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Standart He Got to the Airport Late (Redux)

rklm buraya

Don got to the airport late but was glad to see he was not the only one as at least four others were rushing to the check-in counter right with him. The ticket agents must have been in an exceptionally good mood as they actually escorted the small group of tardy passengers through the airport straight to the waiting plane. The very pleasant fight attendant cordially welcomed Don and the rest of them on-board.

As Don made his way down the aisle to his seat and took off his coat, he looked around the plane. Although it had a fairly small cabin, he was pleased to find it wasn't a packed flight. It would make for a nice quiet trip. No one was even on the other side of the aisle.


A woman walked in just before the plane doors closed. He watched as she strode down the aisle and took the window seat across from his. As the latecomer got situated, Don did an innocent double take in looking her way. She was an attractive blonde, hard not to notice twice or even three times. She was smartly dressed in a pressed gray skirt and matching jacket. The nearly plain business attire looked good on her though and he watched as she laid her small brief case on the seat and proceeded to take her jacket off. He couldn't help peering over the aircraft emergency card he had in his hand to catch a glimpse of her long, very long, legs extending out from the rather modest skirt that fell to just above her knees. Moreover, as she stretched back to remove the coat, her breasts, although not overly large thrust out proudly through her white silk blouse. She turned and leaned over to lay it on the seat next to her.

Suddenly he realized her eyes met his stare.

Don's eyes locked to hers before he could nonchalantly turn away like so many other times he'd done when looking at a pretty woman. He lowered the emergency card from his face and gave her a warm smile. It was all he could do after being caught ogling. But instead of getting a glaring stare from an irate female the beautiful stranger actually smiled back at him before taking her seat.

He couldn't believe what he had just done. He felt guilty for his brief, but obvious leering gaze. He shook his head, put the emergency card back in the pouch before him and pulled out the airline magazine, then settled back in his seat and absently flipped through the pages.

Moments after takeoff a movement out of the corner of Don's eye made him look over toward his row mate. He looked over and saw her lift her small briefcase into her lap. She opened it and rummaged through some papers and folders until she pulled out a yellow legal pad and sat the briefcase back on the seat next to her. He couldn't help but continue to gaze over at her as she sat and furiously wrote notes on the pad. She was fascinating him even to the point of he couldn't help noticing her fingers and how long and sexy they looked. For some reason he began to think of how those fingers must look typing away on a keyboard.

That very thought evoked very fond memories of his forays into the Literotica chat room. He had begun chatting a little over two years ago. In that time he had found a favorite lady friend on the other end of the internet, her Lit name was 'FineWine'. Her real name was Sheri. Don had always pictured Sheri's fingers gliding across her keyboard as they chatted long into many a steamy night.

Don sighed at the sweet memory. It had been nearly two weeks since they had chatted. His laptop was not working on this trip so he had not been able to connect with her from his hotel room. All this reminiscing of Sheri had brought about a rather noticeable stiffness below his seat belt. He grinned to himself and casually nudged his hard-on with his elbow.

After awhile his sexy fellow passenger caught his attention once again as she put her legal pad back into her briefcase. As Don watched, she closed the briefcase and stood with it in her hands. From behind his magazine now he saw as she stretched up to put it away in the overhead storage bin. She stretched so far she pulled the tail of her blouse out from one side of her skirt. Don felt himself inhale deeply at the sight of tanned skin in the gap between skirt and blouse. He held his breath and bit his lower lip as she proceeded to tuck it back in with her long fingers disappearing under the belt and waist of that pressed gray material.

"Well, that's enough work for one day," he heard her whisper to herself as she turned to sit back down.

"My thoughts exactly," Don replied from his side of the aisle.

"What? Oh, I'm sorry." The blonde stranger more fell than sat back into her seat, obviously startled by his remark.

"No, no, that's okay I wasn't resting." Don assured her. "I probably will here soon, it has been a long day. And you are right that was enough for one day."

"Always deadlines." She said as she buckled back in. "I think I'll take a nap myself."

With that, she fluffed up her tiny airline pillow, reclined the seat back and turned toward the window.

Don couldn't help but continue to admire the comely woman kartal escort bayan sitting only a few feet away. He just tried to be less obvious about it. She was radiating something sensual, which he knew would arouse most men's thoughts. Only, as he thought of the translucent blue eyes he had just connected with for the second or third time, he realized it was more than a feeling of lust for him. At least it was not a lust just for this blonde stranger. He daydreamed about another pair of beautiful blue eyes, ones he had never actually set his eyes upon.

Sheri had blue eyes, so she had told him during their chats. They hadn't ever exchanged pictures since they met last winter. Actually, he had never really 'met' her. They had struck up a very cordial and evocative relationship during those first couple of months on Lit. They first shared their stories and poems with one another and moved on to exchanging information about their families and work. They quickly became very comfortable with one another. So they had become good on-line friends before they became 'cyber-lovers'. He couldn't remember who was first to introduce cyber-sex into their late night chat sessions. But even in 'cybering' they hit it off from the very beginning. They got off on one another at least two to three times a week for awhile there in early spring. He experienced more satisfaction after a good cyber with Sheri than he had with any other woman on-line.

One late evening in June, they took their relationship to a whole new level. Don was on another business trip and while they were cybering, Sheri sent him a note:

FineWine: Why don't you call me?

At first Don thought it was part of the role playing they were into, but then he realized they were pretending to be on a beach in Hawaii in the latest sexy on-line romp of theirs. He typed back:

Ready7: No phones on the beach (?)

FineWine: I me...555-703-1234

Ready7: for real?

FineWine: Don please! Call me...I'm so close!! I want to cum listening to your voice. PLEASE!!

And with that began their heated and very satisfying phone-sex liaisons. From there it turned into a weekly routine for him to call Sheri early in the morning, to rouse her, to arouse them both. He enjoyed talking to her, her voice was so calming, so sensual, and oh so stimulating.

They had 'graduated' to calling one another months ago, but during this last trip of his they had not been able to catch up with one another. The sound of her voice had been a quiet reassurance in his busy life. She was also capable of getting him fully aroused at the very first syllable she spoke over the phone. Her voice had done that to him from that first night in his hotel, as he lay under the sheets, naked, listening to her talk him through his first phone-sex orgasm. He could still remember the huge geyser of cum she had spurred him to that night.

In fact, he knew he could not go long without hearing her voice again. He would call her in the morning after he got back home. That voice was so familiar to him. He could still hear it in his head, so much so he could feel the all too familiar stiffness in his briefs once again.

But as he watched his blonde stranger, her head lying so comfortably on the pillow, it made him drowsy. He tossed the magazine onto the aisle seat next to him and settled back in the soft upholstery. He closed his eyes and thought about Sheri as he drifted off...

Suddenly the plane hit a pocket of turbulence. It jolted him out of his erotic slumber.

"Oh!" He heard the almost strained squeal from across the aisle.

He looked over at his lovely stranger. She caught his gaze as she sat there rigid in her seat looking very nervous.

"I've not flown much. Don't deal with bumpy rides very well." She rambled.

"What?" Don sat up in his seat. He heard her but he found himself looking into those piercing blue eyes of hers as he came down off the sexy high he had created dreaming of his sexy Sheri. "I'm just a nervous wreck." His blonde plane companion said just before another severe bump of the plane shook them. "Oh, my God!"

The seat belt signs came on as she gripped the armrests even tighter.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is the Captain. It looks as if we'll have a short stint of bumpy air. Please stay in your seats with those seat belts buckled. We'll get through it as quickly as we possibly can. Thank you."

"It's just a few bumps. Nothing to worry about." Don said as he continued to peer into those wonderful blue eyes and face framed by the loveliest blonde hair. She so reminded him of...

"I suppose. But it sure is nerve wracking." He watched her luscious red lips move, but it was like he had just heard her voice for the first time.

He knew that voice! He looked at the blonde hair, the blue eyes...


"Uh yes?" The look on her face was one of astonishment rather than terror now. "How do you know my name?"

"Would you, uh, happen to be 'FineWine' Sheri?" Don haltingly asked.

His blonde stranger yakacık escort abruptly relaxed her body. Her jaw dropped and her mouth opened wide as she stared back at him in silence.

"I'm 'Ready7'." Don said barely loud enough for her to hear.

"You! Is that you, Don?" Sheri's face slowly softened, a slight grin began to appear on her lips.

"Yes." Don stared at the lovely face. "Yes it is, Sheri." His voice cracked when he realized the woman he was addressing now really was his on-line chat friend and cyber lover. His eyes widened. "How, - where, what are you doing here?"

Just then, another sudden jolt of turbulence hit.

"Oh my God!" Sheri called out again as her body tensed to its former rigid posture and she grasped the armrests.

Don didn't flinch nor did he lose his gaze toward this woman. For all he could do was remember the 'OMG's she always typed on the chat line when she was in the heavy throes of orgasm. He smiled broadly at that thought now. The intense sensations of their chats and phone conversations came flooding back into his mind and body.

"May I come over there?" Don asked, seeing her still gripping the armrests to the point of white-knuckle tension.

"Oh, please. Yes do." Sheri nervously smiled at him.

Don got up and moved to the aisle seat next to her. He buckled himself in, just before another jolt.

"Don!" Sheri leaned into his shoulder and grabbed his arm.

Just naturally, Don felt the need to put his arm around her shoulders; he did so and held her tight. Sheri snuggled herself even closer as he slipped his hand down slightly from her hair to stroke her neck. He looked at her face and his fingers played with her blonde hair.

"I haven't talked to you in almost two weeks. When and, well, how did you get here?" Don said as he looked again upon the face he had only been able to fantasize about all these months.

"Actually, I was just passing through. My flights changed twice. They got me on this one at the last minute, so I can make another connection to get a hop back home."

"I'm glad..." Don whispered, his honest emotions coming out. "I mean, I'm not glad you got bumped twice, but that by some fate, we finally get to meet one person."

"I'm very glad too." Sheri smiled up at him.

"I really feel like we've known one another for so long. I thought if this day ever came I'd be nervous as all hell. But I'm not nervous. I'm actually so comfortable right now." He caressed the back of her hand, then looked at her hair; the blonde hair. It made him remember the blonde ponytail she teased him about all the time. She had said one night over the phone that a good ponytail came in handy for a guy to hold onto while a girl gave him a really good blow-job. She had gotten him off to that scene more than a few times after that.

Then another jolt of turbulence hit the airplane.

Sheri gripped his arm tighter and settled her head back into his shoulder. "I'm just so glad to finally meet you for real."

Don was dumbfounded by the presence of his friend, his fantasy, who, until a few minutes earlier he had thought had been a total half a country away. He was also becoming very distracted by the feel of his cyber-lover's breath on his neck. His other hand moved unconsciously in the semi-darkness until he found himself caressing Sheri's arm. When those lovely blue eyes stared up at him he knew it was real. The eyes were soft and her pupils were dilated. Sheri was here, the vision he'd been fantasizing over all these months.

He couldn't help himself now. He had to do more than just stroke her arm. He raised the armrest from between them and with his left arm still around her shoulder he slipped his right down over her thigh. She made no effort to discourage him, so he gradually eased his hand into a position where he could massage her inner thigh just below the hem of her skirt. She snuggled still closer and started stroking his leg now, fairly innocently at first near his knee. Her wiggling in her seat caused her skirt to ride up and allowed him more bare thigh to stroke and caress.

"Wait!" Sheri suddenly whispered. She pulled away and then bent down to retrieve a blanket from the floor. She then methodically covered their laps with the thin blue material, smoothing it across their thighs. "Now that's better."

Don smiled at Sheri and she smiled back. Her bright smile in the dim light glimmered in the middle of a radiantly beautiful face. His hand never left her leg in all that rearranging and he now found himself boldly stroking further up her thigh, working under the hem of her skirt as if it were not even there. He was pleased to find warmer, smoother, bare skin above.

Sheri sighed and parted her legs slightly when his hand moved along the last smooth inches until his fingers at last brushed gently against a thin damp fabric. Don was suddenly filled with the excitement and anticipation of reaching a much sought after target. He had reached out and met this point virtually many times hürriyet mahallesi escort over while typing away on his keyboard or whispering in Sheri's ear over the phone. But now it was for real. Really for real! He could hear the closeness of her breathing, heavy and steady. It was not a panting over the phone this time, but her breath was live and wafting over his neck.

As his fingertip tapped against her panty, Sheri sucked in a deep breath while her hand squeezed his leg hard. He was the one to tense in his seat this time. But Sheri leaned in to him, lifting her face to barely an inch before his. She licked, and then pursed her lips. Don kissed her.

All these months they had 'cyber-kissed' so many times, in so many ways. All these months he knew he had truly felt her lips on his. But now they really were. They kissed softly, gently, but ever so passionately. Don exercised as much self-control as he could muster as he felt the exquisite sensation of her hand gently exploring him. In turn, he was able to stroke the warm downy softness through her wet panties, so wet he could sense the incredibly inviting slipperiness of her sex. His two fingers gently massaged as Sheri clung to him more tightly and her thighs shuddered around his hand.

Their mouths meshed and tongue swirled over tongue.

What they were doing was naughty enough, Don knew, in an airplane even only half full of people. But he was already thinking of how they could remove enough clothes necessary for them to couple in the way they were both obviously craving. He knew he had to find release, he assumed Sheri shared the same passion the way she was kissing him. They had not built up those desires just over the last few moments, but rather over the last two weeks of being 'separated' from their on-line loving.

If her actions told of her sexual frenzy, they indeed both felt the same thing. But how could they satisfy their urgent needs?

With other passengers just a few feet away and a cabin crew occasionally wandering back and forth through the cabin, they couldn't easily strip off even the essentials and start making mad passionate love without creating an on board sensation. Only nothing else seemed to matter except that overpowering urge he had to get passed clothes and unyielding aircraft seats.

Sheri broke their kiss and whispered. "Wait here a second." She gave Don another gentle squeeze on his thigh then unbuckled. She got up, smoothed down her gray business skirt and climbed around him. Sheri smiled back at him as she strolled casually to the front of the cabin and the lavatory.

Don sat and pondered what had just happened. One minute a woman, a hot blooded woman was in his arms. The next she was off to the bathroom. As his heart still raced he remembered a close friend of his had told him how he and his wife had done nasty things in an airplane lavatory once. It was possible he figured. Only it seemed to be a very uncomfortable setting and one less fit for romantic passion than raw dirty lust. His heart beat in his ears as if telling him he could easily stoop to the latter at that moment.

His manhood strained unbearably in the confines of his briefs.

However, right at that moment the pretty young flight attendant strolled down the narrow aisle. He pulled the airline blanket back over his lap. He had no doubt that between her, or the passengers that hadn't nodded off on this red-eye flight, would notice a couple sneaking off for such an obvious interlude. He was horny as all get out, but not sure he could bring himself to make that much of a scene.

Before he could reconcile that thought though, Sheri emerged from the forward lavatory. As she walked back, she picked up another blanket from one of the empty seats. She slid in between him and the seat back before him, her backside covered in that snug skirt flashed by within inches of his face. She sat down, then immediately covered them with both blankets now, before she snuggled back against Don.

"Okay, where were we?" Sheri whispered and raised her lips to his once again. In the semi-darkness Don's hand went right back to where it had been moment's earlier. His fingers crawled back up under her gray skirt, retracing the steps he'd taken to her wet, panty-covered sex. He crooked his finger and pointed it inward ready to press into the thin fabric to see how far he could stretch them.

When his fingertip felt the damp tuft of Sheri's pubic hair instead, he broke from there kiss and froze. With widened eyes and his heart rate upped another notch, he stared down at his seat mate.

"No undies Don." Sheri looked up into his eyes with a very lusty grin. "Like I've always told you, I rarely wear panties. Flying on an airplane is one of the few times, but their gone now."

Don swallowed hard and his fingers drifted on to stroke gently along the warm and noticeably damp cleft. His imagination had always told him this first touch would be extremely electric. This touch however was beyond ecstatic! His whole body, not just his fingertips, felt the touch of her skin, the moistness of her sex. His finger delved between the wetness of her nether lips. But he was impatient as he deliberately continued up, sought and found her tiny pleasure spot. Just as the tip of his finger tapped that unseen but all so familiar little pink bud...
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