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Standart Storm and stephen.

rklm buraya
The room is configured so anyone in the shower is visible to all in that room. I always enjoy flaunting my oversize cock to new acquaintances. Storm and Stephen are watching closely and the room service boy is rapt as I tease my flaccid cock to a semi-erection

I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock - ten inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ?exclusive agency?. ?We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,? she told me as she auditioned me. ?And we provide for some very kinky people with lots of sexual fetishes.?

This Friday Ada has organized an assignment for me with Storm and Stephen. ?You have a serious ass fetish, these two should should have great appeal for you. Storm used to be a Las Vegas showgirl before Stephen married her. He is a very wealthy, titled Englishman in his fifties. She was renowned for her magnificent ass and still is even though she is past forty.

?Do you know why we want that table and what we are going to do with it Marcel??, Stephen asks the room service boy with great aplomb as he reads his name off his badge.

?Two men are going to have a kinky, sexual threesome with my wife,? he smiles wickedly as I enter. The gown he gave me has no belt and my semi-erection is visible to three people.

?Would you like to remove Michael?s gown for us Marcel?,? Stephen asks. ?I told your supervisor you might be some time setting up the table, so no need to feel pressured to get back to work.?

His hands are trembling as he stands behind me and slides my gown off as Storm and Stephen watch intently.

?Michael has something we both want,? Stephen smiles as he rubs oil over my torso and teases my nipples with a fingertip. ?This oil has magical qualities, purchased in Hong Kong and manufactured in The New Territories. It sells for five-hundred pounds a bottle in London.

?Have you worked out what Michael has we both want Marcel?,? Stephen teases as my cock responds.

?His big cock?,? Marcel stammers as he ogles my thick almost fully erect cock.

?Would you like to remove Storm?s gown for us Marcel? She used to be a showgirl in Vegas.?

Again his hands are trembling as he stands behind Storm and removes her gown.

?Can you guess why she was such a hit in Vegas, Marcel?

?Have you ever seen such a magnificent ass? Forty-three inches, highlighted escort my that tiny black g-string, no dimples, no sagging, tucked in waist and thighs to match, with an all over tan.

?Now my gown,? Stephen tells him. For a man in his fifties he has a good toned body and a full-on, larger than average erection with just a tuft of pubic hair.

Marcel has an obvious erection under his uniform and it is becoming obvious he has more interest in Stephen and me than Storm.

Without saying a word Stephen hands Storm the bottle of oil. ?Oil my chest and tease my nipples, you know what turns me on when we share a man. Now my cock.

?Would you like to stay and watch, Marcel?,? Stephen teases as Storm struts around the room wearing nothing more than her tiny black, g-string and killer heels. Watching her magnificent ass move and sway as she struts and maintains eye contact with me with a sexy smile has given me a full on erection.

?Storm is going to lay face down on the table. I am going to worship her ass while she sucks Michael?s cock,? Stephen tells us as he motions for me to undo the clip at the side of her g-string.

?Do you understand what ass worship is? I am going to lick and kiss her ass cheeks while I watch her sucking the thick, ten-inch cock of a man around half my age,? Stephen tells Marcel as Storm stands legs apart with her hands on the wall mirror before he walks over and kneels and licks and kisses her ass cheeks.

?Some extra foreplay,? he mutters as Storm stands with her back to the wall and Stephen licks the insides of her thighs. Then to her great delight he is licking her bald cunt lips. The beautifully shaved triangle of jet black pubic hair above, accentuating her bald cunt.

Storm is the center of attention as she lays face down on the table, still with her heels and a very confident smile for three men. Her ass in that position really is magnificent, I muse as I ogle it.

I feel sure, most men with an ass fetish would agree the best angle to appreciate a female ass is standing, while looking down on her as she lays face down.

?Oh wow, that is very exciting,? I mutter watching as her man commences licking and kissing her ass cheeks it before she motions for me to stand close to her.

?Now baby, do it for me. Your turn on is my turn on. This what we both wanted. He is huge, thick and ten-inches,? Stephen whispers as he stops and watches Storm slide her closed hand along my erection

?Now baby, do it for me. Your turn on is my turn on,? he repeats as he watches me slide my erection between Storm?s pursed izmit escort bayan lips while he is licking and kissing her ass cheeks.

I am standing legs apart, with my hands behind my head as I soak up the double sexual pleasure: watching Stephen licking and kissing Storm?s ass cheeks while she is sucking my erection.

After around five minutes Stephen turns Storm over onto her back, Her head is hanging over the end of the table as I watch him place his hands under her ass cheeks.

I am enjoying watching him lick the insides of her glorious thighs as he works his way up to her very wet cunt lips.

An extra turn on for me as I watch him licking her cunt lips with the tip of his tongue.

New and different sexual pleasure as I slide my erection between Storm?s lips and watch her soak up the sexual pleasure of his tongue on her cunt lips.

I have an ass fetish and the build up to orgasm after watching Stephen pleasuring his lady?s ass while he has her ass in his hands as he licks her to orgasm was incredible as I fed my cock between her lips.

?Have you ever watched a man sucking and blowing a thick, ten-inch cock, Marcel?,? Stephen asks with a teasing smile. ?If you return in an hours time you can watch me give Michael a blow job,? Stephen tells him.

?Can I bring my friend Justin with me? I know he would like to watch.?

?Are you fine with that Michael, would you like two twenty-year old boys to watch me suck your big cock??

?That would be most satisfactory, with Storm watching as well, I love sex with an audience,? I smile excited at the thought.

An hour later Storm hands Michael a little purple pill and offers me one. ?Some extra stimulation for you,? she smiles as I ogle her magnificent, naked ass again.

She is naked from the waist down wearing a tight fitting man?s T-shirt that ends just below her belly button, highlighting her ass and the tuft of exciting pubic hair over her bald cunt lips.

?Do you want him to blow you standing or laying on the bed?,? she asks with the oil bottle in her hand as Stephen watches on, naked and flaccid.

?Standing, facing the mirror on the opposite wall.?

?Good, he wants to watch me oil you and help you get another thick, ten-inch erection,? she whispers as she oils my torso. ?What else can I do to restore your full on erection? And make my man hard at the same time??

?Lick my nipples, while I run my hands over your ass.?

?Room service, can we use our key to enter?,? Marcel calls out. ?This is my friend Justin, izmit sınırsız escort you told me he could watch.?

?That?s fine,? Stephen smiles as he flaunts and teases his cock for them as he watches Storm stimulating me.

?Wow, oh fuck,? the two boys mutter in unison as they look at two older, naked men achieving new erections, then Storm?s almost naked body.

?I told you Michael had a thick, ten-inch cock Justin,? Marcel whispers to his friend.

?I am going to give Michael a blow job while Storm watches. Would you boys like to watch at the same time?,? Stephen teases with a wicked smile as he holds their gaze, legs spread and strokes his now eight-inch erection for them.

?Would you boys?,? Storm teases. ?He is good at it, very good. And I have never watched him blow a cock this big,? as he licks and sucks my nipples and teases my full-on erection with a hand.

Exquisite sexual pleasure with my hand on Storm?s ass with two sexually excited boys watching as Stephen licks and kisses my erection.

?You haven?t told us if you want to watch, or go back to work,? Stephen teases as he slides his pursed lips over the tip of my erection.

A tip for you two boys, ?If you mouth the word purple a few times your lips, they will be the perfect shape for sucking a very large, thick cock.

?Just like this.?

Storm was correct. He is good at it, extremely good at it.

An exciting, long slow build up to orgasm with lots of edging with a hand on Storm?s ass while she licked my nipples with two agitated boys watching.

After around five-minutes the two boys have very obvious erections under their uniforms.

?Masturbate for us boys. You will never get this opportunity again,? Storm whispers with a bemused smile. ?Drop your trousers and go for it. I haven?t watched boys your age masturbate for years.?

An extra buzz for Stephen and I as we watch them and they watch us before they both blow in less than a minute.

?Have you ever watched a woman squirt boys?,? Storm asks as she runs a finger along her cunt lips while I have a hand on her ass. ?I want to squirt in sync with the two men as they orgasm.?

Another sexual first for me: I have never had two twenty-year boys watch an older man give me a blow job while I have a hand on his lady?s ass. Even better, his lady is masturbating herself. ?I want to squirt for you,? she whispers as I ogle her glorious big ass in the wall mirror.

When my agent Ada phoned me the next day to ask about Storm and Stephen she reminded me, ?We have a wide ranging client list and we provide for some very kinky people with lots of sexual fetishes.

?And they thought you were magnificent. So did the two boys.

?Are you free on Thursday??
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