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This time she sighed and paused before starting, "I don't know. I've clearly developed feelings for you. As you said we connect emotionally as well as physically. But if we were to date, how could this continue? I don't envision having threesomes with my sister for the rest of my life."
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My life in Santa Barbara is over. I don’t know what lies ahead. All I know is that I have to go live with my estranged sister, Eve, in Michigan. My sister is much older than I am. We were never very close. She and our parents never got along, which is why she left a long time ago.
I thought of spending time with my girlfriend after a long hard week and smiled. "Nope! Just a relaxing, do nothing type of weekend."
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"Why do you feel that way?"
"Sure I can. It's gonna be a long night anyway. Jon, take the bed. Just be careful not to wet it tonight," I joked.
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She’s able to finish her sandwich as her foot massages my cute girly dick. It’s funny I used to be so ashamed of having such a small dick, but now I actually like it. Eve thinks it’s cute and I can see why. Besides, I much rather be on the bottom receiving Eve’s big fat cock any way I can, then getting my small cock wet. Besides having an ass like mine, it’s only natural that I’m the one getting dicked. Now that I’ve accepted that, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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“You like fucking your mummy don’t you?”
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Alt 13 Mayıs 2020, 11:12   #72
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Üyelik tarihi: 13 Nisan 2020
Bulunduğu yer: Mali
Mesajlar: 1.121
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“Yeah, well you seem to ignore my questions, so I was going to come after you. What do you mean you don’t trust yourself with me?” I asked annoyed.
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‘Wow’ Chuck shouted ‘What a guy, I thought I was a cool husband but to let you come away with this guy, he must be a real Cuckold’ he looked very impressed.
As she lay on her belly between my legs, Alex wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock. Her hands were bigger than Jess's, but not by much, as her finger tips were still not able to touch her palm. She leaned in, and took just the tip of my cock's head in between her lips, and sucked with enough force to siphon gas out of a car. I still, to this day, have felt nothing like it from anyone else. She slowly slid her mouth halfway down my cock, continuing the suction, while her left hand stroked the rest of the shaft, and her right hand played with my balls. A true master at multitasking.
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“Go on.” Aunt Tabitha made a “shoo-ing” motion at us. “We’ll be fine. Go have some fun. We’ll be right behind you.”
I have known my niece had an incredible backside from the first time I saw it. In bikini underwear it is absolutely incredible. Nude, it is even better! The shape, the feel, it is indescribable, but in this outfit??? It was the cherry on a chocolate sundae! The bow on a beautifully wrapped gift! The single drop of rain, glistening on a perfect rose. The green lace, bright against her pale skin, pulling in and then disappearing into that fantastic ass? I thought I might be in heaven!
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Bryan was taking me harder now, and the bend in his cockhead felt exquisite inside of me as it scraped my inner walls. Were it not for the slab of meat inside my mouth, I would’ve begged him for more punishment.
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He walked over to a small white box on the wall of his room.
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