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Standart Full Circle - Chapter One

rklm buraya
This is my first contribution and is a true story - only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Criticism is always appreciated be it good or bad all I as is that you be clear in what you are trying to say.
PM's are also accepted. Be Nice;~}

Full Circle

It was tough. Here I was 63 years of age and a widower. I had just lost my wife of 30 years to cancer and didn?t know what to do or where to go. There wasn?t a funeral as such as my wife had wanted her body given to medical science and the children had known for some years, ever since Carol took sick and the prognosis wasn?t good that we weren?t going to have any special service. Each of the kids had come by during that last six months to say goodbye and I had told my family not to go to the expense of coming down once she passed. I told them that I would make it a point to do a road trip and come by and see each of them after I had the estate settled.

I had already stopped by and spent several weeks with my youngest son, his wonderful wife, my granddaughter and my grandson as they only lived a couple of hundred of miles from my farm. I had spent several wonderful weeks with them and just before I left to head north to see my daughter my son said he wanted to talk with me. My boy had said ?Pops (for that is what they called me) come stay with us, we have plenty of room and you don?t need to be living all alone on that big place.? I told him that I really appreciated the offer and would certainly think about it after I had visited with his brother and sister. ?Please do,? he said. ?You know that both GE and JD would love having their GPops staying here.?

?I know son and I would enjoy that too, but I have a lot of thinking to do and I am putting off making any real decisions until after I had finished my road trip to see the others.
So here I was, on the road again, heading for New Jersey to see my eldest child, my daughter from a previous marriage, her loser of a husband, and my three grandsons who were, unfortunately following in their father?s footsteps. I wasn?t really looking forward to it so I was taking my time traveling up from Mississippi.

I had stopped in Baltimore City, the city of my birth, to see a childhood friend and decided to see some of the old stomping grounds while I was there. I had visited a number of the places where the family used to live and gone by my old junior high school before heading to the cemetery where mom and Dad were buried knowing that this was the last time I would ever come by. After spending a few minutes there I was headed back downtown and since it was near lunch time decided to swing by the drugstore that was right around the corner from one of the places I used to live.

As I drove across town I thought back to the many fond memories of that place since my first real girlfriend used to live right above the store with her mother and every day after school we used to stop there for a $0.05 soda fountain coke and a $0.15 hamburger with fries before we each headed to our respective homes.

Now Susan wasn?t really my girlfriend, as least not in the carnal sense, but we did ride the bus to school and back every day for a year and a half before my mom moved us from downtown to one of the nicer neighborhoods and I dropped out of school. I sort of lost touch with Susan for a while after that. I saw her several years later and she had a little girl that looked just like her in tow. We talked for a bit and she told me that her mom had passed away; she had gotten pregnant and was married to the father of her child. We were both pushed for time and went our separate ways, promising to keep in touch, but we never really did.

Shortly after that I enlisted in the Marine Corps and eight months later I was in that wonderful garden spot of Southeast Asia called Vietnam. I had just about finished my second tour there and was a two digit midget when the chopper I was in was shot down and I was medevacked out with a busted back among other injuries. Fortunately I was lucky and wasn?t paralyzed as too many of my friends, in similar circumstances, were.

After months in a naval hospital strapped to a Stryker Frame, and even more months in physical rehabilitation to get my strength back I was told that I was to be discharged. Well I fought it and fought it like hell and after months and months of medical boards and review boards and I have to admit a damned fine lawyer I won. Sure I had to prove that I could handle any physical and or mental test they threw at me but I had a goal in mind and wasn?t going to stop before I attained it.

After kicking around Southern California soaking up the sun and working on my tan, when I wasn?t in one hearing or another, for the better part of a year I returned to Baltimore to see mom before I had to report to OCS in Quantico, VA and it was while I was there that I saw Susan again.

I was traveling north in my old ?58 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible when I saw a young woman and child hitchhiking. I eased over to the side and reaching over opened the door. A beautiful young child of about six or seven climbed in followed by her mom. I looked over as the woman climbed in and did a double take.

?Susan?? ?My god is that you Susan??

It took her a moment to recognize me as I had really changed since she last saw me. Gone was the tall scrawny kid with long hair and an earring in his left ear. I had put on forty pounds of muscle, thickened out across the chest and was wearing my hair in a brush cut. I also had a scar that ran from just above my right eye down to my jaw, courtesy of a sharp piece of metal that tagged me when the chopper crashed and I was damned lucky I didn?t lose the eye.

?CT is that really you?? she replied.

?Mommy, do you know this man?? the cute little girl in the middle asked.

?Yes darling, your mommy has known CT for a number of years? Susan said to her.

?How come I never seen him before? she asked.

?But you have little one? I replied. ?We met many years ago when you were very small and your momma named you Faith.?

?Well if you know my name I guess you do know me? Faith replied. About that time some jerk behind me blasted on his horn. I flipped him the bird and putting the ?beast? in gear moved back into traffic.

?Where are you heading Susan? I asked.

?We are heading out to Towson State so I can pick up my class schedule for the fall term? she replied. ?I started college last year under a special Air Force program that will lead to a degree in Pharmacy? ?Once I finish my core courses I?ll transfer to the U of M to finish out my degree and as long as I keep my grades up they pay for my tuition, give me money for lodging and base pay.? ?Between that, two roommates, and a small scholarship we manage to get by.? she said.

I didn?t see a ring on her finger so I asked ?What happened to your husband??

She didn?t answer right off and I could tell immediately that it was a sore subject with her.

Faith popped up and said ?what kind of car is this??

I told her that it was a Pontiac Bonneville Convertible.

?What does con con convertible mean? she asked.

Thankful for the change in subject Susan told her that convertible meant that I could put the top down and that it would be like riding in her wagon.

?Oh goody, could you put the top down Mr. CT? she asked.

?Sure,? I replied. ?Let me find a place to pull over and I?ll get right to it.?

?You don?t have to go to all that trouble CT? said Susan.

?It?s no trouble at all? I said ?and since it?s such a pretty day I should have had it down long ago.

I pulled into a side street, found a parking space and in a matter of minutes had the top down. We chit-chatted about school and many other things and before long arrived at the college. Following her directions I worked my way to the building that her advisor had her office in and pulled over.

As Susan thanked me for the ride I asked if she would be long and that I would wait and give her a ride home when she was done.

After convincing her that it wouldn?t be any problem at all and that I would even watch Faith for her as I only had a few minor errands to run for my mom she said she would be right back.

I watched her run up the steps into the building I couldn?t help but admire how good she looked. Susan stood about 5?7? tall and while her ?granny dress? concealed a lot I could see that her figure really looked good.

My reverie was broken by Faith saying ?You like my mom don?t you.?

Talk about being put on the spot. It?s not often that a 7 year old can make be blush, but that is what I did.

?Yes? I answered her ?I do like your mom.?

?Oh goody? she said ?cause I like you too.? And with that she snuggled up next to me and gave me a big hug.

I hugged her back and then started tickling her. We got into a tickle fight and she had just jumped over the front seat into the back and was bouncing up and down to escape the ?tickle monster? when I heard ?Faith Marshall just what do you think you?re doing young lady!?

?Oops? I said ?I think we have been busted escort kocaeli little one.?

Faith immediately quieted down as Susan opened the door and got in.

?Now Susan? I said, ?It?s not her fault as I started it by tickling her first and we just got carried away.

That seemed to mollify her and I asked ?Where to? as Faith climbed back over the front seat and snuggled up next to me.

?Well you seem to have made a hit? said Susan as she directed me back into town and to the neighborhood in which she lived.

Susan asked if I would like to come over for dinner that evening and I agreed as long as I could buy the fixings for her and her roommates. It took some more convincing but she finally agreed and we stopped off at a supermarket on the way. I had the butcher cut some really nice thick steaks and picked up all the trimmings to go with it along with salad fixings and a half gallon of ice cream for a certain little girl. I also picked up a small, portable grill since Susan didn?t have one and a bag of charcoal to go with it.

We had a fun time shopping and when we arrived at the house I carried the groceries inside and met her two roommates Amy and Carol. They both squealed when Susan told them that they were all having steak with all the trimmings for dinner and both gave me tremendous hugs.

Laughing out loud Susan told the two of them to back off as she had a prior claim and wouldn?t tolerate any ?claim-jumping.?

After 15 minutes or so I made my excuses as I had errands to run, but that I would be back at 5:30 or so for dinner.

When I arrived back at her place at the appointed time I was dressed in a nice pair of khaki pants, a short sleeved button down shirt, and loafers.

When Susan answered the door I was stunned. She had taken her waist length red hair out of its braid and it hung in shimmering waves down her back and across both shoulders covering both breasts that looked to be about 34B in size. She had on a pail yellow summer type dress that was snug at the bust line showing enough cleavage to know she wasn?t wearing a bra and terminated about 7 inches above her knees. A pair of sandals of the same color as her dress completed her ensemble.

Wow! I said ?You are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful? I stammered.

Susan smiled as a slow blush climbed up her neck onto her cheeks and there was a twinkle in her jade green eyes as she said ? I take it that you like??

?What isn?t there to like? I replied as my cock sprang to life and did its best to bust through my khaki pants.

Just then a small red headed bullet came flying around the corner and jumped into my arms nearly causing me to drop the beer and wine I had brought with me.

?CT, you came back? said Faith as she wrapped her skinny arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on her cheek.

?Young lady, what have I told you about jumping on people? said Susan with a smile.

Personally I was thankful for the interruption as it allowed the raging hard-on that had suddenly appeared at the sight of her mother to subside a bit.

?Let me take that bag? said Susan referring to the brown paper sack in my left hand since when Faith jumped into my arms I had automatically swung my left arm under her bottom to support her and the bag was hanging down covering the tenting in my khakis.

?That?s alright? I started to say, but by then Susan had already wrapped her hands around the bag and I could feel one brushing across my cock. Needless to say it immediately sprang to full attention again.

Susan looked me in the eye and smiled once again as the tip of her tongue licked across her beautiful lips.

?Come on in? said Susan ?and I?ll put these beers in the fridge.?

?I also brought wine, but two bottles need to be opened so they can breath before they are served and the third is a dessert wine that needs chilling? I said as I followed her into the kitchen with the munchkin still in my arms.

Amy and Carol were sitting on the couch laughing at the goings on and as I dropped Faith to the floor she took off in their direction saying to them ?You?re right! He is a hunk!? and they started laughing even harder.

Now it was my turn to blush and I turned around just as Susan bent over at the waist to put the beer in the fridge and what a magnificent sight that was as her dress rode up. I wasn?t absolutely sure, but I thought I could see that she had nothing on underneath.

When Susan straightened up she had the package of steaks, still wrapped in butcher?s paper in her hands which she tossed to me and pointing to the door to the backyard said ?The grill is that-a-way sir,?

Thankful for the distraction I I set the package of steaks on the kitchen table and taking up the corkscrew pulled the corks on the two bottles of red wine I had brought to accompany the meal. After setting them aside I opened the backdoor and stepped out onto the back patio. It took me a minute to find where the grill was because of all of the houseplants that seemed to cover just about any vertical surface that would support anything 4? in diameter or larger, but finally I located it over in a corner in a small alcove that couldn?t be seen from the backdoor.

Everything was there waiting for me and after putting the steaks down it wasn?t long before I had a nice mound of charcoal briquettes piled up and after giving them a squirt or two of lighting fluid I struck a kitchen match and watched the flames billow up.

Once the flames died down I spread the charcoal into a nice, uniform layer across the bottom of the grill and then put the grill itself back in place. Now it was only a matter of waiting another 20 minutes or so for the coals to get hot enough before I threw the steaks on.

I had been sitting there for about 15 minutes when I heard the backdoor open and looking around the corner I saw Susan with a cold beer in one hand and a platter for the steaks in the other. I stood up when she approached and taking the platter and beer from her hands I turned and placed them on the table next to the grill. When I turned back around Susan glanced over her shoulder and then came right up to me placing her arms around my neck. She then shocked the hell out of me by pulling my head down to her lips and kissing me. She broke away for a second, licked her lips, and then resumed kissing. My hands dropped down to her beautifully formed ass, confirming that she did indeed have nothing on underneath, and as they did she moved even closer and ground her groin against mine. After what seemed like hours, but I knew were only minutes we broke apart again.

I just stood there with my arms around her getting lost in her jade green eyes when she said ?I have wanted to do that ever since I first saw you on the bus to Roland Park Jr High!?

?I never knew you felt that way about me? I told her.

?I know that silly, men are just so dumb sometimes!? she said.

I was just about to pull her in for another one of her kisses when we heard the backdoor start to open and each of us took a step back.

Faith came blasting out and wanted to know how much longer it was going to be. After looking at the coals I told her about 15 minutes and then Susan said ?that is just about perfect as everything else should be ready at the same time.?

Taking Faith?s hand in hers she turned and headed toward the backdoor. She opened the door and then turned toward me with a look that said we were not done by any means then went inside.

Dinner was wonderful and the company was great and after everyone had eaten their fill Susan and I retired to the couch in the living room while Carol and Amy cleaned up the debris and washed everything. We all sat around finishing off the remainder of the second bottle of red as Faith went around getting sips from everyone?s glass. When the second bottle was a dead soldier I went to the fridge and retrieved the bottle of Champagne Doux I had brought as a dessert wine. Amy and Carol begged off at this point since both were going out for the evening and didn?t want to get too smashed too early.

Susan and I had barely touched our glasses when the doorbell rang and Amy and Carol?s dates showed up. It seemed like one minute they were there and the next they were gone with Carol saying ?Don?t do anything we wouldn?t and if you do name the first one after me if it?s a girl.? Everyone laughed and I blushed wondering if we were that obvious.

With her two roommates gone Susan turned to Faith and said ?bath time young lady, go start your bath water and get your jammies and I?ll come in and scrub your back.?

?Can I have bubbles? she asked as she headed off toward the bathroom.

?Yes you can, but remember this time to only use one capful and not half the bottle like last time? Susan replied.

A minute or so later we heard the water start filling the tub and I put my right arm around Susan?s shoulder and pulled her across my chest so that she was laying in my left arm and I bent and kissed her, first on her forehead, then each eye, then the tip of her nose, and her chin before our lips met and our tongues entwined. As I did this kocaeli anal yapan escort Susan let out a low moan and took my right hand and placed it on her left breast. As I slowly massaged her perfect cone shaped breast I could feel her nipple swell to the size of a marble and turn just as hard.

Susan let out another low moan and pushed her breast into my hand as I slowly tweaked and rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger. I could feel my cock swelling under her shoulders and as I moved my hand down toward the hem of her dress we both heard ?Mommy? come echoing from the bathroom.

Getting up from my lap and pulling her dress down Susan said ?I?ll be right back? and then off to the bathroom she went. There was a sound of splashing and a short cry followed immediately by a burst of giggling. Then I could hear what sounded like a shower running for a couple of minutes.

I leaned my head back against the couch and I guess I drifted off for the next thing I knew there was this bouncing ball of red-headed energy squirming and giggling in my lap. I cracked open a eye and roared ?Who Dares Wake the Tickle Monster? and Faith gave a little squeak and tried to climb off my lap, but I was too quick and grabbed a hold of her and started tickling her. After a few minutes of tickling Faith called out to her mother for help and a quick look in her direction told me it was time to let her escape ? so I did. She tumbled to the floor and quickly crawled over to the far side of her mother peeking her eyes around Susan?s legs to see if I was coming after her.

I wasn?t as I was far too busy staring at Susan. Sometime between the time she went into the bathroom and finished bathing Faith she had changed into a dark green silk robe that ended well above her knees. I looked in askance although I sure didn?t mind and Susan told me that little miss smarty-pants thought it would be cute to splash water all over momma?s dress.

Susan turned to Faith and told her to grab a book for a bedtime story and off she scampered only to return within moments with this enormous book, but instead of taking it to Susan she brought it to me and asked if I would read her a bedtime story.

I picked up the big thing and when I turned it over I saw that it was one of my all time favorite books ? The Collected Stories of Winnie-ther-Pooh.? I said as much to Faith and in a flash she was back in my lap all snuggled up with her head on my chest. I asked if there was any story in particular she wanted to hear and she said any one about Kanga and Roo. I looked at the table of contents and flipped to a story about Kanga and Roo and began reading. Faith didn?t squiggle once the entire time I was reading and when I finished the story I was about to ask her what story she wanted to hear next when I looked at Susan. She had her finger too her lips and then pointed at Faith with both hands folded together along side her face ? telling me that Faith was asleep.

I set the book down and then stood up with the little sleeping beauty in my arms and followed Susan to Faith?s bedroom. I gently lowered her to her bed and gave her a kiss on her forehead and tiptoed out of the room while Susan pulled the sheet up over her shoulders. I had no sooner sat back down on the couch when Susan joined me and leaning back in my arms said ?Now where were we.?

As I raised her head up and brought my lips down to hers I slipped my right hand inside her robe and cupped her left breast. While our tongue sought out every nook and cranny in each others mouths I took my hand and lightly skimmed the palm of it back and forth over her nipple eliciting another moan from Susan. Once I was sure her nipple was rock hard I shifted my hand over to her other breast and gave it the same treatment until that nipple was just as hard. I spent several minutes doing this going back and forth as Susan?s moans became louder and louder and then taking my right thumb and forefinger I grabbed her right nipple and as I pulled it away from her body I rolled and twisted it between my fingers.

Susan?s back suddenly arched and her pelvis came off the couch as if a surge of electricity had coursed just through her causing every muscle in her body to tighten and she started shaking. I held her nipple like that for a few more seconds, gently rolling it back and forth before I finally released it and Susan sank back to the couch.

Pulling her lips away from mine she looked at me wide-eyed and asked ?What did you just do to me!?

?Nothing much yet? I replied with a smile on my face ?I?m just getting started.?

Susan rolled off my lap and getting to her feet pulled me to mine and led me to her bedroom. When we got inside the room she quietly closed the door and then dropped her robe to her feet. She took my hand once again and led me over to her bed where she slowly stripped off first my shirt and then loosening my belt and unfastening the button on my pants she lowered the zipper and tugged my pants down dropping them to the floor. She then knelt there and looked at my cock in amazement. Now I am not really all that long being just over 6.5? in length, but my cock is nearly 6? in circumference and the guys in my unit in the Corps used to call me the ?Hydrant? cause they said it looked just like a fire hydrant.

Susan reached out her hand and slowly caressed my cock from its bulbous head to its clean shaven base rubbing and smearing the pre-cum that was steadily oozing from its tip. Susan looked up at me and said ?Christ, that monster is huge? ?I don?t even know if I can even get it in my mouth let alone swallow it as she gave the head a tentative lick!?

Reaching down I took a hold of her upper arms and raised her up and when she was standing I kissed her once again. ?That?s not for you to worry about my love, I haven?t met a woman who could and don?t want you hurting yourself by trying? and with that I laid her back on her bed and knelt between her legs.

Her pussy had been shaved completely smooth and I could smell her musk rising up and could see in the soft light of the moon coming through her bedroom window that she was dripping wet. I couldn?t resist placing my hands on either side of her beautiful slit and gently pulling the outer lips of her vagina apart. I leaned in and taking my tongue flattened it and licked upward from Susan?s little brown puckered rose through her dew drenched pussy and stopped at her clit giving it an extra flick of my tongue. I went down and licked again and again getting into a steady rhythm and as I did Susan raised her pussy a bit further off the bed. I changed tempo and forming my tongue into a cylinder probed a bit deeper with each pass.

Susan raised her legs and dropped them over my shoulders curling her calves around the back of my head and pulling me in even tighter to her honey box. I continued probing deeper and deeper with my tongue trying to capture every drop of her sweet tasting dew. Slowly easing my tongue from her sweet pussy I inserted one finger and then two gently plunging them in and out. Susan was constantly moaning now and her hips were raising up off the bed as she tried to force my fingers even deeper. As I continued to move my fingers in and out of that glorious box I covered her clit with light rapid flicks of my tongue. Sensing that she was getting near to a major orgasm I curled my two fingers and sought out that patch of slightly different textured flesh inside her pussy and knew that I had found it when my stroking fingers caused her to start bucking harder and harder. I then vacuumed her clit into my mouth sucking hard as my lips gently applied greater and greater pressure to that tiny shaft and my tongue continued to flick across its blood engorged tip.

All along Susan kept repeating ?Oh my god,? ?Oh my god,? ?Oh my god? with greater and greater frequency between large gasps for breath and when I finally sucked her clit into my mouth she let loose with a crescendo of squeals, her body arched up off the bed, and she began grinding her pussy harder and harder into my face. Then, after one last massive convulsion and a long low moan, her calves dropped away from the back of my head, her hands dropped from my hair, her eyes rolled up into the top of her head and she went completely limp as she passed out.

I raised my head from her wonderful and well licked snatch and crawled up the bed to place a kiss on her forehead and another tender one on her lips. I then climbed off the bed and quietly padded into the living room where I retrieved the bottle of Champagne Doux and out glasses. With them securely in my hands I stepped over to Faith?s door and peeked inside to check on her and found that in spite of all the noise her mother and I made she was still sound asleep.

I silently retreated from her door and returned to Susan?s bedroom where I poured us two fresh glasses of wine and crawled back into Susan?s bed where I began caressing her face and neck as I slowly worked my way to her magnificent breasts. As I cupped her breast and my thumb slid over her nipple her eyes fluttered open, closed for a moment, and then opened wide.

Susan izmit yabancı escort looked at me and said ?Never, never in my entire life could I ever begin to imagine that oral sex could be that wonderful.? She then raised her head up and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. When we finally surfaced for air she started to get up saying that she was thirsty and needed something to drink. It was then that I handed her the glass of wine I had poured for her and raising mine in toast said ?Here is to one of the most beautiful and sensual women I know and one that only deserves the best in life and love?
We moved up on the bed and after propping some pillows behind my back I leaned against the headboard with Susan laying on my shoulder and upper chest. We talked of many things. That I was off to Marine Corps OCS in a weeks time and what I hoped to gain during my time in the service. We talked of her and the trials and tribulations of being a single mom and I drummed up the courage to ask her about her husband and what had happened. Boy did that light a fuse!

?That no good, rotten, two-timing son of a bitch can rot in hell for all I care? she said. ?Do you know we weren?t even really married!? ?That asshole had a friend of his pose as a preacher and even the marriage license was false.? ?The whole thing was staged between him and a dozen or so friends of his who I am sure got a real charge out of simple, gullible me being completely fooled? she went on. ?After 18 months of living together he came in one day and said that Faith and I were going to have to move because he was getting married the next week and that?s when I found out what a fool I had been!?

?Christ? I said. ?I wish I had known because you could have moved into my mom?s house. You know that she would have welcomed you and Faith with open arms and you could have lived there as long as you needed to.?

?I wish I had known? she said ?but what?s that saying ? ?That which doesn?t kill you only makes you stronger? ? Well I am plenty strong now and I got some of mine back.? ?The day I moved out I had left Faith with some friends and went over to his place to pick up the rest of my stuff with another friend who had a truck. After everything was loaded and we were walking out the door the asshole stood there with a couple of his friends and a smirk on his face and asked me if I had anything to say. I turned around and seeing that smirk my blood started to boil and suddenly I was tired of being a victim. ?Just this? I replied ?and then I kicked him so hard in the nuts that he?ll never have kids again.? ?Then I walked to him as he was laying on the ground puking his guts out and told him that if I ever saw him again I would kill him and that I wasn?t going to seek child support because that would mean that she would have to let Faith see him and she didn?t want her daughter associating with scum like him? ? I never saw him again? Susan said, ?but I did hear later that his wedding had to be postponed several months until his balls shrank back down and that he really would never be able to father another child?

?Wow? I said ?I?m almost sorry I brought it up and remind me to never ever piss you off.? With that I leaned over and tenderly kissed her on the lips.

Susan returned my kiss and we started petting and stroking one another and it wasn?t long before my cock was standing straight up and hard as a bar of steel.

?I want you inside me NOW? said Susan.

Well I started kissing her nipples and massaging her breasts and started to work my way down her taut belly toward that wonderful honey hole when Susan grabbed my ears and said ?Wait a minute Buster!? ?It?s going to be a while before I let you get your tongue and fingers back down there? ?You?re too dangerous? and with that she pushed me over on my back and threw her leg across my hips. She started slowly sliding her pussy along my cock, covering it with more and more of her juices. She started moaning softly and then raised herself up and centering the head of my cock between her sweet pussy lips slowly began sliding downward. God was it tight. Her pussy felt like a velvet vise that was slowly closing its jaws around my prick. She would slide down an inch, rest for a few seconds, then raise up before plunging downward again.

?My God you?re huge? she panted ?I haven?t even gotten half of it in me and already I feel full to the bursting point? and with that she raised up once again and began her slow descent. Over and over she repeated this maneuver until she had stuffed about 5? inches into her. Then she added a twist to her up and down motion and began rocking forward and back and side to side as she tried to stretch her pussy around my thick rod. Finally, with less than an inch to go, she raised herself up until just the head of my cock was lodged between her lips and then dropped straight down until our pubic bones collided.

For a moment I thought she was going to pass out once again as she let out this long shuddering moan and she started shaking from another massive orgasm. Her eyes fluttered and started to roll toward the back of her head and if my hands had not been massaging her breasts I am sure she would have crashed down on my chest. The pain from having my cock squeezed by her tight, tight pussy was exquisite and I cannot remember enjoying myself more.

After a half a minute or so Susan seemed to collect herself and started sliding her overstretched pussy up and down my shaft, slowly at first with short strokes and then faster and faster with longer and longer strokes until she was riding the entire length. On each upstroke she would suck in her breath and when she bottomed out she would let go with an explosive Ugh! I didn?t try to match her rhythm and just laid there on my back fondling her breasts and rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger.

A dozen, two dozen, five dozen time her raised and dropped when suddenly she let out this ooooooooOOOOOOOOOH Gooooodddd I?M CUMING she screamed and started whipping her head from side to side as her body started convulsing once again. Her legs shot out straight along mine and her upper body collapsed on my chest. I held her tight and slowly stroked her back as her shaking and shivering finally slowed to a stop.

?My God I needed that? she said when she had recovered her breath. ?I have never felt so full and content in my life nor have I ever had such a series of intense orgasms.?

I rolled her over and looking into her eyes slowly began stroking my cock in and out of her stretched pussy and oh god did it feel good. As I slowly picked up my tempo and increased the length of my stroking I could feel Susan begin to respond. As I pushed inward I could feel her hips rising to meet mine and we slowly built up a steady pace that was tender and caring ? This wasn?t going to be a simple wham bam thank you ma?am fuck ? but rather a sharing of one person?s love for another for it was at that point that I realized that I truly was in love with Susan and had been for years. I wanted to hold her and protect both her and Faith from anyone or anything that would possibly do them harm and god help the SOB who tried because I sure wouldn?t.
As I continued to slide in and out of this wonderful woman I could feel that old, familiar stirring in my balls and could see in hers that she was rapidly reaching that point as well.

?Cum in me? she said ?I want to feel you come in me and with me? and that?s all it took to tip me over the edge and trip my trigger.

I drove into her one last time and my cum started blasting the inside of that wonderful velvet vise and I could feel her cum mixing with mine and I felt a sense of contentment unlike anything I had ever felt before. Then I opened my stupid mouth and blew it!

Rolling off her I said ?That was the best lay I have ever had? and as soon as I said it I knew that I had just fucked up and fucked up big time.

Immediately I could feel her tense up and she pulled away from me and said ?Is that all I am to you? Another lay, another notch in your sex belt? ?Get out and don?t come back!?

I tried to calm her down and tried to explain that that wasn?t what I meant at all, but the damage was done and she didn?t want to hear a word I had to say. She finally told me to get out or she was calling the police so I pulled on my pants, buttoned my shirt, slipped on my loafers and left.

I tried over the next seven days to talk to her, but if she answered the phone she hung up and if one of her roommates did they called me an insensitive asshole and hung up. I tried sending flowers only to drive by and see them sticking out of the garbage can and I even sent a registered letter that was returned as refused. I tried once more when I got to OCS and got the message that her number had been changed to a non-published one and after I graduated and received my butter bar I drove by her house and when I went to the door a stranger answered who had no idea who I was talking about. I even went by Towson State only to find that she had transferred to another school and they were really sorry, but since I wasn?t family they couldn?t tell me where.

So here I was, divorced once and now a widower, driving to the place that once meant so much to me so I could put another ghost to rest?

I had always regretted our last parting and had often wondered over the past forty years - what if.
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