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Standart A Housewife

rklm buraya

For those who read the Michelle series and still hoping for an ending, I have to tell you that it is not coming up yet. Perhaps it will never. I have not been able to complete the series although I have been trying to. This is just a short story like Nikki's Confession that I wrote during some 'inspiring moment, where time, circumstances and mode was just right.

******************************* *********************************

My story started when he moved into the neighborhood, just opposite to my house. We often met and talk a little in the evening when he came back from work and I was outside doing gardening or some routine chaos in front of my house. He used to park his car just outside my house as his family has a few cars.

That was something about him, or his stare to be more accurate. He never hides his interest on my body. He would stare a bit longer at my boobs when my shirt was a bit tight or flimsy even though we were talking face to face. When I knelt down to do my gardening, he would move into the right position and peeped into my cleavage. And not bordered to look away when I turned to look at him, although eventually he did look away. I always felt his eyes were on my butt too whenever he was at my back.

I did not confront him as I was enjoying his little attention too. Although I am a thirty-something 'aunty', but I know I still have a slim and fit body that man like to look at.

We became friend later and his helped me in my book recycle project. Basically the project is to collect book donated by people, we sort them and channel them to other places needed them. We spent almost every alternate weekend afternoon together in my house for the project. There were another 2 college girls coming to help.

He is tall, handsome and built with an athletic body and charming character.... And he really likes to watch. I often see him peeping at the other 2 girls too. But as he never does anything more than watching, I just let him be.

In fact, I let him be more than that....

The girls usually go home round 3pm and left two of us alone until whenever we feel like to stop, usually round 6. After the girls left, we became more daring. I would show my body more than necessary and he would be there to watch me. Some time I just changed into something sexier to enrich the scene. He always expressed his compliment with his ever watching eyes and satisfied smile.

Later one day after the girls has left. Our show-and-watch game went one level up.

We have stopped the sorting and packing. He was resting and I was doing my work with my laptop.

I asked him how to use some of the software function. So he stood behind me to teach me. At first our hands touched each other a few times when we both wanted to get hold of the mouse. Then he seemed to lower his head more than necessary pretending to watch the screen. But I knew he was checking my cleavage out. I have changed into a tiny top that covered two third of my breasts.

'Michelle, your hairs smell so nice.' he said.

'You like it... Thanks.'

His comment on my hair suddenly changed the atmosphere. We never have such intimacy before. I sensed a subtle sexual charge slowly built around us.

I noticed from his vintage points, he would be able to peep very deep down my cleavage. As my tiny spaghetti top only covered two third of my breasts, leaving generous portion of my breasts exposed in the air. As I became more aware of the situation, I found that my bra often detached from my skin and revealing much of my breasts whenever I move. He must be enjoying one hell of the boobs show....

'I like the shorts you wear today...'

'You did.'

Now my shorts!

'You shorten them a little bit more today... good decision....'

'ummmm......yeap...' I did not know how to answer. True enough that I purposely shorten my shorts until just enough to cover my crotch and my butts.

A thrill rushed through my body and my soft nipples slowly turned into stone.

'That would be perfect, if you wear string.'

I was speechless for a while.... How dare for him to speak like this to a married lady!

'String panties you mean?' But I played along like an adult.

'Yes. Those string and only string type.......'

'I loved to see the string came above the waistband...... I can't help but imagine what's hiding behind that sexy short... that's very sexy...'

'So that's your favorite....'

'Yes, that's ONE of my favorite.'

'I see. ONE of your favorite....'

'That goes without saying that you shaved and you should be wearing a string bikini bra too...'

'Yes.... Make sense.' I was suppressing my heavy breathing.

'Ummmm.... you shaved?'

I almost chocked.

'Ummmm.... Yes.....'


'Yes. Totally,'

'Great..... I like smooth cunt.... I mean pussy...'

'I see....'

My body turned all excited. I felt like he was tearing off my cloth slowly with his vision and mind power and I was helplessly sitting there. I never felt so naked görükle escort before a man, although I was still not losing any of the cloth... If he were to ask me, I would allow him to fuck me there and then....

Before we say goodbye that day, I jokingly commented.

'CY, I never know you are such a pervert. Always like to look at people's body and thinking what people wear inside,'

'Yes, but just ladies. Just beautiful ladies like you. Bye.'

'I'm flattered. Bye.'

After he left, I can't help but touched my boobs many time.

Middle of the night, he sent me a sms, "wat r u wearing now?"

I replied, "same"

"drop ur bra n panties"

My heart rushed like wild house.

Never before a man command such a thing to me. And now, it was coming from a twenty-something young man.

I was holding my hand phone for a while not knowing what to do.

"hei... don b notty ok... little boy!" I was trying to gain some control.

"im serious do it i know u love it"

It was like a spell, I did it with my two shivering hands eventually.

"k no bra no panties now"

"good girl" He replies quickly.

Later, I fingered until I came all over my shorts. While I was doing that, my mind was imagining him watching me.

He sms me again before mid night; "sleep naked... totally".

I smiled and did not reply. I always sleep naked. But that night I could not sleep until I stuffed my swollen pussy with my biggest didlo.

The next morning, I woke up like a new born. I know I like to do some harmless showoff now and then, like to wear sexy when situation allowed. But never thought that I would comply with a young man command to not wearing my bra and panties and gotten all excited about it!

And that day, was a Sunday, we wanted to finish the book project on the same day.

Before any one of them arrived. His sms arrived first.

"string remember"

Was that a command or a request! Does that means also wearing the same shorts and top yesterday? The shorts that already stained with my juice!

But a spell has been cast. I took out one of my tiniest string bikini set and put them on. The panties hardly contained my pussy lips and the string was too thin to cover anything. I examined myself many time in front of my mirror, checking out every possible posture and how my body would look like, or how my body would expose rather. Finally, I did something more. My shorts were cutoff even further. When I spread my thighs, the shorts would not be able to cover all of my sex and my panties would be showing. From the back, part of my butts would be showing from below too.

I replied, "string n only string...shaved cunt... I mean pussy"

When the 2 girls arrived, they showed me a surprise look after seeing how I dressed up. Incidentally, both of them were wearing small tops and hot pants.

Today must be one hell of a day to my young man that would come soon. I told myself.

And we started working soon after CY arrived. And he brought a friend, Tim.

And I have decided to put up a show that day. When I kneel, I let my knee spread. My shorts would strain to contain my crotch but my panties would sneak out from the side, revealing the some shape of my puffy pussy. When I kneel on all four to get something on the floor, I would arch my ass into the air, giving everyone some great views of my ass and cleavage. CY kept praising me with his smile. Tim was enjoying the show too.

Later, the two girls realized what I was doing and they joined in, showing off their young fresh body around. One of them even purposely bump her ass at the boys hard crotch and pressed longer than necessary. Many times they pressed their boobs at the boys or brushed their body with their peeks or their firm ass. Both boys were having a constant hard on, and they did not try to conceal their tent either. The whole day of work was done under such highly erotic atmosphere.

Some of the books received were not suitable to recycle so I have to keep them temporary in another room. Tim assisted me in the process. He helped me to carry the box of book upstairs into another store room with many book shelves.

I arrived to the room with my heart already pumping fast and strong. Having Tim following me walking up the stair already made me all excited. His eyes were at the level of my butts and my cutoff shorts were tailor made to expose!

I have to climb up the ladder to file most of the book. And Tim did not hide the fact that he was looking up my pussy.

'CY told me that you promised him to wear the tiniest string panties today....'

'Bloody CY, he told you that?'

'Yes. I can see that you kept your promise...'

'So you've been checking me out whole day?'

'Yes. I have to say you're the hottest housewife I even met..... I have to say truly the tiniest string too.'

My heart pumped like a wild horse.

'Tim, How can you be sure?'

'Well, your string sneaks out from your back.... that looks very thin... Just that....'

'Just bursa sınırsız escort bayan that what...' I asked.

We kept doing our filing jobs.

'Just that CY said string and nothing else from the back, and the shaved smooth and clean.... That I'm not sure...'

My juice leaked out and started to stain my panties.

'I know... that string and only string and the smooth and clean cunt....that's you're not sure.... So you wanted to find out the truth?'

'Yes, So that I go home without any regret.'

'Sure. You're my guest today, and you are sacrificing your time for the project. I guess it's my obligation to make sure my guest go home without any regret.'

My juice already flooded my pussy.

'Tim, that's many ways to find out. I am sure you're not a kid anymore.'

I continued to file my books on hand. But my butts waited in anticipations.

Tim closed the door and walked back behind me.

Tim started to caress my thighs and very soon his warm hands traveled up my leg and reached the beginning of my butts. Then his hands sneaked under my shorts and invaded onto my soft globes.


A soft moan escaped from my mouth. He was so soft and gentle.

Slowly his hands conquered my globes completely. He continued to squeeze and massage the soft meat of mine. His fingers traced the string from top down slowly to the crack of my ass.

'True, only string.... Very tiny string.... I wonder your anus is decently covered...'

His finger traced further down and reached my anus.

'Looks like your string do not cover your anus well.' His finger poked lightly at my opening.

'At least now I'm sure that it's the tiniest string...'

'You sure? The tiniest string?'

I bent down more to give him more access.

'Remember... no regret. By the way, are you sure of the smooth and clean cunt?'

'Right. I need to check that as well.'

Truly he was not a kid.

He slowly pulled my shorts down and my bottom was completely revealed before his eyes.

'Amazing! What a nice string on a smooth clean cunt.'

I circled my ass in front of his eyes to give him more views of my ass.

'I just wonder....'


Without answering me, he stuck his tongue on my anus and started licking.

'huhhhhhh....' Such a sudden invasion rendered my whole body weak and soft. My whole weaken body leaned onto the ladder for support, which further opened up my ass crack.

His was focusing his tongue action on my anus. He alternately licked and poked my anus with the tip of his tongue. Never before a person give such intimate attention to this most private part of my body. Totally new sensations I began to experience.

He continued to lick my pussy after pulling my string to one side.

'Yesssssss..... eat my pussy.... good...... huhhhhh...... lick my ass hole again...please.... huhhhh....'

'Suck my lips please........ Tim.... I want your tongue deep inside my pussy..... ummmmm...... yesssss..... deeper.... deeper....suck my clit..... yesssss.....huhhhhhhhh..... shitttt.... that was good....' I was lost in the world of indulgent.

'Shit.... You like my ass hole don't you, Tim......... ummmmmmm..... shittttt..... don't stop ....... don't you stop.....' He was ass rimming me and he pulled my butts to the sides very hard to expose more of my hole.

'Tim, use finger...'

He did not wait. Soon his finger gained entrance into my asshole.

'Yes...... deeper..... deeper....'

While his finger continued to track deep into me his mouth continued to eat my pussy.

'huhhhhhh...... yes........ shittttttt.... Ummmmmmm...'

I was melted on the ladder, leaving my whole vulnerable bottom to his fierce tongue.

Our moans filled the air.

We stopped only after a knock on the door. He quickly adjusted my string and pulled back my shorts.

No one was outside, perhaps the person went away.

We continued to work like nothing had happened. No one knew my bottom was totally wet and slippery!

After all work was done, we have a small celebration and situation getting even wilder with the effect of alcohol. Later, they decided to play basket ball at my backyard. I did not join as I wanted to clean up the place. But I did able to watch their game from the house.

My backyard was at the lower ground and hidden from outside. The whole backyard was secured from outsider except a few neighboring lots.

Two horny girls played against two horny boys. Needless to say there were a lot of body contacts and many accidental touching and brushing along the game. I saw many times the boys intentionally cupped their bouncing boobs, or their butts. They did pretest, but never stop playing. I kept watching while cleaning up. Both men glanced over my direction from time to time, checking me out.

Not sure if they aware that my pussy were soaking wet.

After some time the game ended and the 2 girls went home. They face bursa otele gelen escort bayan was all flashing red and their fair skin turned to pink. Both boys have their tent fully erected too. They were horny as hell.

'So you want to play?' CY asked.

'Not sure. You two were pretty rough, you know?'


'Very naughty too,'

'How so?'

'You know what I mean, CY.'

'By the way, why is that a big hard rod under your pants?' I suddenly squeezed his hard on with my hand.

'You used that to play basket ball?'


'Warn you, CY. I used to be a basketball player.' I walked back to the house.

I decided to play with them. Not that I wanted to play the game so badly, but my body needed to be touched so badly after watching their game.

In my bedroom, I removed bra and changed into my cutoff shirt made from an old worn off cotton round-neck. It was cutoff from bottom all the way up to just below of my boobs. My boobs were not big but the hem of the shirt still hanging freely in the air when I walk. My bottom was a cutoff too. I made it long time ago for my own fun time. It was a very daring jeans cutoff where the bottom panel was totally removed except the center line. The front was cut just enough to cover my crotch the back was cut very high too. Only half of my butts were covered horizontally and the tiny center panel went tightly down my crack and my puffy lips were totally exposed. The cutoff shorts became very tight as I have gained more weight after some years.

'Wanna play? Young man,' I challenged him.

They were examining my chest carefully, trying to find a clearer view of my nipples under the white shirt, I think. But they did not know that it was better to check out my back!

'Sure... What's the bet?' He challenged back.

'Want to bet... haha... You are a dead meat.'

'Well, then bet it is. What the bet?'

'Strip basket ball... like strip poker... three of us against each other,' He dared me.

'Haha... my pervert. Not that I'm chicken, but strip's too childish. By the way, not much for me to strip too.'

'Childish.... Let's play adult then.'

'Listen, the loser will have to lick the winner cum before YOU could cum. How's that,' CY challenged again.

'Deal. Make sure YOUR gun doesn't go off before I say so.'

What a deal I entered into! Such a loosely define sex bet.

My nipples quickly erect under the shirt.

'No fucking..... OK.' I bought some insurance.

'Nice jeans!' They were both surprised when they saw my back.

We started playing. It was pretty gentle at the beginning. Not so long after I scored the first point, both of them went rough, both the game and their hands.

More and more accidental touching on my body as the game continued. Later, CY became very daring and when I jumped to make the shoot, he cupped my bare boobs under the thin shirt.

'Hey! Behave young man,' I protected.

'Your two buttons are hard, Michelle. Very nice to touch.' He teased.

'Watch out, CY. While you play naughty, I scored. You're the loser,' I pulled down my shirt to cover my boobs. I saw my nipples became more visible as my sweat wet the cotton.

Then we went serious into the game. They were good, but I was a player too. So did our flirting game. Soon, they became corporative. When I raised my hand to shoot, one of them squeezed my bare boobs under the shirt instead of blocking my action. The other fingered my exposed pussy from behind. They even hugged me from behind and gave good squeeze at my swollen nipples. I cannot remember how many times when they did that, I just stop moving and let him played with my boobs. And I would grind my ass against their hard on.

My shirt already turned totally transparent as my sweat kept dripping down my body, giving them very clear view of my boobs and hard nipples. Later I decided not to border pulling down my shirt after it's landed above my nipples.

I was enjoying a whole new sensation of showing off in my own backyard.

Later CY played a new trick, where they would pull down my shorts whenever they could, leaving my ass and pussy showing in the air. When I attempted to pull my shorts back, one of them would attack my boobs leaving me helpless to defend, they other one would take the ball away from me. Off course I did pretend to retaliate, but I have to admit that I loved it!

I was slowly loosing the game under their constant attack on my sex and their stamina to play. But I did not border as I was enjoying the other game.

Suddenly rain started to fall. We continued to play as no winner yet.

I lost eventually.

'Not fair. Two against one poor aunty,'

'Hey. A game is a game... and a bet is a bet.'

'What bet? I don't remember...'

I turned and slowly walked back to the house under the rain. I began to strip leaving the two behind me watching. First I striped my shorts, then my cutoff shirt.

Before I reached the house, I was already totally naked. They were watching all the way. A whole new sensation conquered my body. I was all naked at my backyard, with two men watching from behind, not sure any neighbors would be watching too. Rains kept falling on all over my naked skin, heating on my erect nipples, my face, bare thigh, my shoulder, waking up all my senses. I was in heaven!
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