing on her appliances, which were all black, including the stove top, microwave, and refrigerator, I wondered how the color would look on her, suspecting it would really make her fair skin, red hair, and emerald eyes pop.

?Well, my favorite color is red, ironically.? I paused. ?Although, I don?t think I would prefer you in red clothing. Honestly, I?m not sure what I would like most on you, since I?ve only seen a couple of outfits so far. Black would always be a safe choice, but I?m sure there are other colors I would like too.? I paused again. ?The purple pajamas you wore before were really nice.?

?Why ironically?? Gabriella wondered, referring to my comment kocaeli escort bayan about my favorite color.

I pursed my lips as I stared down at the chocolate, suddenly realizing why I?d said that. It was because of my recent discovery that I might need to drink blood in certain situations. However, I didn?t want to ruin the mood by bringing the subject up, so I decided on a different excuse -- one that wasn?t technically a lie.

?Well, because your hair is red. Like, actually red, instead of orange like a lot of redheads.? I sighed. ?That might be one of the reasons I find you so attractive, other than the fact that you?re drop-dead gorgeous and smell intoxicating.?

She laughed at that, though her heart began racing at the same time. It made me wonder if I?d embarrassed her a little, in a good way.

She cleared her throat after a second. ?Well, I think I have something you?ll like me in. I don?t have a ton of sexy clothing, but the few things I do have are pretty seductive in my humble opinion.? She paused, her tone playful again. ?Kai, what color are you right now??

I scoffed, trying to resist the urge to find out what she considered to be seductive.

?Umm, I think you know.?

?Gray, white, and gold?? she teased.

?Yep,? I replied. ?Now be good, so I can focus on what I?m doing.?

?Oh, alright,? she said with mock disappointment.

I didn?t want to make her wait too long, so once over half of the chocolate was melted, I began dipping fourteen strawberries in, one at a time. The scent of chocolate was already thick in the air, so I knew Gabriella at least had a hint of what was coming. I then took the roses I?d purchased and cut the stems on three of them, so that they were only a few inches long.

I then arranged the fourteen cooling strawberries into a heart-shape on a white plate, placing one of the roses in the center, with the other two going on the sides. It was a lot to fit on one plate, but I was able to make it work.

For the other roses, I grabbed them and carefully plucked all the pedals, lying some on the table and some on the floor in the short hallway, making her a figurative trail of roses to follow. Once I had everything set up, I looked it all over, before deciding it was good.

Grabbing the boxed ring from the bag I?d put on the couch, I opened it to take a peek, and then held it behind my back.

?Okay, ready!?

My heart was racing again as I heard her get up from the edge of the bed.

Gabriella eagerly stepped out of her bedroom to find me waiting, dressed in a sky-blue silk nighty, with black lacing around the edges. Which did little to hide her overflowing chest. Thin straps were all that covered her shoulders, and the material was some of the shiniest I?d ever seen. An elastic band was sown into the fabric, keeping the silk tight underneath her chest, allowing it to show off just how skinny she was.

The whole thing was short enough that I could just barely see a pair of purple silk underwear, her legs being completely exposed.

My thoughts instantly scattered, my breath caught in my chest at the sight of her, my heart racing, pounding in my throat.

The first thing she noticed was the flower pedals on the floor, but she stayed were she was, allowing me to get over my obvious shock.

?Do you like it?? she asked with surprising timidity, her cheeks rosy.

All I could do was nod like an idiot. Speaking didn?t feel like an option at the moment.

However, after a few seconds, I managed a response with a small laugh. ?You almost made me forget that I?m supposed to be the one surprising you, not the other way around.?

She grinned. ?Hmm, maybe I should have worn a robe and surprised you afterward.?

?Too late now!? I retorted playfully, squaring my shoulders, the ring still behind my back. ?Are you ready to see what I have for you??

?Yes! It smells amazing!?

She dashed across the short distance and gasped when she saw the strawberries and roses on the table, only to move like she was about to jump on me in her excitement.

I quickly held up a finger to stop her, getting down on one knee.

She immediately clasped her hands in front of her chest, forcing her heavy tits to slip into the crook of her arms slightly, her nipples poking through the shiny blue fabric.

I tried to keep my gaze on her emerald eyes as I looked up at her, pulling the ring box forward to reveal the one she?d reacted the strongest to in the store.

Her green eyes immediately widened, a small gasp escaping her full lips.

?Gabriella, will you marry me and be mine forever??

?Absolutely yes!? she squealed excitedly, rushing forward to jump on me.

I could have probably remained upright, but didn?t want her to get hurt, so I instead allowed her momentum to roll me backwards, resulting in her lying on top of me on the floor.

?I still need to put it on your finger, silly!? I teased.

?Oh! Sorry!? She gave me an apologetic pout, pushing up a little and holding out her left hand between us.

I carefully pulled the ring out of the box and slipped it on, unsurprised that it was a perfect fit. She gazed at it for a few seconds, twisting her hand slightly to catch the light.

?Oh, Kai,? she whispered with sudden desire in her voice. ?I love it so much!? Without hesitation, she leaned on me more fully as she grabbed my face in her hands, planting a passionate kiss on my lips, her tits squished against my chest.

I figured the sex part would come later, after we had at least enjoyed the strawberries, but apparently not. And she didn?t even bring up the succubus issue as she broke the kiss to begin yanking my clothes off.

?I need you in me,? she said seductively, once I had my pants off. However, instead of mounting me right away, she instead stood up, making a big show of slipping her purple silk panties off. She then moved closer, stepping on either side of my legs, my face suddenly level with her hot pussy. ?But first,? she continued, inching just a little closer. ?Suck on my clit.?

I began trembling as she grabbed a fistful of my white hair with one hand while lifting up her silk nighty a little with the other, only to ease my face between her thighs, tilting my head back a little as she pressed against me firmly.

Suddenly I had a mouthful of pussy, sucking in deep breaths through my nose, overwhelmed by her maple syrup-like scent as I tried to focus on her fleshy lips against mine.

?Suck,? she demanded, her tone thick with lust.

I did as she asked, pulling her pussy lips into my mouth and sucking. I wanted to take some initiative and do other things, but I knew she preferred to give the orders.

?Do you want to touch me?? she whispered, grabbing another fistful of my hair with her other hand.

Of course, I couldn?t respond easily, so I just made a noise in response.

?Feel my butt,? she demanded.

I reached up to squish her toned ass, overwhelmed by how smooth her skin was. She began moaning as it sounded like she reached up to grab her own heavy tits, her fingers rubbing against the silk gently as if she were teasing her own nipples.

?I kocaeli escort want to cum in your face,? she moaned. ?Would you like that?? she wondered, only to moan again. ?Want your mistress to cum in your face??

I continued to suck on her lips as I managed an affirmative sound in my throat, my face covered by the bottom of her silk nighty.

?Then stick your finger up my ass,? she said seductively. ?And I?ll reward you by cumming in your face.?

I felt in her crack with my right hand, beginning to press on her puckered hole, feeling it tense underneath my touch, before slowly relaxing.

?That?s right baby, shove it in. And move your mouth higher to suck my clit, so you can shove another finger in my pussy,? she added.

As I began easing my finger into her asshole, feeling it tense again around me, I reached between her thighs with my left hand and felt underneath my chin for her wet snatch. She was more soaked and loose than I realized, allowing me to easily slip two fingers between her lips while I focused on sucking her swollen clit.

?Uh!? she exclaimed the moment I resumed sucking. ?Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck, yes!?

My head began swimming as my hand and chin became soaked, her asshole pulsing around the tip of my finger as she orgasmed. However, instead of pulling away, she gripped my hair more firmly, beginning to grind her clit against my mouth as she started moaning louder.

?Uh, uh, uh, uh!? she exclaimed cumming a second time in a row, her legs trembling now.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and ass as she began lowering herself, aiming with surprising accuracy straight for my cock. I gasped as my head sank inside her, all my muscles tensing as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and curled into me.

?Hold still,? she whispered as she tried to catch her breath against my shoulder. ?Fuck, that was amazing,? she added after a second.

I couldn?t respond. My cock was throbbing inside her hot snatch, and I felt like I was already going to explode any moment. She then sucked in a deep breath, and pulled away, only to immediately go for my lips, kissing me passionately even though my face was covered in her juices.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth as she moaned again, pressing her hard nipples into my bare chest, her heavy silk-covered tits squished between us.

She pulled away then, meeting my gaze, her expression still full of lust. ?Ready to cum?? she wondered innocently.

I nodded, trying to focus on catching my own breath.

Gabriella just barely pushed up a little, only to slide back down, making my cock tense. ?Sure you want to cum?? she wondered, only to incrementally rise up again.

?Yes mistress,? I pleaded, suspecting I needed to do our earlier roleplay if I wanted her to fuck me.

?Hmm, I don?t know if you?re ready,? she teased, slowly moving up and down again. ?Maybe we need to experiment a little to see if there are other ways I can make you feel good.?

?L-Like what, mistress?? I asked breathlessly.

She slowly moved her hands to my shoulders, giving them a gentle squeeze, before beginning to feel my chest, only to start rubbing my nipples.

I gasped from the sensation, surprised it felt so good, and then jerked forward slightly when she pinched me firmly.

?That?s more like it,? she purred, beginning to rub my nipples between her thumb and fingers. ?A lot of people think only women have sensitive nipples, but I?ve had a few friends who didn?t think it felt good at all, whereas they had boyfriends who loved it.?

?H-How do you know that?? I wondered, hoping I wasn?t ruining the mood by asking.

?Oh,? she replied, still playing with my nipples. ?Because they told me. I did mention that they told me a lot of stuff, including giving me tips that I didn?t appreciate at the time.?

I nodded, trying to keep my hips from thrusting upwards into her hot snatch.

She finally pushed up again then, rising higher this time, before sinking back down while tugging on me. ?Now, I don?t want you to move,? she whispered. ?And try not to cum. If it happens, I want it to be because you couldn?t hold it back.?

I whimpered as she pulled up again, sincerely becoming overwhelmed with pleasure as she teased my nipples while falling into a steady rhythm of riding my cock.

By the time that I was reaching my climax, I felt like I was in my own separate world, with just me and her, and no one else in the universe.

?Fuck!? I exclaimed as I shot my load inside her.

She immediately stopped pinching me and pulled my head against her upper chest. ?That?s right baby. Fill me up with your juicy cum.? She moaned, reaching down with one hand to begin rubbing her clit. ?You were such a good boy for your mistress. And now I can?t wait to suck on your cock,? she whispered. ?I want to lick you clean,? she added, only to gasp before her body jerked forward into me.

?Wow, three times in a row?? I commented playfully.

She groaned, her entire body tense for a moment before she relaxed. ?Yeah,? she gasped. ?I?ve heard it was possible, but never thought it would happen to me.? She took a deep breath, readjusting her head on my shoulder even as my cock throbbed slightly inside of her, almost ready to go for my own second time. ?But after I got there, I was just right there on the edge again. And then again.? She sighed, holding me tightly while I supported our weight on my hands behind me, leaning back a little.

We were both quiet for a few minutes, listening to each other breathe, before she pulled away a little and began leaning over to the side. Unsure of what she was doing, I just went with her, pulling out as I helped her lay down.

?You okay?? I asked seriously.

She nodded, a content smile on her face. ?Yeah, I just didn?t want your cum to leak out onto my carpet.? She then got a mischievous look in her eyes. ?Now, ready for strawberries? I want you to grab me one, stick it in my pussy to get your cum on it, and then feed it to me.?

My eyes widened in shock. ?Umm??

She burst out into a fit of giggles. ?I?m just kidding, though your reaction was priceless!? She chuckled some more, and then sighed. ?How about you grab me some toilet paper instead, and then I?ll get my panties back on and we can have our little snack.?

I smirked. ?Sure,? I agreed, getting up to do just that. I cleaned myself off too while I was in the bathroom, before grabbing her the toilet paper and returning.

?Kai,? she whispered as she wiped herself up, keeping her gaze on mine. ?I am so in love with you.?

?I love you too, Gabriella,? I replied sincerely, feeling like it was the most I?d ever meant it in the most literal sense possible. ?And now you?re mine,? I added with a grin. ?Forever.?

?Forever,? she agreed with a smirk of her own.


There will be more sexy stuff coming up in later chapters, but the focus will be on progressing the plot for a while. After all, this story is headed toward the MC developing a harem.


This is a long story that involves lots of plot and action, as well as sexual engagements that are detailed and intimate. This story is actually available on amazon and patreon too, but I have several places where I'm posting it for free.


Original: October 28, 2020 (Copyright 2020 Kaizer Wolf)

Submitted to Sexstories: May 14, 2022
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