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Standart My first time with a girl (Real)

rklm buraya
the girl with me in 2 pictures in my album (look in the end of story) (who was one of my bride's maids a few years ago, and whose husband is best friends with my husband from college) and me had our first lesbian experience together about a month ago at a wedding after-party. i've always been a little bi-curious but i'd never even kissed a girl. earlier that night she kinda jokingly told me about how she wanted to have a threesome with me and her husband. i laughed it off because we were drinking and having fun. both of them say silly shit all the time and she is really sexual and talks about sex a lot, so i didn't think anything of it. but then we both ended up getting very, very drunk by like midnight at the bar we were all at after the wedding, and at some point we went to the one girls' bathroom in the bar and peed and started girl-talking.

after i peed i went to check my hair in the mirror and she came up behind me and hugged me around the stomach and rubbed her hands around. she looked me in the eyes in the mirror and said "oh yeah" with a really playful and joking look, then turned and started like, fake-kissing my neck as a joke. i laughed and was like "oh yeah baby" and did a playfully sexy face back. but then she kind of bit my neck and started really kissing it. this kind of caught me off guard but i liked it, and she was still was joking and being stupid. but then she quickly turned me around and came straight for my mouth, and we started making out. i had always wanted to try this, though not really with a close friend, but i was enjoying it so i went with it, and we were both falling around the bathroom drunk and laughing. but then things got hot and passionate really fast. it escalated to a lot of over the clothes petting and we stopped being so goofy. before i knew it she was unzipping my dress from the back, pulling the top down and unsnapping my bra.

she then started kissing, licking, and sucking on my nipples while she reached up my dress and started to rub on my clit through my pantyhose and panties. we were still kind of falling around the room all over each other. eventually she started squeezing on my boobs and sucking them really hard and it turned me on a WHOLE lot. i kind of laughed because it got so extreme so fast, and she asked if i liked it. i didn't say anything but pulled her back up to kiss some more, and she kept playing with my boobs. when i had thought about trying stuff with a girl in the past this is basically as far as i'd ever thought i'd go. i never thought too far into it. but i wasn't thinking at all like that now. i wanted to go crazy, and so did she apparently. she was wearing a really short dress, and after a bit she pulled it up and took me by the back of my hair and kinda gently guided me down to my knees and towards her pussy. escort bayan she pulled over her panties and drew me right onto her. it was a rush i haven't felt since my very first time giving and getting oral in high school. at first i was kind of timid, just gently and barely kissing her skin and licking her clit. but she was so excited that in a few minutes she was really soaking wet and i could tell she wanted more, so i started to finger her.

this is kind of the crazy part: after a couple of minutes she guided me down to the bathroom floor (i'm horrified by how gross the floor was was now that i think back...again, i was really wasted; my nice dress was disgusting the next day) and squatted down over my face. i started doing more of the same licking, but soon after she started sliding her whole pussy and asshole area from my nose to mouth to chin. i kinda just i kept my head as steady as i could (not very lol) and let her slide all over my mouth area. she started riding my face in really long strokes that brought her asshole all the way up to my nose and her clit all the way back down to my chin. i wanted to touch myself buy i was using both hands to sort of hold her from hurting me. eventually she started grinding really hard. she started riding my face so violently i had to stop her a few times so she would quit hurting my nose and the back of my head.

it got so intense that i did have a moment of clarity where i couldn't believe what we were doing, or that we were doing it in the one girls' bathroom that was connected to the main part of the bar (the actual bar where people were ordering drinks was like 10 feet from the bathroom door; it wasn't in a corner or anything, just right there!) and there were like 20 people right outside. that made me kind of nervous but i really didn't want to stop! it was the hottest i've felt in years. we took a couple of breaks for a few seconds because she was hurting my face and her legs were getting tired. then after awhile she really starting to moan loudly after we got in a rhythm, so i knew she was about to cum. she started going really hard again and was hurting the fuck out of my face, but i just tried to bear it for her because she getting very loud and even started saying my name. eventually she did cum. she started to push really hard in smaller and slower strokes, grinding her clit right on my bottom lip which was pushing against my bottom teeth, and she started to squeak instead of moan (it was kind of funny), and then she shuddered. i felt a little liquid dribble down on my mouth, which surprised me (even though she had told me in the past that she squirts a little), but when i realized what it was i started lapping at it really fast...i thought it was so hot that a girl just came on my face! it seems surreal looking back.

she wiggled kocaeli escort bayan around on me a little and groaned a bit and then fell over and started saying her legs were killing her, and she started massaging one of my tits while she was resting. i was so hot by this point i stood up, pulled my own pantyhose and thong completely off, and went over to where she was sitting. i pulled my dress up so it was now just around my stomach and she began eating me out. i wasn't going crazy lesbian on her like she did on me, but i was kind of holding her head and pushing her mouth and tongue on my crotch. she started fingering me with 2 fingers, and after a bit put in three. eventually she turned me around and bent me over and started rubbing my clit with her thumb and then kissing my butt cheeks. she gradually licked her way over to my ass hole and was just going crazy eating it out! how dirty she was just made me feel so dirty too, and i liked it. me and my husband have crazy dirty sex like that so it wasn't that shocking to me at this point. she then spread my cheeks with both hands and started licking my asshole in really slow, broad strokes. i know this is starting to sound unbelievable, but it happened. there's drunk girls, for you.

at this point someone knocked on the door and we froze, then started to scramble to get dressed. i got all dressed back up except for my pantyhose, but after a minute or so no one knocked again, so we hurried back to her fingering me under my dress while kissing. eventually she stopped kissing me because i was breathing so heavily from getting close to cumming. she started talking dirty to me while looking me in the eyes. she asked "do you like it when i finger fuck you?" and i said yes. she asked if i wanted her to stop and i said please not to. then she told me to say "fuck me, ******" so i did. at one point she reached around with her other hand and put the tip of one of her fingers in my butt and kept fingering me with the other hand. after 10 minutes or so of this, i finally came. it wasn't the hardest i've ever cum, but considering i was drunk and just being fingered in a bathroom, it was awesome. she really knew what she was doing, more than a man but i guess that makes sense lol. she took out her fingers and put them in my mouth and i sucked on them. then she licked my pussy for another minute or so while i came down. i eventually stopped her we started to clean up.

while we were getting our stuff together there was another really loud knock at the door and i could here someone yelling something (there was really loud music in the bar so i couldn't here what they were saying). i went over to open it to find my husband and a bartender, and my husband said "what the fuck have you been doing in here? you've been in here for kocaeli escort like 45 minutes! you've got my wallet!" (i had taken it earlier to get some cash, apparently). we just kinda laughed and said we had been talking about girl stuff, but it was probably obvious we looked all messed up. i could tell my husband knew we had been doing at least something, and he just shook his head and laughed. it was also kind of weird because there were a few people from the bar looking at us as we were coming out. it was pretty close to closing and i was still really drunk, and my husband was annoyed because he'd been trying to find me, so we just left. on the way to our hotel i told him what happened (not specifically, just that we ate each other out etc) and he grabbed my head when we stopped at a light and started kissing me, and he said he could taste her pussy and that it was so hot that i did that.

the next day i was kind of embarrassed because i found out from our husbands that we had apparently been in there close to an hour and multiple people had knocked to get in, including one of the female bar tenders, who got pissed off. we were either too caught up in the moment or just couldn't here them (it was really loud in there), or both. and everyone from the wedding that came to the bar with us knew we were in there; my husband even sent some girl to check on us and she said it was locked but she saw us moving around a lot through door pane! they all have to suspect we were doing something, but i doubt they could imagine what actually happen. i love being slutty and showing my body online anonymously, and i'm definitely open to group sex and stuff like that behind closed doors but i don't really want all the people i know to think i'm slutty or weird and treating me differently! kind of embarrassing. but they're all cool, so i'm sure i'm just overreacting. i admit it was really just kind of stupid because the bartender could have unlocked the door and walked in on us at any moment, and i would have been right there getting face fucked by a girl in front of everyone! oops! lol. oh well, i liked it. in retrospect i can't believe i had such dirty sloppy sex with a girl that is a close friend, but we were so drunk at the time so we basically had no inhibition at all. i tend to get that way when i'm really drunk. i'm glad it happened in the end because it was one of the hottest things that has ever happened to me.i just had to share this because i'm thinking about it all the time, and it always gets me so horny. me and my husband have even started having more sex because of it.

p.s. my husband is a high school sweetheart and neither of us had ever had sex with anyone else until that night. he had mixed feelings but in general he is sex-crazy so he's glad it happened, and says he thinks about it like every day lol. and he got to taste pussy! maybe this will lead to the group sex we always talk about having

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