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Standart Girls Night Out

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Girls Night OutMy sister, Ashtyn, and I got all dressed up. Make up perfect, cleavage to the max. tight, short skirts and of course, no panties. We piled in my convertible and as we sped to the club, Ashtyn's blouse got caught in the wind. Three buttons popped open barring her breast completely. My s*s took full advantage, leaned over and lovingly licked her nipples. The sight of it moistened my exposed pussy and the wind rushed up my skirt. We got to the club, found a place to park and got our clothes in order.The doorman was obviously enjoying the view of us walking by. His pants had a distinct bulge that told he packed some very large equipment. Enjoy the night ladies he said as he opened the door for us. Once our eyes adjusted to the dim light we saw the place was packed. Four guys to our right motioned us toward them and offered us seats in their booth. Some homeboys were supposed to meet us. Their loss is our gain, would you foxy ladies allow us to buy you a drink? We said sure, by the time he returned with the drinks. My s*s was swapping tongues with one guy while another had his hand inside her blouse. Ashtyn was squirming in her seat and the third guy was not visible. The 4th konak escort guy sat the drinks around the table and asked me if i'd like to dance. He placed both hands on my ass and forced my pelvis into his. Within seconds his large, hard and getting harder cock was grinding into my crotch and stomach as one of his hands was under my skirt massaging my bare butt. The song stopped and as we walked back to the table I noticed a crowd had been watching him fondle me. An audience had formed around the table and my sister was flat on the table. One guy was eating her pussy, one was kissing her, two others devouring her breast. Three pairs of feet were showing from under the table. My escort said maybe we should take this party to a more private location. He said something quickly and a guy scooped her off the table. The ones under the table brought Ashtyn right behind, and he lead me up the stairs and into a lavishly decorated room with couches, chairs, Pillows of all shapes and sizes. That's when I noticed the extra thick, padded soft carpet. What started as us and four guys, was now us and nine guys. I whispered to him, " guess the homeboys made it." He replied, " Damn konak escort bayan right" as he locked the door behind us.Hope you ladies are interested in a long night of getting it on. cause that's the way it's going down. Them two is already busy, and you the only bitch still dressed. So how 'bout giving the rest of us a little show to warm things up. He lead me to a small stage in the corner, help me step up on it. Turn a spot light on me and the stage. Dimmed it some, and some slow, sensuous, provocative music started. I grabbed the pole with one hand and started removing my top. I counted four guys giving my little strip show full attention. So s*s and Ashtyn had 5 guys with them. A collective deep sigh met the exposure of my large shapely tits. I flaunted them and teased awhile, then edged the side zippers of my skirt up, leaving only about an inch of zipper on each side. I turned away and lifted the flap in the back high. Moans from behind and an I'm gonna fuck dat ass comment. A deeper voice said calm down, we all gettin some of her. I turned around, lifted the flap in front, and felt myself being eased to the floor. Hands were everywhere, my lips, forehead,shoulders, escort konak breast, stomach, and thighs were being touched and kissed. Then my lips, each boob, and pussy felt lips and tongues exploring. I came in jolts of orgasm, I shook and trembled through three heavy climaxes. The mouths at my pussy and lips were replaced with cocks. My tits where being sucked, kissed and bitten. I heard the sounds of sex and moans elsewhere in the room. My vagina was being stretched open my a long, large black cock. A good sized white one was entering my mouth. When the cock in my cunt was all the way in, his balls slapped my ass and I quivered in orgasm once more. I was able to see around the hips of the guy in my mouth. My sister had one cock in her ass, another in her mouth, and two fighting for space in her stretched, swollen pussy. I thought to what this night might hold for all of us, and exploded a flush of warm cum around the cock pounding my pussy. That sent him into a powerful five blast climax, filling my womb with seed. The guy at my breast quickly moved to fill my pussy with his pulsing shaft. The guy i was sucking stiffened and shot his load down my throat. He wasn't out of sight and another cock was presented to me for a blowjob. I heard Ashtyn asking do you feel his cock in my ass, huh? Can you guys feel each others cocks rubbing together inside me? Oh, Fuck - I'm gonna CUM so hard. fuck me, fuck me, give it to me, OHHHH YESSssssssss.
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