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This story is pure fantasy

This story is a fantasy, the author does not condone sexual abuse in any form.


There she was, standing there, her blond hair windswept, she pushed back the rebellious curls with her hand. Then I saw her eyes, the clearest, biggest blue eyes, that should only belong to an angel.Her face possessed a delightful innocence, with slightly freckled nose and sulky full lips, she was maybe 12 or 13 years old. Without doubt she rated a '10' in my book.

I had been in diner less than half an hour,this might be my lucky day. I continued to study her, as she looked uncertainly around the diner,she was dressed in the usual teenage uniform, short dark skirt over equally dark tights, boots and baggy top, there was an old kaki knapsack on her back. A runaway if ever I saw one.

No one seemed to have noticed her, everyone except me must have been blind.I slid off my stool and approached her, she appraised me with those lovely eyes. I'm forty two, 5 10, 180lb, with twinkly brown eyes and just a frosting of grey hair over my ears. I smiled my warm friendly smile, the sort of smile that says don't worry you can trust me, yeah.

" hey," I greeted her, " my name's Peter, you look cold and hungry, have you been on the road long?"

She smiled gratefully at me, Her voice was soft and sweet," Yeah, all day, I seem to have walked a hundred miles."

I laughed sympathetically,"I know what you mean, what about a nice bowl of hot soup, that should warm you up, on me of course."

After a few moments hesitation, she smiled and nodded," Thanks, er, Peter"

While she ate we chatted, I didn't get much out of her, except she was trying to get to her friends in the next city and her name was Daisy. Gradually she became less shy, laughing at my jokes with flashing white teeth. It didn't take long, I knew she was ready for the clincher.

" Well Daisy, I'm afraid I have to go now, I'm already behind schedule me and my rig have got to hit the road.

"oh", her face dropped with disappointment.

"Well", I looked out the diner window as if debating in my mind what to do, "I might be able to give you a lift to the next town."

" C, could you?" The innocent look of hope on her face almost made me feel bad about what was going to happen to her, yeah.

Daisy climbed up into the truck, I admired ounce more her long sleek legs,I could see right up her short skirt at the firm cheeks.I smiled to myself, this little fox was soon going to learn the hard way all she wanted to know about sex. I was carrying an unusual cargo in the back of my truck, 12 Mexican immigrants, they had paid me well for a trip across the border and on to New York.I had promised to find them some female company to keep them entertained on the 3 day trip,I was sure that they would find the sensuous young Daisy more than acceptable.

Daisy's face was a picture of innocent happiness, her blue eyes sparkled with excitement, her full red lips slightly parted and breathless.It was a new adventure for her, she trusted me completely, stupid.She sat with her little hands clasped in front of her, unsuspecting of what lay in store in the back of escort kocaeli the truck, where twelve depraved and sex starved men were waiting for her. With one of them she was going to experience her very first act of sexual intercourse, an act that would be followed immediately by another and another, as she was introduced to these Mexicans' favourite pastime, gang rape. An experience she was likely to remember with sickening horror for the rest of her life.

I knocked on the little door to the back of the driving compartment, Daisy turned to see it open, she looked back at me with questioning eyes,

" Its OK Daisy, you wanted to lift, so now you have to pay the fare."I chuckled.

Arms reached into the cab and hands gripped Daisy by her wrists and dragged her wriggling and kicking into the dark opening. She screamed shrilly once before the door closed,I heard her screaming, now muffled, bangs and thuds, as I started the truck and drove out of the parking lot.

I drove for the stipulated 4 hours before pulling over for my compulsory half hour brake. Even over the trucks engine I had still heard Daisy's screams faintly from the back,but now I could hear nothing.Eager to see what was happening I climbed into the back, it was hot and steamy.With one bulb lighting the interior it was pretty dim, so at first I could see little, I could hear low grunts and murmurs coming from somewhere over towards the rear and flesh slapping on flesh. Then as my eyes adjusted to the gloom I saw the Mexicans, they were all now shamelessly nude, sitting or kneeling in a group, in the middle of this sweating band of brothers I could see some thin grimy buttocks going up and down, each side of them were two slim legs, raised high and back, spread wide apart, they were held in place by six pairs of hands, three to each lithe limb, a pair of hands gripped each foot, knee and thigh, the thigh holders were stroking up the firm silken skin with one hand. Daisy's delicate little feet were curling and clenching, I could now hear her stifled gasps and little cries as she was fucked.

These bastards sure knew how to position a girl for the deepest and most exciting penetration, they must have done it before, how many times they had been involved in a group rape?, they certainly had been making the most of Daisy's young body, I wondered if they had done it this way to Daisy from the beginning.Her very first time, fucked deeper than most whores. I went closer, the stink of spent semen was strong now, I could see that the Mexicans had tied Daisy's hands to an eye bolt above her head, I saw them clench as the man fucking her reached his climax, writhing and groaning, his buttocks hollowing and tightening.His orgasm lasted quiet a time, until he finally pulled out of her and sat back, as he came out of her, a gush of white spunk spilled from Daisy's dilated vaginal lips, there was a pool of it under her raised buttocks, a testimony to the number of times a man had cum in her.

Her small slim body glistened with perspiration, blobs of semen were splattered over her taught stomach, there was some in her damp blond hair and around her mouth, I guessed that some of the Mexicans must have spurted in her mouth, kocaeli anal yapan escort while others held it open. There was a blank look in her wide eyes, they were slightly glazed,displaying the shock and horror of four hours of lewd, unrelenting and brutally deep sexual intercourse.An act she couldn't have even conceived of in her innocence and inexperience.

She now saw me,


she whispered hoarsely,

"please,help me! they won't stop!, please, oh please!, make them stop! its horrible!they hurt me. They just keep doing it,again and again! oh god please! help me!"

Another Mexican was kneeling at her upturned buttocks, his cock was sticking up hard and twitching, he was a big man, I could hardly believe that little Daisy was going to be able to take it.But I watched in awe as the Mexican fed it into her,her vaginal lips bulged as he went in,

she cried out,

"oh!, ugh!, no! no! no! please no! not again!"

I watched with fascination as his cock disappeared into Daisy, she squealed as he hilted inside of her and he rotated his hips, obviously dragging his cock-head over her cervix.

Daisy moaned, her small slim body jerking spasmodically, the Mexican grunted as he got into his stride, thrusting his cock up and down inside her, taking his time, while the other men sat around, their dirty, brown torsos glistening in the dim light. One looked up at me, his mouth was full of yellowed teeth,

" she good senior, we much thank you,she young an' hot! we fuck her many times, soon maybe we have rest, then later do some more fucking,"
I couldn't help it, I was dying to ask,

"yeah, she is a real fox, I may keep her when we get to N Y ,how many times have you guys done her?"

The Mexican giggled,cupping his balls, his cock was half erect and still wet,

"I've screwed her 3 times, each time was better than the one before."he snorted, "shes got the tightest,silkiest cunt I've ever had hombre, you can feel it grabbing and tugging at your cock as you fuck and she's a little wildcat, she fought us all the way! it took all of us to hold her down so we could get our cocks in. Even after we had all fucked her the first time, she was still fighting us!

Jesus!, I couldn't believe it, little Daisy had been fucked over 30 times!These bastards sure knew how to fuck alright. I watched as the one who was at her pumped up and down, his big cock sliding all the way in and out of her, while the six who were holding her legs continually pulled and jerked at them,working them, lifting her slim body upwards to meet each inward thrust forcing her to participate in the fuck, then giving them an extra stretch apart, holding tight as the man squirmed and twisted between her thighs, rubbing and rolling his nude cock-head over her cervix,Daisy shuddered and gasped in protest, obviously finding this part of the rape especially unpleasant.

"ugh! oh! no! no! ugh! arrh!"

the Mexican began to speed up plunging into Daisy again and again their bodies slapping together, she knew what was coming next, pleading and crying,

"no! no! please! oh! Please! Don't! Don't!"

Then as he climaxed stiffening on izmit yabancı escort top of her, grunting and snorting,Daisy gasped,

"ugh! Ugh! Oh! Ughh! urrrh!"

She was struggling again, her small slender body arching and bucking under his large sweating torso, her thin legs kicking and jerking, the ugly Mexicans just grinned and held her down, keeping her legs drawn right back, stretched wide apart, making certain that Daisy's vagina was tilted up and fully open, compelling her to take all of the man's the cum deep inside her,although after at least 3 ejaculations in the last 4 hours I doubted there was much coming out this time. But 12 men must have filled her young cunt with more than a litre of spunk by now.I could see where it had spilled out of her body, the underside of her small round buttocks were dripping with spunk,it was splashed on her thighs and stomach, some even glistened on her small firm breasts and arms.

There was a change over of leg holders, the four men who had been gripping them had already dropped them, to flop back to the floor, four other Mex, two of them were the ones I had just seen fuck Daisy. Without preliminaries the four quickly scooped up her long sender legs, she gave little kicks as they hoisted them back into the air ounce more and spread them wide, ready for the fucking to continue.

The next one was waiting, he like the others hadn't got a stitch of clothing on, he was very obese, his cock poked out from under his wobbling belly, it like him, was very fat. He sank to his knees before her,Daisy looked up shaking her head, her big blue eyes full of tears,, her voice was broken and shaky,

"Oh no! no no no, not him! P p p please!" she gasped, " not again, please no! oh God! s s stop! please stop! not him!"

As he closed in, his big cock loomed over her, at first I hadn't realised how big it was, because he was so huge.Under this monster hung two of the biggest testicles I had ever seen, they must have been at least twice the size of mine and they still seemed pretty swollen.

The Mex I had been talking to was grinning with yellow teeth,
" hey Hombre, dis is Ramone, he a big fucker, he never get enough fucking, he love to fuck. you should see him cum Hombre, he like no other hombre, it just pours out! Hombre. The first time he cum today , we held the little pájaro down an' pulled her mouth open with our fingers, an' let Ramone cum in her mouth. You should of seen it Hombre, she nearly drowned, she coughed an' choked, it was really funny Hombre. This is his fourth go at our little toy, he'll be cumming like a drain!"

There was a lot of panting and giggling around Daisy, she was putting up quiet a struggle in her effort to avoid Ramone getting his big cock into her, she was kicking and writhing, bucking and jerking but nothing did her any good. There were just too many of them, they were too strong and it wasn't long before she let out a scream of despair as Ramone pushed into her.I could see her little vaginal lips stretch to their limit to accommodate his girth.Ramone knew what he was doing, spreading his fat thighs, he straddled Daisy's upturned buttocks, forcing his massive cock into her.She seemed absolutely tiny under him, her head was turned towards me, her mouth wide, her blue eyes starting with the horror of this loathsome penetration.

Reluctantly I crawled back into my cab, it was another sixty eight hours, before I would reach NY.
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